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Why choose a “plain Jane” name when there are many unusual female dog names from which to select? You likely have known a dozen female pups called Lady or Princess. While those are great choices to call a dog, they are so often used that there may be several four legged ladies on your block with the same title.

Unusual Shih Tzu looking for unusual female dog names

While unusual choices abound, it’s wise to be slightly cautious. Say the name you are considering several times and see if it makes you think of another word, rhymes with a derogatory word, or when spoken quickly sounds like a different word. After all, you want your female pal to be proud of the unusual  title you select for her, and since she’ll hear that selection thousands of times in her life, taking the time to choose wisely will help avoid a mid-life name change down the line.

Our Unusual Female Dog Names
-Suggestions and List-

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Aja: This unusual female choice is pronounced almost like “Asia”. Years ago, the rock band Steely Dan, made this choice famous with their song and album called this. It’s a beautiful sounding word but quite unusual and seldom heard. We even think the title Asia for your female is unusual enough to warrant suggesting it on this page.

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Arizona: Many of the 50 states can be used for a female pooch. You might choose the state where you grew up, went to school, or where your favorite sports team plays. Some other great unusual choices for your dog are Dakota, Nevada, Alaska.

Donatella: After the famous feminine clothing designer of the Versace family could be a wonderful choice for your female pal. Unique enough not to be heard often, it sounds similar to the masculine title shared by a great artist and ninja turtle, but with a different spelling.

Gazelle: Choose this unusual girl dog name for a lean, sleek, fast running canine. It’s great for female greyhounds and breeds that love to run fast.

Ivory: This could be the perfect pick for a white, cream color, or light tan dog.

Jet: This identifier can be an unusual choice for two different reasons. If selected for a black coated dog, it refers to the color regardless of breed or personality. It can also be chosen for a fast-moving female pooch of any color when thought of in terms of jet aircraft. A perfect choice for any dog that has hijacked your heart.

Lilac: This beautiful flowering plant is produces light purple blossoms which are used to scent colognes, candles, sachets, and even in teas and home remedies. A feminine sound, this rather unusual pick might be just the right one for your female companion pup.

Miracle: A word which describes anything considered supernatural in a positive way. Perhaps a good choice for a female pup that has been rescued?

Parable: An unusual female dog name for a pup that has a story to tell.

    Abilene     Bungee     Earth
    Aruba     Cadence     Eden
    Anise     Café Ole     Fabulous
    Azure     Cameo     Fargo
    Badge     Canter     February
    Baffle     Century     Gia
    Barbarella     CQ     Isis
    Beige     Cricket     Juniper
    Bezel     Couscous     Moxie
    Bianca     Dakota     Nester
    Biloxi     Dandelion     Onyx
    Bixby     Dandy     Pique
    Boca     Dixie     Queue
    Bojangles     Dozer     Starlight
    Bok Choy     Duplex     Uhura
    Brickle     Eagle     Woodstock
    Bravery     Earline     Zulu

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