A-B Names For Male Dogs
Naming Lists & Suggestions For These Letters

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Sometimes finding A-B names for male dogs gets kind of “ruff” when trying to find that perfect one. But by using our male name suggestions and lists below, coupled with your own creativity, you and your new furry male friend will soon achieve success!

Male Names Beginning With A

Airborne: A good male name choice for a dog that flies around the room when at play or when greeting you when you come home from work.

Alaska: A great name for a large breed. This dog loves the outdoors and never misses the chance to stick his head out your car window.

Boxer and his boy

Amigo: Your male dog is like your shadow, always there! Wherever you go, it follows. It never questions where, it just wants to be with you.

Argyle: There's a masculine, strong side to this choice, but also a soft, cuddly aspect as well. Perfect for any Irish or Scottish breed, you'll find few other dogs own this title.

Arizona: Also the name of a western state, this is a great choice for a pet here, or for a pet owner that used to call this state home. It is also a good name for a male dog that loves the great outdoors!

  Abba   Albany   Andreas   Ashes
  Abbott   Alberto   Andretti   Asia
  Abeleen   Alejandro   Angus   Aspen
  Abesque   Alex   Apogee   Attila
  Abel   Alfonso   Apollo   Atlas
  Abe   Ali   Aquila   Attaboy
  Ace   Alias   Archer   Audi
  Achilles   Alibi   Argyle   August
  Ackroyd   Alpha Male   Ari   Augustus
  Admiral   Alpine   Aria   Aura
  Adolph   Amadeus   Ariel   Aureole
  Adonis   Amara   Aries   Aurora
  Agassi   Amaretto   Aristotle   Austin
  Aggie   Amazon   Arizona   Autobahn
  Affinity   America   Armani   Avalanche
  Aggie   Amigo   Arnie   Avalon
  Airborne   Amir   Arrow   Avanti
  Aja   Ammo   Artie   Avenger
  Akira   Amore   Arturo   Axel
  Aladdin   Amorous   Aruba   Aztec
  Alaska   Amnesia   Asahi   Azure
  Al   Andre   Ashanti

Male Names Beginning With B

Bashful: Perfect for the shy male dog, this is also the title of one of Snow White's seven dwarfs, making it perfect for a small male as well. This is why we felt it was the perfect addition to this A-B names for male dogs page.

Bison: A term used for buffalo, this strong name would be well suited for a large, calm dog like a Saint Bernard or a Great Dane. With such a unique male name it would be easy for your male pooch to be recognized even in a crowded dog park.

Laughing Bulldog

Bogart: Shared by a famous movie actor of years gone by, this dog will have an air of class and grace about him, holding his head high with confidence. Your Bogey will be pleased to share Humphrey's famous name.

Brawny: A good choice for a large breed dog. Also could be used as a cute one for a small male breed that rules your house!

Brigadier: A military term, this strong, masculine male choice is well suited for a very muscular, proud dog that has a resilient spirit, and loves to work hard for his owner.

Buckshot: For the energetic dog who’s everywhere. A good male name for a hunting dog.

Bullwinkle: Does your dog have large ears? Or like the moose Bullwinkle did, take up the whole house?

  Babaloo   Beethoven   Boa   Bourbon
  Baby   Beijing   Bo   Bowie
  Babycakes   Bellyflop   Bodean   Bowser
  Babydoll   Belushi   Bo Didley   Brady
  Babyface   Benny   Bob Barker   Brando
  Babykins   Benji   Bodean   Brandy
  Bacardi   Benson   Bodie   Braveheart
  Bacon   Bentley   Bogart   Bravo
  Badger   Berlin   Bogey   Brawny
  Bagel   Bermuda   Bogeyman   Bree
  Bailey   Bernie   Bogart   Breeze
  Baja   Bert     Bo Jackson   Brewski
  Balboa   Biff   Bojangles   Brewster
  Bali   Big Al   Bolero   Brodie
  Ballyhoo   Bigbelly   Bolt   Bronco
  Bayou   Big Boy   Bomber   Bronson
  Bama   Bigfoot   Bombshell   Bronx
  Bam Bam   Biggie   Bon Bon   Bruno
  Bambino   Big Red   Bonanza   Brutus
  Bamboozler   Big Shot   Bones   Bryce
  Bandanna   Big Time   Bonfire   Bubba
  Bandit   Bijou   Bongo   Bubblegum
  Bandito   Biker   Bon Jovi   Bubbles
  Bangle   Billy Bob   Bonkers   Buck
  Banjo   Billy Joe   Bono   Buckaroo
  Banshee   Billy Ray   Boo   Buckley
  Banzai   Bingo   Boo-Boo   Buckshot
  Barfly   Binki   Boogie   Buckwheat
  Barker   Biscuit   Boogie Down   Bud
  Barkley   Bishop   Booker   Buddha
  Barney   Bismarck   Boom Boom   Buddy
  Barney-Fife    Black Bart   Boomer   Budweiser
  Baron   Blackhawk   Boomerang   Bugsy
  Bart   Blackie   Boone   Bullet
  Basil   Blackjack   Bootleg   Bullseye
  Baxter   Blarney   Boots   Bullwinkle
  Bayou   Blaze   Bootsie   Bumpkin
  Beachboy   Bling   Boozer   Bungee
  Beans   Blizzard   Bordeaux   Bunyan
  Bear   Blitz   Borealis   Buster
  Beau   Blondie   Bossman   Butch
  Beauregard   Blue   Boston   Buttercup
  Beefcake   Bluto   Bounty   Buttons

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