I-J Female Names For Dogs
Naming Suggestions & Lists For These Letters

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Ruff!… yeah, we know it can be ruff finding the perfect I-J female names for dogs, especially ones that are creative. But she deserves the best I’m sure you’ll agree. So we’ve compiled some suggestions and a list of the best ones we could fetch for these particular letters

You probably want to pick a female name which is easy to remember and say, yet isn't a name which millions of people select for their own dogs, that's why coming to a I-J female names for dogs page is a grrrreat place to start!

Female Names Beginning With I

Ice: A perfect fit for an Alaskan Husky, with it’s icy eyes, or even a dog with a cool and confident demeanor.

Chihuahua posse

Ida: Once upon a time, many women were named this and it was quite a popular choice for girl babies. Today, it is less popular for humans but makes a great choice for a female canine.

Illusion: One minute this female is calm, giving you the illusion you’re under control, the next minute it’s tearing around the house, proving you’re not.

Indigo: A beautiful choice, and an unusual, fascinating color, perfect for any female dog that has unusual traits or abilities, or is just plain fascinating to look watch.

Indy: Does your puppy like to race around the house? Here’s the perfect choice.

 Icarus  Improv  Ireland
 Ice-T  Incense  Iris
 Ichabod  India  Isabelle
 Icon  Indiana  Ishtar
 Idol  Infinity  Isis
 Iggy  Inferno  Itchy
 Ilene  Inky  Ivory
 Imagine  Intrepid  Ivy
 Imelda  Iota

Female Names Beginning With J

Jade: Refers to a semi-precious stone which is often carved into jewelry. The stone is often associated with the Orient, making this perfect for a Pekinese or other dog associated with the Far East.

Jalapeno: An excellent choice for a female Chihuahua, or a dog that adds spice to your life.

pug ready to chase you

Jewel: If you value your pet greatly, she is certainly a jewel in your life. Why not reflect that in her name? Gem might make a good choice too.

Jinx: This choice is perfect for a playful pooch. Some people associate this with bad luck, but your dog will feel lucky to be called by this fun name

Jitterbug: Does your furry friend shake all over when it sees you?

Juniper: Taking the name from the cypress-like conifer tree, this selection for a potential name sounds nice when spoken and you'll likely have the only dog called by this in the neighborhood.

Jyla: Pronounced Ji-Lay, this unique choice is perfect for a pet that has a youthful spirit, and can fit a female pooch of any breed, color or size.

 Jabba  Jazz  Jingles
 Jackie  J.B.  Jinx
 Jackpot  Jean  Jitterbug
 Jacquelyn  J.J.  Jive
 Jacuzzi  J.R.  Jo
 Jade  Jelly Bean  Jody
 Jaffa  Jelly-Belly  JoJo
 Jag  Jenna  Jordan
 Jai Jalai  Jenny  Jordie
 Jaida  Jersey Gurl  Josie
 Jalapeno  Jesse  Jowls
 Jamaica  Jester  Joy
 Jamie  Jet  Julep
 Janelle  Jewel  Juliet
 Janus  Jezebel  June
 Jasmin  Jiffy  Junebug
 Jasper  Jigger  Juno
 Java  Jigs  Jupiter
 Jaws  Jigsaw  Justice
 Jaycee  Jillian  Justine

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