M-N Names For Male Dogs
Naming Lists & Suggestions For These Letters

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As you can see on this M-N names for male dogs page these two letters offer a veritable platter of cool naming ideas.

You'll also notice on this page that many ideas offered are human titles, as this follows suit with a long trend of giving dogs names after people. This brings to mind a male pup we met awhile back whose owner named it Dennis. When we asked why that name, the owner told us the dog just looked like a Dennis!...go figure

Names Beginning With M

Maverick: This dog is an independent thinker that’s a leader and not a follower.

Chihuahua cutie

Miracle: The loyalty of a strong, masculine dog is truly a miracle in a person's life. Let your male pal know you realize this fact by choosing this special term by which to call him.

He always has his nose, paws, and tail into something! Have you seen the cat??

Monday: One-seventh of all dogs become part of a family on this day of the week. If you get your male pet on the first of the seven days, you can commemorate the event by choosing this special name!

Muscles: Choose this male term for a powerful, strong and muscular pet such as a Mastiff, Doberman, or Bulldog. You can use it as a turn on words for a tiny pet like a Pug.

Mystic: His behavior is mysterious, a paradox wrapped up in an enigma.

 Macarthur  Manley  McGee  Monaco
 Macaroni  Manning  McGruff  Monday
 Macaroon  Manny  McKinley  Mongo
 Macaulay  Mantra  McQueen  Montana
 Macgregor  Manuel  Meadow  Monte
 Macgyver  Marauder  Meanie  Moochy
 Macho  Marcus  Meatball  Moonbeam
 Macintosh  Mardi Gras  Meatloaf  Moondance
 Mack  Mariachi  Memphis  Moondoggie
 Mackenzie  Marino  Mercedes  Moonshadow
 Macmillan  Mario  Merle  Moonshine
 Maco  Marley  Merlin  Moose
 Macro  Marlin  Mesquite  Mopsy
 Macaroon  Marlon  Michelangelo  Moptop
 Madden  Marlowe  Mick  Morgan
 Mad Dog  Marmaduke  Mickey  Morocco
 Mad Max  Marmalade  Midas  Motown
 Maestro  Martini  Midnight  Movado
 Mafia  Marv  Midori  Mozart
 Mafioso  Marvin  Mighty Mouse  Moxie
 Magee  Marty  Mighty Mutt  Mr. Bean
 Magellan  Marx  Mignon  Mr. Big
 Magic  Matador  Miguel  Mr. Bojangles
 Magnum  Matahari  Mika  Mr. Butters
 Magoo  Matlock  Milano  Mr. Spock
 Magma  Matrix  Miles  Mr. T
 Maguire  Matzo  Ming  Muffin
 Mahala  Maury  Mink  Muggs
 Mai Tai  Maverick  Mini Mutt  Mugsy
 Majestic  Max  Mirage  Muir
 Majesty  Maxim  Mischief  Mu Lan
 Major  Maxima  Misfit  Muldoon
 Mako  Maximus  Mitch  Mumbles
 Mala  Maxwell  Mo-Jo  Munchkin
 Malone  Mayday  Mocha  Muppet
 Mambo  Mayhem  Moe  Murphy
 Mancini  McCoy  Mogul  Mustang
 Mandrake  McDoogle  Mojo  Muttley
 Mango  McDuff  Molasses  Mystic
 Mankiller  McFly  Molotov  Mystique

Names Beginning With N

Nero: The emperor of Rome, this name has a clear sound and is seldom selected for male dogs. This is a clear choice for a dog with a lot of confidence, and a “can do” attitude.

Samoyed puppy posing in the flowers

Nevada: Nevada is a big, open and wild place. We can picture this male choice on a large dog who’s love for the outdoors is as big as this state.

Newton: Commemorating Sir Isaac Newton, or even the tasty Fig Newton, this strong sounding male title will be easy for your pet to hear even from a long distance.

Nitro: A good name for an explosive, unpredictable dog. One minute he’s cool and calm, the next…..

Nixon: This dog is energetic and full of life. You could truly call him the life of the party, regardless of your political affiliation.

Nutsy: A fun dog to be around due to its unpredictably nutty behavior.

  Nacho   Nemo   Niggle   Nitro
  Napoleon   Nemu   Niggs   Noggin
  Napoli   Neon   Night   Nomad
  Nappy   Neptune   Nika   Nookie
  Napster   Nero   Nike   Nova
  Narnia   Ness   Nikita   Nudge
  Nash   Neutron   Niko   Nugget
  Nashville   Nevada   Niles   Nuke
  Neal     Nibbles   Nimrod   Nutmeg
  Nebo   Niblet   Ninja   Nutsy
  Ned   Nietzsche   Nintendo   Nutty
  Nelson   Nifty   Nipper   Nymph
  Nemesis   Nigel   Nirvana

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