Tough Dog Names
For Dogs That Are Tough
Or For Those That Wish They Were

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Owners come to a tough dog names page like this for three different reasons.

1. They have property they want protected, and are looking for guard dog names that intimidate as much as their dogs growl and sharp teeth.

Bad dog will need tough dog name in jail

2. They own a pup that has an attitude and/or a look to it that appears rugged, like a large or muscular breed and they want a tough title that matches.

3. Owners come to this names for tough dogs page because they want a humorous naming twist to give their small and/or meek pal to either make it more adorable or to build it’s doggie self esteem.

Regardless of the reason, the tough naming suggestions and lists below them are ideas that we felt would make any pup loom larger regardless of their physique or personality.

Male And Female Tough Dog Names
Suggestions First then Lists...

In reference to the Diamondback rattlesnake, this might be an excellent guard dog name choice to show a tough pup’s silent, but powerful, strength.

Fang: The eye teeth of canines are called fangs and are the teeth used to give the deepest, tearing bites. This tough sounding choice reflects that your pal knows how to use those teeth well.

Tough Chihuahua

Force: This word reflects the actions an intruder can expect from your companion if it feels threatened in any way.

Judge: For a guard dog names, this is well suited showing that your tough pet really is the judge of who is considered friend or enemy in your home.

Shiv: This is a term for a type of knife, usually short and easily hidden but deadly and reflects perfectly a protective canine.

Vicious: This mean name for a dog describes the personality you want others to see in your canine. It refers to violent, threatening actions.

Viper: This is another word for "snake" and snake bites can be as deadly as those from a tough protective guard dog.

Xena: This is the name of a tough fantasy lady princess warrior and would be perfect for a large female guard pet.

Other Names For Tough Dogs...

    Ace     Genghis     Razor
    Achilles     Granite     Reaper
    Angus     Grim     Rebel
    Apache     Grizzly     Redrum
    Apollo     Gotti     Remington
    Aries     Hannibal     Riddick
    Attila     Hades     Rocco
    Axel     Harley     Rock
    Bain     Hercules     Rocky
    Bandit     Hulk     Roman
    Banshee     Hunter     Sabre
    Bear     Huntress     Sarge
    Blade     Ice     Samson
    Blaze     Ishtar     Shady
    Blood     Isis     Shaft
    Boa     Jackson     Skull
    Bodie     Jasper     Soprano
    Bolt     Joker     Spike
    Bronson     Jules     Stallone
    Bruno     Julius     Steel
    Brutus     Jupiter     Stone
    Buck     Kayto     Storm
    Buckshot     Khan     Stryker
    Bullet     Killer     Talon
    Buster     King     Tango
    Butch     Knievel     Tank
    Butkis     Kodiak     Taz
    Caesar     Larceny     Terminator
    Cain     Lecter     Terror
    Capone     Legend     Thor
    Crip     Liberty     Thunder
    Crusher     Mack     Tiger
    Cruze     Mad Max     Titan
    Cujo     Magnum     Tonka
    Dagger     Major     Triumph
    Dakota     Mako     Turbo
    Danger     Maverick     Tyson
    Dante     Mr. T     Ulysses
    Deuce     Nero     Uzi
    Diablo     Nightmare     Valor
    Diego     Ninja     Vicious
    Diesel     Nitro     Villain
    Dillinger     Outlaw     Vinny
    Dozer     Primo     Viper
    Dread     Quarry     Warrior
    Duke     Rage     Wicked
    Eagle     Raja     Widow Maker
    Falcon     Rambo     Xerxes
    Felon     Rattler     Zeke

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tough pit bull

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