O-P Female Names For Dogs
Naming Suggestions & Lists For These Letters

Here’s the hottest O-P female names for dogs on the planet! Not only will you find the best ideas here, you’ll also read some of our incredible naming suggestions, AND be able to check out our lengthy lists to boot! As you can tell we're pretty excited about the ideas below...so let's go!

Female Names Beginning With O

Oblong: When we hear this name we think…Dachshund.

Omelet: This female dog is a mixture of everything, from breed, to temperament. Yet in the end, we all love Omelets!

Orbit: A spacey pooch, one who you’d swear at times is from another planet. She also might show tendencies to run in circles.

Boxer puppy enjoying a summer day

Odessa: Typically meaning “odyssey” or “long journey” this name is well suited for a female that loves an adventure or traveling anywhere and everywhere with her owner.

Olympia: Consider this choice for a dog if you really feel she is a gift from the heavens, or if she has unique abilities that set her apart from the rest. This dog will almost always be an agility dog, a good swimmer, or a great runner.

Ora: Latin for “gold” it is easy to imagine that this dog would be the apple of her owner’s eye. This is also a great name for a female Golden Retriever, or a mixed breed with a beautiful golden coat.

Olivia: A great name for a small, but hardy, pooch like a Pug, who loves to be part of the family and will never let you down. She is a very friendly dog that always gets along with other pups.

 Oakley  Ocelot  Ole'  Opal
 Oasis  Octavius  Olga  Oprah
 Oberon  Odessa  Olive  Oracle
 Obession  Odette  Olympus  Orbit
 Obiwankenobe  Odie  Omaha  Orchid
 Oblong  Odin  Omega  Orion
 Obsidan  Odyssey  Omelet  Othello
 Oceanus  Old Yeller  Oopsie Daisy  Ouija

Female Names Beginning With P

Paloma: Spanish for “dove,” consider this choice for a peaceful, serene dog, or one that brings peace and balance to your home.

Paprika: This is a good choice for a spicy small female dog.

Peaches: All dogs are the pits, when compared to your little Peaches!

Golden Retriever taking a break from chasing a cat

Peanut: For a small dog who has nutty tendencies.

Piper: An upbeat dog with a sweet, happy face. Although this pup might not always listen to your commands, it will be hard to get mad at her because she is just too happy and cute.

Porsche: Flashy, sleek, and can run down any cat without even leaving first gear!

Portia: A pretty female dog that loves to be groomed and pampered. You won’t likely find this female romping in the mud anytime soon, but instead snuggled up somewhere with you.

 Pace  Pastel  Perseus  Poco
 Page  Pat  Persia  Pooh
 Pagoda  Patches  Persnickety  Pookie
 Paisley  Pathfinder  Peru  Poppy
 Pal  Patience  Peso  Poochie
 Palermo  Patriot  Pesto  Poopsie
 Palisade  Paulette  Petite  Popcorn
 Palmira  Paulie  Petra  Porkchop
 Paloma  Paws  Petunia  Porsche
 Palomino  Peach  Peugeot  Prancer
 Pan  Peaches  Peyote  Prada
 Panache  Peanut  Pez  Precious
 Panama  Pearl  Phantom  Predator
 Pancake  Pebbles  Phlash  Pretty Girl
 Panda  Peewee  Phoenix  Pretzel
 Pandora  Pegasus  Pia  Primo
 Pansy  Peggy Sue  Pickles  Primrose
 Pantera  Peking  Piggy  Princess
 Panther  Penny  Piglet  Prudence
 Papillon  Penelope  Piper  Psycho
 Papina  Pepita  Pippen  Pudding
 Papoose  Pepper  Pipsqueak  Puddles
 Parable  Peppermint  Pirouette  Puff Doggie
 Paradise  Pupperoni  Pixel  Pugsley
 Paris  Peppy  Pixie  Pumpkin
 Passion  Pepsi  Pizza  Pupoose
 Pasta  Perrier  Pizzazz  Putt-Putt

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