Cool Female Dog Names
For The Pup With A Style All Her Own

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Welcome to our Cool Female Dog Names page.

Relaxing Rottweiler looking for cool female dog names

We think you deserve a pat on the back for recognizing the fact that your pal is special enough to be given a title that goes beyond what everyone else is naming their dog. A cool girl dog name that reflects the fact that she is unique in her demeanor and/or appearance.

We feel that all dogs are “unique” but there are few who qualify to be termed “cool” which is something you realized and came right to this page.

What we’ve done here is assembled cool names for female dogs that we felt were as cool as the lucky pup who might receive it, so without further hesitation of our typing fingers we present the following ideas for your consideration…

Our Cool Female Dog Names
-Suggestions then Lists-

A friendly greeting in Hawaiian, a good choice for a friendly pup whose owner loves the islands.

Aurora: Known as the Northern Lights, this pup has a colorful personality.

Azure: A beautiful cobalt blue color, maybe a cool female dog name for a pup with a silver coat or blue eyes like a Husky.

Cool female dog strutting her stuff

Cadence: This pup has its own sense of rhythm.

Grandeur: Majestic, dignified, stately, a cool choice for your pal that’s a large breed or one that carries itself well.

Imagine: This puppy loves to daydream, imagining chasing cats, your next walk, or…dinnertime.

Jitterbug: If Espresso had four legs, it would be this female.

Kahlua: A popular Hawaiian liqueur, a good title for the dog whose owner loves the islands.

Maui: A popular Hawaiian Island, a good moniker for a canine whose owner would prefer to be there than living in the city.

Patience: We all need more of it, perhaps one can remember to show it more every time they call your puppy's name.

Tsunami: This female is like a tidal wave (without the water) of energy when she enters the room.

Zigzag: This puppy goes here, she goes there, she goes here again, this pooch wants to see it all, but never in a straight line!

More Cool Names For Female Dogs

Abeleen A cool female title after a hot Texas town
Adorabelle A cute idea for a small adorable pooch
Alexis Cool female dog name, sounds expensive
Aloha A warm greeting from the islands
Amore Italian for “Love”
Arielle We simply like this choice
Astro A spacey title for a fast canine
Basil We simply thought this choice sounded cool
Bongo For the music loving pup
Bouffant For the pooch with high hair
Bubbles This will get your dog lots of attention
Bungee This pup is here, then there, then over there
Cabaret Means a floor show, or live entertainment
Caper A playful act or trick for the mischievous dog
Charisma A style that only the cool can have
Cashmere For a female dog that expects a pampered life
Caviar She expects Alpo, too cool for Kibbles
Cha-Cha The dance she does when she sees you
Chanel Cool female dog name has a classy sound
Charade For a pooch that's a lot of fun
Chiquita A fun sounding choice for your Chiquita
Cutie After all, she is isn’t she?
Dakota For large female breed that loves the outdoors
Dallas Everyone knows you don’t mess with Texas
Déjà vu Didn’t we just visit that tree?
Destiny Meeting your pal was your destiny
Diva You rule the roost, she rules the rooster
Elvira A female canine seductress
Evita Don’t cry for me Argentina

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Cool Beagle puppy taking a break

Creative ideas for your Unique Girl
Find here unique Breed Specific Names

Fiji We can see working better on a small pup
Floozie She loves all the boys
Genesis She’s your first bud
Gracie Grace means elegance, and beauty
Gumball Small and sweet, like your pal
Honeybunch A term of endearment
Jasmine A sweet fragrance, for a sweet female pup
Java For a brown pooch or if you love Starbucks
Juliet The focus of Romeos attention
Juno A good female choice for a larger breed?
Katie A cool female dog name that's sweet & petite
Kona Another good idea for a brown pup
Kudos You should get kudos for rescuing this pup
Lacey Delicate and always a lady
Lady We can see this on a classy pooch
Liberty For the dog that loves it’s freedom
Love-Bug She's always liberal with her kisses
Mabel For an off the wall naming idea
Mackenzie It just sounds cool
Mai Tai A sweet mixed drink, for sweet mixed breed?
Marley This choice is high on our cool list
Melody For the pooch that brings music to your heart
Mercedes This pup deserves the finest
Minuet For a small doogie, it’s a form of dance
Miss Daisy For your pal with the sunny personality
Mulan We think it just has a classy sound to it
Mystique For your female that has a mysterious quality
Nitro This dog explodes when it’s walk time
Nugget For the pooch that's worth it’s weight in gold

More Choices
...can you ever have too many?

Beautifully styled dog

Names That Are Loveable:
Perfect for the loveable pup
Funny Naming Ideas: For a humorous cool twist on names

Orion A beautiful constellation in the winter skies
Parable For the rescued pup with a story to tell
Paris The French city of love
Pearl For a lighter colored precious dog
Persia Just sounds exotic, making it cool
Pokey The popular sidekick of Gumby
Quinn A cute, seldomly heard title
Rainbow Good for the pup with a colorful personality
Reno A popular gaming destination in Nevada
River For a Retriever, or any dog that loves water
Root Beer Bubbly and sweet, just like your brown pal
Rumor Rumor has it that the cat did it
Sable A dark, soft fur
Samba A lively Brazilian dance
Sasha We’ve always thought this idea was cool
Saucy And she knows it
Savanna It just sounds cool
Shangri-la It means imaginary and remote paradise
Sierra After the beautiful Sierra mountain range
Sky For the pup that loves the outdoors
Sundance This pooch comes alive on a sunny day
Tango Consider Calypso as a name too
Tiara For a dog with a larger than life personality
Tootsie We can definitely see this on a small breed
Velvet Smooth in style, beautiful in appearance
Wild Thing For the canine rebel
Yukon For a large breed, or one that wishes it were
Zoom Zoom Chases everything, the cat, kids, everything
Zsa Zsa After the actress Zsa Zsa Gabor

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cool mastiff

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