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When coming up with ideas for the names for female dogs on this page we realized that there were ideas that didn't really fit under any specific category.

They weren't foreign, or specifically for hunting or police dogs, they didn't fit under our redneck dog name category...which is maybe a good thing.

Nope! The female dog naming ideas you'll see below are a breed unto themselves. A smorgasbord that spans every topic imaginable. Names for female dogs after things we eat, drink and drive, to cities, mountain ranges and even a few Greek Goddesses thrown in here.

What pup wouldn't want to be called after a Greek Goddess??

Both you and your pooch will be scratching your heads after you see some of the names for female dogs on this list, we know we're still scratching ours, and we wrote this page.

Adorable Basset Hounds

Our Female Dog Naming Lists

Adele Butter-voiced singer
Agra  Home to the Taj Mahal in India
Alegria Means Joy in Catalan
Alice Lead in Lewis Carroll's classic, Alice in Wonderland
Alpha First letter in the Greek alphabet
Amanti Kia model
Ambrosia Creamy fruit salad that your grandmother made
Amethyst Precious gemstone
Andorra A European City
Ankara Turkey's capital city
Apogee Point of orbit when object is furthest from the Earth
April Springtime is in the air!
Aria 1987 release, fruity exotic floral Fragrance by Missoni
Artemis Female Greek virgin goddess of the hunt
Aster Greek goddess of wisdom
Aurora Aurora borealis (northern lights)
Autumn Good female dog title for a golden colored pup
Bahia Spanish for bay
Bali Women's lingerie company, and south seas island
Bean Good for the gaseous female dog
Beauty This appears in many perfume names
Begonia Flower that signifies deep thought, for the smart dog
Bia Spirit of force and power
Blackie One of JFK's dogs
Blink Female superhero from Marvel Comics
Blossom Another name for a sweet smelling flower
Blush Did you know there are dogs that can blush?
Bonbon A chocolate names for female dogs
Bonnie Female sidekick to Clyde
Bora European wind in northeastern Italy
Brooke A small peaceful creek
Butterscotch Made from butter and brown sugar
Colbie Colbie Caillat, California-born singer/songwriter
Calla Calla lily symbolizes royalty, good for regal breed
Camille The dog from Turner and Hooch
Candy From Candies perfume
Carmel California seaside town
Cartagena Colombia's seaside town
Cass After Cass Elliot from the Mama's and the Papa's
Celeste Just a pretty name for female dogs
Chai A spicy tea drink
Champagne For the dog with the bubbly personality
Chassis She's got a nice one of her own
Chi Letter in the Greek alphabet
Chimera Female fire-breathing monster
Chynna Chynna Phillips, member of Wilson Phillips
Cinnamon An aromatic spice
Cloud For a white dog with a light, airy personality
Condi Condoleezza Rice, former Secretary of State
Cookie Great for a female high energy dog

Some Other Unique Categories That Are...

adorable chihuahua

Unique: For the owner who feels their pup deserves names for female dogs that are uniquely different and one of a kind.

Cool: Hand chosen for their HCF (High Coolness Factor) the female naming ideas here are just plain cool, groovy and hip.

Coquette A tiny hummingbird; perfect for a petite dog
Cordelia Character from King Lear
Cruella Creulla, the mean woman from 101 Dalmatians
Cura Roman goddess of care
Dahlia Ellroy's book Black Dahlia
Dakota     A good choice for a larger breed
Darna     Female superhero from Mango Comics
Dashwood    Character in Sense and Sensibility
December     The last month of the year
Dink     A tennis shot with no power
Diva     Names for female dogs with an attitude
Doe     A female deer
Donita     Donita Sparks, L7's guitarist
Dosa     Indian pancake...everyone will love your  pancake
Duchess     Dog from Snow Dogs
Echo     For the dog that always comes home
Eden     From Steinbeck's East of Eden
Elvira     For the girl that's popular with the boy's
Empress     Female superhero from DC Comics
Enya     Irish singer, born as Eithne (we like Enya better)
Erta     A mountain range in Ethiopia
Feliz     Means happy in Spanish
Fever     The kind of Fever you want, this is one hot dog!
Flauta     Spanish for flute
Flirtini     A vodka-based cocktail
Florence     Major Italian art city
Furaha     Joy in Swahili
Gaia     The personification of Earth
Galaxy     Our Milky Way galaxy has over 200 billion stars
Gamma     A letter in the Greek alphabet
Gappa     Japanese movie monster...poor Japan
Gem     Sweet colorful title for a small dog
Georgia     Georgia O'Keefe, southwest artist
Giclee     Printing on demand
Gila     Range in Arizona
Gioconda     Another name for the Mona Lisa
Godiva     For a dark colored sweet dog with expensive tastes
Goldie     Goldie & the Gingerbreads, 60s female rock band 
Gummi     Gummi bears, popular candy treat
Halley     From Halley's Comet, visible every 75 years
Harmonia     Greek goddess of harmony
Hazel     Hazel Hampel Abel, US Senator from Nebraska
Heiress     Fragrance by Paris Hilton
Hermia     Character from A Midnight Summer Night's Dream
Hollywood    The perfect for your four legged starlet
Hope     What you gave your dog when you rescued it
Indiana     Home to the Indy 500
Indo     Will Smith's Rottweiler
Iris     Goddess of the rainbow
Isla     Spanish for peaceful island

Cute Ideas After Her Size...

german shepherd pup

For your Small Girl: Certain names just sound small. Find names for female dogs after small, or dainty things.

