Small Female Dog Names
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Chihuahua puppy looking for a name

When creating this small female dog names page we tried to come up with naming ideas that sounded smallish. Let's face it, your girl is not only cute, irresistible and spunky, she's tiny. That's why we feel that giving her a name that sounds smallish will only make her more adorable.

You may have chosen a little female that’s a Chihuahua, a Dachshund, Toy Poodle, Shih Tzu, Yorkshire Terrier, or one of the many other breeds, you’ll have a great companion no matter your choice. Small ladies can make great pets. They often have large personalities, even though their bodies are petite.

So here's to you spunky female pups of the world, our lives are a better place because of you!

Our Small Female Dog Names
-Suggestions then List-

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Adeen: This Irish word means “little fire,” which describes the personality of many small female canines. Their tiny bodies hold a lot of love and a fiery heart full of loyalty.

Berry: As you know, a berry is a small piece of fruit. That makes this choice meaningful for a little girl. It’s especially great for a female pooch with a reddish coat since that color may remind you of the popular strawberry.

White Maltese cutie pie

Chica: Spanish for “little girl,” you just can’t find a title that better fits a little dainty lady. She will be your little girl all her life, even as she becomes an adult and even elderly dog.

Demi: This French word means, quite simply, “small”. It’s also the first name of the popular movie star, Demi Moore. Choose this one for your toy breed female or any tiny pooch.

Karina: This Scandinavian word means “dear little one,” a perfect description of your little girl. You’ll love her dearly throughout your lives together.

Lunetta: Meaning “small moon”, it is taken from the Italian language. Choose this for a white toy breed or a light coated female to reflect the light of the silvery moon.

Hairy Yorkie needing a haircut

Weema: Aborigines for a small lady, this choice is unusual enough that other pooches will not likely share it in the same neighborhood. Any little lady would be proud to own this small female dog name.

Zip: Little pooches tend to be very much the type to zip around your legs and through the house as they play as young dogs. Many slow down a bit as they get older but you can apply this choice to any little female you may adopt or obtain from a qualified breeder.

    Aimee     Gisselle     Lucky
    Angel     Glitter     Lucy
    Apple     Happy     Maggie
    Baby     Heart     Mini
    Bambi     Hillary     Minuet
    Bitty     Hint     Misty
    Betty Boop     Hope     Moxie
    Buttercup     Honey     Nadia
    Crissie     Hulla Gurl     Nelly
    Dab     Itty     Nova
    Diva     Jot     Ono
    Dot     Jumper     Opal
    Doodle     Kasey     Peanut
    Elf     Kisses     Queenie
    Eve     Lady     Rascal
    Frisky     Limerick     Snip
    Gabby     Lollipop     Teeny

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