A-B Female Names For Dogs
Naming Suggestions & Lists For These Letters

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Finding creative and interesting a-b female names for dogs does not have to be a challenge or even a chore! Using our alphabetical dog names list below takes the leg work out of naming your new gal pal, and instead gives you more time to spend romping and playing with your energetic pet.

Names Beginning with A

Akira: Means “brightness” in Japanese and is a perfect name for any female dog that lights up a room with warmth and energy!

Alli: Meaning “noble and bright” this dog has a keen sense of its surroundings.

Amore: Meaning “love” in Italian, this name is perfect for the affectionate dog that loves to give, and get kisses!

Angel: Meaning “messenger” between heaven and earth, and is perfect for a female dog that has a sweet, angelic spirit.

Aphrodite: For a girl dog that has beautiful features, or a beautiful personality, the “goddess of beauty” will complete your pretty pooch.

Arielle: If you have a courageous, loyal, or stoic pet, this female name is a great choice. This dog will always protect and love you.

Aurora: Goddess of the dawn according to Greek mythology. A good name for a pooch who rises up early enough to take the place of your alarm clock.

Avalon: A mythological paradise thought to exist during King Arthur’s time. A dog named this might be as idyllically beautiful as this place was thought to be.

 Abby  Alexis       Ana  Asine
 Abeleen  Alice  Anastasia  Aspen
 Abesque  Alicia  Andorra  Asset
 Abigail  Aliyah  Andromeda  Astro 
 Abracadabra   Allie  Angel     Athena
 Acacia  Allison  Angela  Atlantis
 Addison  Aloha  Angelica  Aubrey     
 Adele  Alondra  Angelina       Audrey
 Adorabelle  Alpha  Anika  August
 Adriana  Alpine  Anita  Aureole
 Adrienne  Amanda  Annie  Aurora
 Affinity  Amara  Apache  Autobahn
 Aggie  Amaretto  Aphrodite  Autumn
 Agnes  Amazon  April  Ava
 Aiko  Amber     Apple  Avalanche
 Aimee  Ambrosia  Areli  Avalon
 Aisha  Amelda  Ari  Avanti
 Akiko  America  Ariel  Avon
 Akira  Amethyst  Arielle  Avril   
 Alana  Amigo  Aries  Ayla
 Alanis  Amnesia  Armani     Azalea
 Alanna  Amore     Aryanna  Azure
 Alaska  Amorette  Ashes   
 Alex  Amorous  Ashley
 Alexia     Amy  Asia

Names Beginning with B

Bailey: A playful pooch with lots of energy, and a love for having her belly and ears scratched. There is always fun to be had when this pet is around!

Basil: A great female name for a pet that has a great appetite, or for an owner that has a love for good Italian food. This pooch will be loyal as long as there is food around.

Bulldog Disco dancer...of course!

Bandana: For the fashion conscience female dog, who insists that her bandana matches the one worn by her Mommy.

Bernadette: Means one with lots of courage, a great name for a guard dog or a rescue dog that has put up a good fight and gotten past tough times.

Bianca: For a dog with a pretty “white” coat, or even better, a dog with a really neat white spot on her belly, paws, or ears!

Blondie: A good female name for a yellow dog who just wants to have fun!

Boozer: For any female dog that has trouble walking straight without checking out every tree in its path.

Bubbles: An interesting a-b female names for dogs for a pooch that loves water, or for one that has a happy, bubbly personality.

 Babe  Bea  Blanche  Bree
 Babette  Beachbaby  Blanket     Breezy     
 Babs  Beamer       Blarney  Brenda
 Baby  Beans  Blimpy  Briar Rose
 Babydoll  Beatrice  Blondie  Bridget
 Babyface  Bella  Bloomer  Bridgette
 Babykins  Belle  Bluebell  Brit
 Bacall  Bellyflop  Bo-Peep       Brittany
 Bahama  Bermuda     Boa  Brouhaha
 Bailey  Bernadine  Bojangles  Brownie   
 Baja  Bertha  Bolero       Brunhilda
 Bali  Bessie  Bombshell  Bubbles
 Bam-Bam  Beth  Bonbon  Buffy
 Bambi  Betsy  Bongo       Bumblebee
 Bandana  Betty Boop     Bonkers       Bumpkin
 Bandit  Beulah  Bonnie  Bungee     
 Banshee  Bianca  Bonsai       Bunny
 Banzai  Big Belly  Boo-Boo  Burgundy
 Barbarella  Bigmama  Boots  Burp   
 Barker  Bimbo  Bootsie  Butterball
 Barky  Bingo  Bouffant  Buttercup
 Baroness    Binki     Bouquet     Buttermilk 
 Basha  Birdie     Bowser  Butterscotch
 Bashful  Biscuit  Bozo  Button     
 Basil  Bits  Brandy  Buzz

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