G-H Female Names For Dogs
Naming Suggestions & Lists For These Letters

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Feel like you're chasing your tail looking for g-h female names for dogs? Well then look no further. We have compiled a list of naming ideas that include some great G thru H options. We consider these to be some of the top girl dog names around, and hope they help you to make a decision on what to name your new pooch.

We start first with suggestions then lists...

Female Names Beginning with G

Gabby: Do you have a friend that when they call you on the phone they forget to get off? This is the canine version. This female dog always has something to say.

Sultry, sexy, you’d swear that she’s Greta Garbo in fur!

Baby and puppy pals

Georgia: A graceful beauty, a female dog with this name will no doubt be a family favorite and will steal the hearts of all your visitors and friends.

Ghost: This suit’s the female dog who has the ability to appear or disappear without notice. A dog you can only find at mealtime.

Gina: This female dog will inevitably have attitude and pizzazz, but she will entertain you every day of her life. There will never be a dull moment with this dog!

Groovy: A term from the hippy era meaning "cool" and "hip" perfect for the pup that's a Flower Child at heart. Woodstock might be a good name too.

Gumball: We can see this name on a small female dog that's sweet. Colorful on the outside, sweet on the inside.

 Gabby  Gem  Ginseng  Gossip
 Gabor  Genesis  Gipsy  Governess
 Gabrielle  Genie  Girl  Grable
 Gabs  Genius  Girlfriend  Grace
 Gadget  Genoa  Girly Girl  Gracie
 Gaelic  Georgette  Giselle  Grandeur
 Gaiety  Georgia  Gizmo  Gravy
 Gail  Geraldine  Givenchy  Gremlin
 Gala  Gertie  Glamour  Gretchen
 Galaxy  Gertrude  Gloria  Greta
 Galina  Ghiradelli  Glory  Griselda
 Ganja  Ghost  Goblin  Grisette
 Garbo  Gia  Go-Go  Grits
 Gardenia  Gidget  Goldie  Groovy
 Gatsby  Giggles  Goldilocks  Groupie
 Gecko  Gigi  Goober  Grunt
 Geekie  Gilda  Google  Gucci
 Geezer  Gin  Goomba  Guinevere
 Geisha  Ginger  Gorgeous  Gumball

Female Names Beginning With H

Any female dog with a bouncy personality would be pleased to be known by this upbeat name.

Black Scottish Terrier

Hilton: An excellent name for a dog with pedigree roots. You won’t have to be a Hilton to own one!

Hobo: A good female name for a pooch with questionable roots, or one that has patchy colors.

Hotdog: This furry quadruped, likes to show off, and has lots of self confidence.

Honey: This name is perfect for any sweet female dog with a coat of golden tan or light brown. Sugar might also be a good name choice too.

 Haddie  Heartbreaker  Hilda  Hoodlum
 Hailey  Heather  Hillbilly  Hooey
 Halo  Heaven  Hilton  Hooligan
 Hannah  Heavenly  Hip Hop  Hoot
 Happy  Hefty  Hippo  Hope
 Happy Feet  Heidi  Hippy  Hoopla
 Harlequin  Heiress  Hipster  Hotdog
 Harley  Helena  Hoagie  Hotshot
 Harlot  Hemlock  Hobbit  Hottie
 Harlow  Henna  Hobie  Howler
 Harmony  Hennessy  Hobnob  Hubba Hubba
 Hathaway  Henrietta  Hobo  Hugbug
 Havana  Hepburn  Holly  Huggable
 Haven  Hermit  Hollywood  Hugs
 Havoc  Hero  Honey  Hula
 Hawk  Hershey  Honey Bear  Humdinger
 Hayakawa  Hesperia  Honeybee  Humdrum
 Haywire  Heyward  Honeybunch  Humvee
 Hayworth  Hiccup  Honey Pie  Huntress
 Hazel  Highness  Honeysuckle  Hurley
 Healer  Hilarious  Honky-Tonk  Hurricane
 Heart  Hilary  Hooch  Hydra

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