S-T Female Names For Dogs
Naming Suggestions & Lists For These Letters

These S-T female names for dogs range from the more typical to the extremely creative. You'll be able to choose from words which have specific meaning to you and which represent key parts of your life or things you especially love. Or for an interesting naming twist why not choose a name you've never heard any dog called? That way when you call her, not every dog at dog park will come running.

Here's our S-T female names for dogs suggestions and lists...

Female Names Beginning With S

Safari: For the female dog who loves to travel with you, whether it’s to Africa or just to the market.

Salty: Perfect for a canine covered in white fur, or with an under cage of white, like an Alaskan Malamute, this name can be appropriate for any breed from tiny to huge.

Boxer puppy on the lookout

Saucy: For the flirtatious female pup who loves giving all male dogs the “come hither” look.

Schmooze: This female will do anything to get your attention or a treat!

Spice: Used for any breed of companion, a canine certainly spices up the lives she touches. If your pal has a cinnamon-colored coat, this would be great but any color dog will appreciate it.

Sparkle: This lady dog will light up with happiness when you return home, so happy to be in the midst of her favorite companion again.

Squeaky: A small female dog with a small bark would love being known by this.

 Saber  Schnapps  Shasta  Sofia
 Sabina  Scooby  Shelby  Solace
 Sable  Scooby Doo  Shiloh  Sonja
 Sabotage  Scoop  Showboat  Sooner
 Sabre  Scoot  Showoff  Sophia
 Sachi  Scooter  Shredder  Sophie
 Sade  Scorpio  Shrimp  Sorbet
 Sadie  Scotch  Sidney  Sparkie
 Safari  Scout  Sienna  Spice
 Saga  Scrabble  Sierra  Spicy
 Sage  Scrambler  Silhouette  Spirit
 Sahara  Scrappy  Silver  Stallion
 Sake  Scratchy  Simba  Star
 Salem  Screwball  Siren  Starbuck
 Salom  Seance  Sirius  Stardust
 Salsa  Sebring  Sissy  Starfire
 Salty  Sea Dog  Skedaddle  Stella
 Sam  Sedona  Skeet  Storm
 Samantha  Sega  Skeeter  Stormy
 Samba  Selena  Skidoo  Suds
 Sandy  Senorita  Skittles  Sudsy
 Sangria  September  Sky  Suede
 Sapphire  Sequel  Smoke  Sugar
 Sarah  Serendipity  Smokey  Sugarbaby
 Sasha  Serengeti  Smoocher  Sugar Pie
 Sashimi  Serenade  Smoothie  Summer
 Sasperilla  Seven  Smores  Summit
 Sasquatch  Shadow  Smurf  Sunny
 Sassafras  Shady Lady  Snaggletooth  Sunshine
 Sassy  Shaggy  Snapple  Sushi
 Satin  Sha Na Na  Sneakers  Susie Q
 Saturn  Shane  Sneaky  Suzannah
 Saucy  Shanghai  Snickers  Suzette
 Savannah  Shania  Snoopy  Sweetheart
 Scarlett  Shangri-la  Snowy  Sweetie

Female Names Beginning With T

Tabasco: A great name for a feisty female pooch that always adds zing to your life. We can see this as a great fit on a Chihuahua or other energetic pups.

Chihuahua puppy hiding behind some flowers

Tantrum: Not getting enough treats, walks or attention? This dog will let you know!

Good for a darker colored dog, or if you're a fan of this popular television/movie series.

Treasure: You certainly treasure your pet and you can show her each time you call her by this name.

Thimble: Perfect for a small species of pet, this would be a great selection for any teacup breed or miniature breed.

Toffee: A pet with a tan or brownish coat would match this word perfectly, and could be used for any female breed of dog.

 Taboo  Taos  Tigger  Top Dog
 Taco  Taz  Tigris  Touche
 Tadpole  Tease  Tiki  Traveler
 Taffy  Temperance  Tiny  Trinity
 Tag  Tempest  Tipsy  Tsunami
 Tagalong  Tequila  Tish  Tucson
 Tahiti  Tia  Toodles  Tuesday
 Tahnee  Tiara  Toot  Turbo
 Tai  Tibet  Tooter  Tuscany
 Tamale  Tickles  Tooti  Tutti-frutti
 Tamar  Tic Tac  Tootoo  Twiggy
 Tamara  Tidbit  Toots  Twilight
 Tammy  Tiffany  Tootsie  Twinge
 Tango  Tiger  Topaz  Twinkie

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