For your BIG Gal: These names for female dogs just sound big. Good too for a small pooch that thinks it's big.

Ivory     Ivory Crockett, running world record holder
Jade     Precious stone
January     The first month of the year
Jazz     This female pup has a rhythm all it's own
Jello     Fun choice for a sweet wobbly dog
Jenna     Dog from Balto
Jewel     Precious, beautiful, priceless...your pal
Jujubee     Chewy little candy treats
July     The seventh month of the year
Jynx     Character from Pokémon
Khia     Female rap singer
Kina     Currency in Papua New Guinea
Kisses     Foil wrapped chocolates...mmmm chocolate!
Kiwi     A sweet fruit from New Zealand
Kyra     Kyra Sedgwick, actress known from The Closer
Lahar     Ash flow from volcano, for an explosive pup
Levi     Levi Strauss, famous denim
Lima     We are not talking about beans, it's Peru's capital
Lita     Lita Ford, lead guitarist of the Runaways
Lolita     Does your female pup flaunt it's doggie charm?
Luna     Another term for the moon
Macy     American retailer, for the owner who loves to shop
Madison     Just a beautiful choice we think
Magma     Molten love in canine form
Mai Tai     A rum-based cocktail
Marimba     A percussion instrument
Marlo     Marlo Thomas, American actress
Martina     Martina McBride, female country artist
Meggie     One of FDR's seven dogs
Mercedes     From Mercedes Benz, an expensive car
Meryl     Meryl Streep, award winning actress
Mew     Character from Pokémon, no relationship to cats
Millie     George HW Bush's dog
Minerva     Roman goddess of poetry and wisdom
Mirage     A female dog found only at dinnertime
Mocha     Good for a sweet brown pooch
Mona     From the Mona Lisa
Montserrat    Discovered by Chris Columbus in 1493
Mopsey     One of George Washington's 10 hounds
Mothra     Giant moth in Japanese movies, Godzilla co-star
Napper     One who naps
Naughty     To be unruly but in aloveable way
Nevada     For the female pup who loves to take chances
Nilla     Brand of wafers, Cookie might be a good choice too
Nixi     Roman goddess of childbirth, before neutered
Norah     Norah Jones, 2003  and 2005 Grammy winner
Olivia     Olivia Newton-John, four-time Grammy winner
Ophelia     Character from Hamlet
Paprika     Type of hot pepper
Pastel     Spanish word for cake

white poodle

Female Names Search: Not finding names for female dogs that you like on this page? Search this site with our search function.

Clever Female Names: Does your girl have a clever side? Maybe something she does, or maybe you want names for female dogs that are humorous?

Peanut     Great for a for a small nutty female  dog
Penny     Doesn't buy you very much
Pera     Pear in Spanish
Perky     Alert and upbeat, Fiesty might be a good pick too
Phoebe     Titan of the intellect and prophecy
Pink     Grammy-nominated singer
Pippi     Great for a high energy dog
Pixy     Character from Pokémon
Polka     For an energetic dog that loves to dance
Prada     Italian fashion label
Prism     For a multicolored pup
Rainbow     For the multicolored pups sister
Regan     Character in King Lear
Rhea     Mother of Zeus
Rumba     A type of Latin dance, Samba is good choice too
Rookie     A dog new to the block
Sage     Great choice for a wise dog
Sake     A Japanese rice wine
Samara     City in Russia
Sambuca     Italian anise-flavored alcohol
Scarlet     Perfect for a red-coated dog
Scout     The young girl in To Kill a Mockingbird
Sedona     Beautiful Arizona city, believed to have a vortex
Shania     Shania Twain, singer-songwriter
Sherry     A fortified wine, why do they fortify wine?
Shortcake     Cute choice for a short dog
Sierra     Spanish for mountains
Skittle     Rainbow-colored little candy chews
Snickers     Peanut and chocolate candy bar
Sofia     Bulgaria's capital and also the goddess of wisdom
Sonoma     Premiere wine area in California
Spark     Named after a spark plug, good for high energy dog
Spice     Spice girls, British female pop band
Sprite     Fun pick for an energetic dog
Sugar Baby    Known to remove fillings in a single bite
Suva     Fiji's capital, perfect for the beach-loving dog
Sweetlips     Another one of George Washington's 10 hounds
Tabu     Fragrance by Dana; essence of romance
Taj     Short for the Taj Mahal in India
Thunder     A cute idea for a small female dog
Tipsy     Feeling a wee bit drunk
Toffee     Butter and caramelized sugar candy treat
Tulip     This flower symbolizes fame
Twinkie     A Hostess snack cake invented in 1930
Valhalla     Ranges in British Columbia
Vamp     Part of a riff that is repeated fairly regularly
Vanna     After Vanna White from Wheel Of Fortune
Vegas     Good if the owner loves this place
Venus     The Roman Goddess of  Love
Viper     A type of snake, and very fast car
Whimsy     Playful or fanciful
Whisper     Speaking very quietly
Zen     For the mellow dog
Zodiac     Are you into astrology?
Zsa Zsa     Zsa Zsa Gabor, Hungarian actress, married 7 times

More Grrrreat

Naming Ideas For Female Dogs...

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