E-F Female Names For Dogs
Naming Suggestions & Lists For These Letters

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There's a lot of interesting e-f female names for dogs available despite what new puppy owners might think, The great part about naming a dog is that there aren’t as many social standards like when a child is named, so this gives a new pooch owner the license to be creative and interesting.

You’ll find here great e-f female names for dogs in the form of suggestions and listings for any breed. If your pal barks at the moon, or the neighbors cat, you’ll be able to call it by name to knock it off, once you find the perfect one.

Female Names Beginning With E

Eiffel: Good for a female poodle, or a dog that is of statuesque beauty.

Eloise: Means “intelligent,” and will likely belong to a pooch with a sense of wisdom and maturity about her.

Surprised Basset Hound

Elvira: A perfect funny, and interesting choice that can fit so many different ones. Perhaps a dog with long, black hair, or one that is mysterious and intriguing?

Empress: For a female that rules the household, this is a perfect name. She'll sleep in the middle of the bed, get lots of pampering, and expects only the finest food.

Equity: Possibly for a dog that was expensive to acquire, yet will pay long term dividends of love.

Eureka: This dog will always be running around excitedly from one adventure to the next with her tail standing tall and wagging proudly.

Evita: For the strong willed female who lets you think you rule the roost, when all along, it rules the rooster.

 Eagle  Elaine  Elvira  Esmeralda
 Ebony  Eleanor  Ember  ESP
 Echo  Electra  Emerald  Esperanza
 Eclair  Electron  Emilee  Espirit
 Eclipse  Elf  Emma  Essence
 Edelweiss  Elisha  Emmanuel  E.T.
 Edie  Elizabeth  Emmylou  Ethel
 Edweena  Elke  Energizer  Eunice
 Eden  Ella  Epic  Eureka
 Egad  Ellen  Equinox  Europa
 Ego  Ellie  Equity  Eve
 Egypt  Ellie Mae  Erika  Evelyn
 Eiffel  Elsie  Escapade  Evita
 Elaina  Elope  Eskimo  Excess

Female Names Beginning With F

Faithful: Always reliable, a constant friend and loving companion. Call her Faith for short. The opposite of Floozie (see below)

Fauna: A beautiful female name for a beautiful girl dog who exudes an air of sophistication and always maintains a presence.

Fedora: Larger than life and flamboyant to boot. Other dogs look to her for the latest trends.

Boston Terrier getting ready to pounce

Fiesta: This dog is a party on four legs. Good for a female Pomeranian or a small pooch with spirit.

Fiona: Means “fair, white, and beautiful.” This is a great choice to consider for a small, dainty dog that enjoys snuggling and being with her owner at all times.

Flirt: Always the teasing temptress, not only will this female win your heart, but also the hearts of every boy dog in your neighborhood.

Floozie: The way she enters the room one hip at a time...What a flirt!

Francine: This dog is quirky and set in her ways; no matter how hard you try, though, you cannot help but love her. She will be more loyal to one particular family member.

 Faberge  Fatima  Fizzzz  Foxy
 Fabiola  Fats  Flair  Frances
 Fable  Fauna  Flambeau  Francesca
 Facade  Fawn  Flame  Francine
 Fae  Faye  Flannel  Frankie
 Faith  Feather  Flash  Freckles
 Faithful  Fedora  Flip-flop  Frenchy
 Falcon  Feisty  Flipper  Friday
 Fali  Felicia  Flirt  Frisbee
 Falla  Felicity  Flo  Frisky
 Fancy  Fergie  Floppy  Frosty
 Fandango  Ferrari  Flora  Fuchsia
 Fang  Fiat  Flower  Fudge
 Fantasia  Fido  Fluffy  Fuji
 Fantom  Fiesta  Fluke  Funnygirl
 Farah  Fifí  Fly Girl  Furball
 Fargo  Fiji  Fonda  Furry
 Fate  Firecracker  Foo Fighter  Fuzzy

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