K-L Female Names For Dogs
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Have you ever wondered where all the great K-L female names for dogs have gone? It was one of life’s greatest mysteries until you came to this page. Sure, other sites might have some of the same names listed, but on our site you not only get great ideas for all breeds of dogs, you get to hear our corny humor as well!

We hope this doesn’t bother you, but we feel that dogs are a fun topic, and maybe, just maybe, our semi-funny jokes might brighten you day, and make this a more interesting site. Ready? let's name your female dog...

Female Names Beginning With K

Kahlua: After the liqueur that's dark brown in color and can be chosen because of the color of the pet's fur or simply because the name feels good sliding from the tongue as it does down ones throat.

Lonely looking Poodle

Karma: Many people believe that good things happen to those who perform good acts, and this is known as Karma. Because all dogs are good at heart and only want to make people happy, this is the perfect choice from this k-l female names for dogs page.

Kazi: You'll likely find no one in your circle of friends, or those who visit the same dog park as you, to have chosen this unique title for their lady friend. This moniker means “work,” and works for a working breed.

Keeper: You’ve searched for the right dog, and you’ve found a keeper.

Kisses: For the female dog who just can’t get or give enough!

Koala: These little bears are extremely cuddly. Choosing this for a dog that is furry and cuddly is a good idea; it also works especially well for the smaller breeds.

Krypton: The name of Superman’s dog, this pup can leap tall buildings (and fences) in a single bound.

 K-9  Kasabian  Keno  Kisses
 Kadabra  Kashmir  Kenya  Kit
 Kafra  Kate  Kenzie  Kiwi
 Kahlua  Katie  Kewpie  Knockout
 Kalamazoo  Katmandu  Khaki  Koala
 Kali  Kato  Kibbles  Kobi
 Kalia  Katrina  Kiefer  Koda
 Kandida  Kava  Kiki  Kodiak
 Kane  Kayle  Kiki Dee  Kody
 Kamal  Keane  Kiku  Koko
 Kansas  Keaton  Kiley  Kona
 Kappa  Keeper  Kilo  Kosmic
 Kara  Keira  Kimba  Krypton
 Karate  Kelly  Kimmy  Kudo
 Karaoke  Kelsey  Kirsten  Kujo
 Karma  Kelso  Kiss  Kyra

Female Names Beginning With L

Lace: A feminine pooch would love being associated with this word because it refers to dainty hand-worked decorations. This choice is perfect for a tiny, delicate female dog with a sweet spirit.

Rottweiler looking for a treat

Lark: With a verb meaning of “playing boisterously” this is a great choice for a rambunctious female pup that seems to have endless amounts of energy.

We can see this on a large, statuesque female that carries herself well.

Lexus: A spoiled dog, with expensive tastes. Who says you can’t own a Lexus?

Liberty: For a free spirited female dog that prefers the open road rather than the backyard.

Lima: Pronounced the same as the city in South American, this term is fun and not commonly used as a pet's name, and would represent a pet that looks exotic, maybe a mixed breed?

Lovesong: The affectionate noises it makes, are like music to your ears.

 Lace  Lane  Liberty  Lolipop
 Lacey  Lara  Libra  Lolita
 Lady  Largo  Lickums  Lotus
 Ladybug  Lashes  Licorice  Love-Bug
 Lafayette  Lassie  Lightning  Lovechild
 Lafitte  Lasso  Lima  Lover
 Laika  Latifah  Lips  Lovergirl
 Lakota  Latte  Liqueur  Lovesong
 Lamar  Laurel  Lisbon  Lovey
 Lamara  Lava Lips  Litmus  Lovey Dovey
 Lambchop  Lavender  Liza  Lucky
 Lamborghini  Laverne  Lizzy  Lucy
 Lamour  Legacy  Loafer  Lullaby
 Lana  Legend  Lobo  Lulu
 Lance  Lex  Loco  Lumpy
 Lancelot  Lexicon  Lodi  Luna
 Landau  Lexie  Loki  Lyra
 Landis  Lexis  Lola  Lyric

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