M-N Female Names For Dogs
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Original M-N female names for dogs might seem difficult to come by, but there are actually quite a few names that you may have never heard before, and may want to consider for your new female pal.

Selecting the right one for your new female puppy can be one of the most daunting tasks of a new owner, aside from keeping your new puppy from chewing the furniture, and potty training them! You're in luck though, because we've chosen our favorite M-N female names for dogs and compiled them into a list for your consideration.

Female Names Beginning With M

Maggie: A classic title for a much loved dog that has lots of energy, and loves the outdoors. This pooch always has her tail wagging, and is always looking for the next adventure.

Puppy with kitty pal

Mango: A sweet female dog with a little bit of attitude, this pooch will always be on the go and the center of attention in the family. There really is no way to avoid falling in love with this amusing and lighthearted animal.

Mercedes: A good choice for a purebred with expensive tastes.

Miracle: This is an ideal choice for a female dog that has been rescued, or one that has survived unfortunate circumstances.

Munchkin: This female dog has a lot of spunk in a little body. She will definitely bark at neighbors or passersby trying to show that she can run with the big dogs.

Mystic: It’s almost like this dog can read your mind!

 Ma Barker  Mallory  Medina  Mischief
 Mabel  Mamacita  Medusa  Misty
 Macaroni  Mamba  Mega  Mojo
 Macaroon  Mambo  Mega Bite  Molasses
 Macaulay  Mama Mia!  Mel  Molotov
 Macbeth  Mamie  Melody  Monaco
 Macey  Mankiller  Memphis  Monroe
 Ma Cherie  Margarite  Mercedes  Monsoon
 Mackenzie  Margherita  Mercy  Montana
 Madame  Margo  Meringue  Monte
 Maddie  Mariachi  Mia  Monte Carlo
 Mad Dog  Marie  Miami  Moola
 Madeline  Marigold  Midge  Moonbeam
 Madge  Marlene  Midnight  Moondance
 Madison  Marley  Midori  Moondoggie
 Magdalen  Marlin  Mighty Mutt  Moongoddess
 Magee  Marlowe  Mignon  Moonraker
 Maggie  Marmaduke  Milan  Moonshadow
 Magic  Marmalade  Mindy  Moonshine
 Magoo  Martina  Minerva  Moonstruck
 Magpie  Martini  Ming  Moose
 Magnolia  Maude  Mink  Mopsy
 Magpie  Maui  Mini Mutt  Moptop
 Mahala  Mayhem  Minnie  Morgan
 Mai Tai  McDoogie  Minuet  Muffin
 Majestic  Meadow  Miracle  Muffy
 Majesty  Meatball  Miranda  Muttley
 Malibu  Meatloaf  Mirage  Mystique

Female Names Beginning With N

Nevada: This dog loves the outdoors and isn’t afraid to take a gamble.

Nibbles: Everything she does is dainty and sooo cute, such a lady!

Nita: A Choctaw Indian name meaning “bear cub,” this is good for a furry little female dog that stole your heart at the rescue center or pet store.

Mastiff and it's much smaller owner

Nitro: For the dog that has explosive tendencies.

Noelle: If your kids begged you for a puppy for Christmas, or someone got you a holiday surprise, this name is perfect. It will always remind you of the holiday that brought along your little bundle of joy.

Nola: Latin for “small bell,” this name is a great choice for a tiny female breed that has a shining personality, lighting up any room she walks into. Perfect for a small, but bubbly female breed like a Pomeranian.

 Nacho  Neon  Nightingale  Nogales
 Nada  Neutron  Nika  Noggin
 Napster  Nevada  Nike  Nomad
 Narnia  Nibbler  Nikita  Noodles
 Natalie  Nibbles  Niko  Nookie
 Natasha  Niblet  Nipper  Nova
 Nell  Nicky  Nirvana  Nudge
 Nellie  Nicolette  Noble  Nugget
 Nellybelle  Niggle  Noel  Nuke
 Nemesis  Niggs  Noela  Nutmeg
 Nemo  Night  Nog  Nutsy

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