K-L Names For Male Dogs
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It's been said that variety is the spice of life, and this K-L names for male dogs page is no exception. That's why on this page we've rustled up a lengthy list of not only male naming suggestions but lists of K-L names for male dogs as well.

Once you find a name you like, don't forget to ask your dog his opinion. He might give a wag of approval, or might flee the room, but either way the naming process should be a democratic procedure, and your male pup will love you even more if you count his vote!

Names Beginning With K

Kaiser: This military name has strong, masculine meaning and would be great for any male adopted by your household.

Can't wait for dinner Labrador Retriever

Keeper: You’ve searched a long time for the right dog, yet you knew when you saw him that he was a….keeper.

Killer: This would be a good humorous male choice for a small dog.

King Kong: Easily recognized from the old Faye Wray movie, this choice is perfect for a large breed, or can be chosen as a cute reverse title for a tiny breed with a lot of character, like a Bichon Frise.

Kisses: For the dog who can’t get enough and can’t give enough.

Klepto: For the male pooch that's always stealing things. Things like the cat's food, a sock or two, or even that he's stolen your heart.

Kringle: One of the terms used in some societies for Santa Clause, this is a great choice for a male pet with a jolly personality, or a pet that was received around the Christmas holiday.

  K-9   Karate   Khan   Klingon
  Kadabra   Karma   Kibbles   Klondike
  Kafra   Kashmir   Kiefer   Klutz
  Kahlua   Kato   Kiki   Knickers
  Kahuna   Keane   Kiku   Knievel
  Kaiser   Keaton   Killer   Knockout
  Kalamazoo   Kegger   Kilo   Kobi
  Kali   Keeper   Kimba   Koda
  Kalia   Kelly   King   Kodiak
  Kane   Kelsey   King Kong   Koko
  Kamikaze   Kelso   Kinko   Kona
  Kansas   Keno   Kirby   Kosmic
  Kappa   Kenya   Klaus   Kudo
  Karaoke   Khaki   Klepto   Kujo

Names Beginning With L

Laramie: A small city in Wyoming, this term provides a strong, powerful option for your companion, and would work for a herding or working dog.

Howling dog

Largo: A pleasant sounding term that comes from the Florida Keys, it would be an especially great fit for a pooch that likes to lounge in the sun, or enjoys the beach.

Lasso: When you first saw him, he threw a rope around your heart.

Layaway: A good male choice for a dog who likes to sleep and...Lay-away.

Lickums: An affectionate pooch who loves to plant kisses on your cheek.

Lightning: Powerful and fear-invoking, the electrical discharge from clouds can be selected as your male dog's name to mean fast and powerful.

Lyric: For a music loving dog or owner. This male always puts a song in your heart.

  Lad   Laser   Lewis   Loco
  Laddie   Lassie   Liable   Lomax
  Lafayette   Lasslo   Liberace   Lombardi
  Lagerfeld   Lasso   Liberty   London
  Laika   Lava Lips   Libra   Longfellow
  Lakota   Layaway   Lickums   Longshot
  Lamar   Lee   Licorice   Lotus
  Lamas   Lefty   Lightning   Lovechild
  Lambchop   Legacy   Limbaugh   Lover
  Lamborghini   Legend   Limbo   Loverboy
  Lamour   Lenny   Lincoln   Luca
  Lance   Leno   Link   Lucky
  Lancelot   Leo   Linus   Ludwig
  Landau   Leon   Lion   Lugosi
  Landis   Leonardo   Liqueur   Lumpy
  Landry   Letterman   Lisbon   Luna
  Largo   Levi   Litmus   Luther
  Lars   Levon   Lobo   Lynx

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