C-D Names For Male Dogs
Naming Lists & Suggestions For These Letters

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Want a few tips on choosing the best C-D names for male dogs? It's very elementary actually and democratic to boot!

Here's what you do...

1. Go down this list of C-D names for male dogs and choose the top 10 names you like the most.

2. Ask the opinions of friends and family to choose the top 5 from those 10 male names.

3. Take those final 5 and see which one your dogs reacts to most favorably.

Always give your dog the final say so as he's the one who's going to have to answer to it for the next 10-15 years. Keep in mind too that maybe your pup doesn't care for a male name that begins with C or D, if so, we've got hundreds of additional letter choices (see the bottom of this page) that will surely get his tail wag of approval.

Male Names Beginning With C

Cairo: An ancient Egyptian city, the meaning of this male name is “victorious,” and would be well suited for an adventurous, sporting dog.

Cute English Bulldog pup

Charisma: This dog has it all, warmth, charm…why, he’s like Brad Pitt with a lot more hair!

Chew-Chew: Good for a male dog with the energy of a locomotive, and, or, a dog who chews on anything.

Cinderfella: A great name for a male dog who’s in touch with his feminine side.

Commando: The way this pup charges towards his bowl at dinnertime, the way he commandeers your couch and the way he keeps your cat in line...is there any more perfect male name? Note: He also thinks the name Cinderfella is for girly dogs.

  Cabernet   Casablanca   Chop Suey   Compadre
  Cabo   Casanova   Choo-Choo   Conan
  Caboodle   Casbah   Chopstick   Confucius
  Caboose   Casey   Chumlee   Conga
  Cadbury   Cash   Churchill   Conner
  Cadilac   Cassidy   Chutney   Constable
  Caddy   Caviar   Chutzpa   Cookie
  Cadence   Cayenne   Cider   Coolio
  Cadet   Cedric   Cinder   Corky
  Caesar   Cha-Cha   Cimarron   Corona
  Cagney   Champ   Cinderfella   Cortez
  Cain   Chance   Clancy   Cory
  Cairo   Chandler   Clapton   Cosell
  Cajun   Chaplin   Clark   Cosmo
  Cal   Charade   Classy   Costello
  Calhoun   Charlie   Claude   Cotton
  Cali  Charlie Brown   Clay   Count
  Caliber   Chase   Clayton   Courage
  Calico   Chavez   Clem   Crackers
  Callahan   Chaz   Cletus   Crash
  Calypso   Checkers   Clinton   Creed
  Camelot   Cheddar   Cloud   Creedance
  Cameo   Cheech   Clueless   Cricket
  Cameron   Cheeky   Clyde   Croissant
  Canonball   Cheerio   Cobain   Cromwell
  Caper   Chester   Cobra   Crouton
  Capone   Chevy   Coburn   Crumpet
  Capote   Chew-Chew   Coby   Cruncher
  Cappuccino   Chewbacca   Cochise   Cubby
  Capricorn   Chewy   Coco   Cucaracha
  Captain   Cheyenne   Coconut   Cuddles
  Caramba   Chi Chi   Cocopuff   Cuervo
  Caramel   Chianti  Coda   Cujo
  Caribou   Chiclet   Cody   Cupcake
  Carisma   Chewy   Cognac   Cupid
  Carlos   Cholo   Colt   Curly
  Carson   Chomp   Comet   Cutie
  Cartier   Chong   Commando   Cutie Pie
  Caruso   Cho Mein   Commish   Cyclone

Male Names Beginning With D

Dante: This male dog will be very dignified and proper, enjoying the finer points in a dog’s life. He won’t mind being spoiled, and will insist on being an integral part of his owner’s life.

Cute small Chihuahua

Dallas: Perfect for a male dog whose owner originates in this southwestern city, it's also a good choice for a pet that is a farm working dog, or one that loves roaming the countryside. JR might make a good choice if you liked the TV series Dallas.

Deputy: For the male pup who rules your house. You might think you’re in control, but he knows different!

DiMaggio: If you’re a baseball fan and love the Yankees, or have noticed how skillful your pooch is with a ball, then this choice from might be a good male names choice.

Dustmop: We can see this male name on a long haired dog or one that chases around your vacuum when you’re cleaning. He is after all, only trying to help.

  Daffy   Dean   Dilbert   Draco
  Dagmar   Deano   Dillinger   Dracula
  Dagwood   Demon   DiMaggio   Dragon
  Dakar   Dempsey   Dimples   Drake
  Dakota   Denim   Dinky   Dr. No
  Doggie Lama   Denali   Disco   Duce
  Dali   De Niro   Dizzy   Dude
  Dallas   Desi   DJ   Dudley
  Dalton   Derringer   Doc   Duffy
  Damian   Desilu   Dog Juan   Duke
  Damon   Deuce   Dog Vader   Dumpling
  Dancer   Devon   Dogzilla   Dupree
  Dandy   Diablo   Doheny   Durango
  Dane   Diamond   Do Little   Durante
  Danger   Dice   Doodad   Dusty
  Dangerfield   Dickens   Doodle   Dutch
  Dangler   Diddley   Doofus   Dylan
  Darius   Diddy   Doogie   Dynomutt
  Dash   Diego   Dooley   Dynamite
  Dasher   Diesel   Doozy
  Dawg   Dijon   Dozer

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