W-X-Y-Z Names For Male Dogs
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Here’s our final lists of W-X-Y-Z names for male dogs. We're sure you’ll notice some pretty unusual selections on short lists here.

Since we wanted to be as thorough as possible, the WXYZ’s had to be included, and at the very least they might make for some pretty interesting choices.

Names Beginning With W

Wheelie: Sometimes this male pooch is so excited to greet you that it’s south end moves faster than its north end!

Shar Pei in all it's wrinkled glory

Whiskers: A great choice for a dog that has a long beard, or wisps of hair coming off of his chin. Consider this name for a Schnauzer, or a similar breed.

Wiggles: This dogs whole body shakes with excitement at walk time.

Wonderdog: The canine version of Superman.

Wrangler: Reminiscent of western days of old, it's a great male choice for any of the dogs known for their herding abilities.

Wreckless: Choose this for a dog is calm and friendly but to whom you wish to add an air of vague threat so that others do not approach your yard when he is outdoors on guard duty.

Wyatt: A laidback, gentle spirit, this male canine takes his time meandering from point to point, but still enjoys the great outdoors and spending time in nature.

 Wade  Walt  Wellington  Wichita
 Waffle  Wanderer  Wesley  Widget
 Wags  Ward  Wheelie  Widow Maker
 Wager  Warhol  Whim  Wiggles
 Wagner  Warlock  Whimpy  Wilbur
 Wags  Warren  Whimsy  Wildfire
 Wahoo  Warrior  Whirlwind  Wild Thing
 Waldo  Wasabi  Whiskers  Willow
 Waldorf  Wasco  Whiskey  Willy
 Walker  Watchdog  Whisper  Wimpy
 Wallaby  Watson  Whitney  Wizard
 Wallace  Webster  Whizz  Wonton
 Wallaroo  Wedgy  Whoopie  Woodstock
 Wally  Weezie  Whopper  Wookie

Names Beginning With X-Y-Z

Xerox: This can be perfect for any size male and is especially good for a dog that has the physical appearance of its mother or father, or of a pet you have had in the past.

Yardley: This men's cologne has a strong sound, one that conjures up thoughts of the great outdoors, and is unusual enough to ensure uniqueness in the local canine world.

This Pug wants a kiss

Yoda: An interesting male name after the popular and wise Star Wars character, we can see this on a small dog with big ears.

Yogi: Who doesn't love Yogi the Bear? He's there to raid any picnic basket he can find along with his side kick Boo Boo.

Zephyr: This term for a roller coaster is great for a playful male pooch of any breed or size.

Zeus: A large sounding name after the famous Greek god of sky and thunder. If this dog rules your house or at least thinks he does then hail to Zeus!

Ziggy: Another cute name after a beloved male cartoon character

  Yahoo   Yo   Yosemite
  Yak Yak   Yoda   Yo-yo
  Yankee   Yodel   Yukon
  Yankee Doodle   Yoga   Yul
  Yanni   Yogi   Yuma
  Yardley   Yogurt   Yummy
  Yetti   Yokel   Yum Yum
  Yikes   Yonder   Yuppie
  Yippie   York   Yuri

  Zack   Zeke   Zinger
  Zaire   Zepellin   Zion
  Zamboni   Zephyr   Zippy
  Zane   Zesty   Zodiac
  Zany   Zeus   Zombie
  Zanzibar   Ziegfeld   Zonk
  Zap   Ziggy   Zoom Zoom
  Zapata   Zig Zag   Zoomer
  Zappa   Zilch   Zorro
  Zeb   Zing   Zowie

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