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Own a smart pooch? Then these unique names for puppies after people and things related to the field of science might be the perfect fit.

Einstein the dog

Your dog is too smart to settle for an average name when one of a higher caliber intellectually is available. No smart dog wants to be called Fido or Bowser when Newton or Einstein would make a better choice. And even if your dog doesn't have the highest IQ, then these names will fool others into thinking so.

What you'll discover below are not only science dog names after people related to science, but also terms used in the various scientific fields....so here we go!

Albedo: Reflective property of an object

Amp: Unit of electric current

Apogee: Point of orbit when object is furthest from the Earth

Argon: A chemical element

Atom: The basic unit of matter, good for a small dog

Aurora: Aurora Borealis (northern lights)

Azimuth: Measurement of an object's orientation along the horizon

Beaker: A type of glassware used in lab, why not Beaker for your barker?

Blizzard: Why not names for puppies after a severe snowstorm?

Borealis: Aurora borealis (northern lights)

Buzz: Astronaut and second person on the moon

Caldera: A volcanic crater

Challenger: One of the NASA space shuttle vehicles

Cirrus: A type of cloud

Cobalt: Chemical element with the symbol Co

Comet: Good name for a fast dog that streaks thru your room

Compass: Great for a dog with a perfect sense of direction

Constellation: Grouping of stars

Corona: Outer part of the sun's atmosphere and a darned good beer

Cyclone: Swirling wind associated with a low pressure cell

Darwin: Names for puppies after Charles Darwin, English naturalist

Delta: Where stream or river meets a water body

Ebb: Movement of tidal current away from the land

Eclipse: When one astronomical body is shadowed by another

Einstein: Great name for smart puppies maybe a Lab or Border Collie?

Electron: Negatively charged subatomic particle

Equinox: Twice-a-year event when the sun and Earth are on the same plane

Europa: One of the moons of Jupiter

Fjord: Glacial valley filled with sea water

Galaxy: A collection of stars, gas and dust

Galileo: Galileo Galilei, Italian astronomer, physicist and math genius

Gamma: Gamma ray, a high form of electromagnetic radiation

Geo: Of or related to the earth

Gravity: Great names for puppies that like to jump and catch things

Halley: From Halley's Comet, visible from Earth every 75 years

Hubble: Edwin Hubble, an American astronomer

Janus: One of the moons of Saturn

Jet: From jet stream, a fast upper air current

Jupiter: Fifth planet from the sun and the largest in the Solar System

Kepler: Johannes Kepler, German mathematician and astronomer

Kilo: A unit of measurement

Krypton: Perfect name for strong puppies

Lahar: Mud and ash flow from volcano

Luna: Spanish word for moon

Magma: Molten rock

Mars: Fourth planet from the sun

Meridian: A line of longitude on a map

Meteor: The visible path of a meteoroid once it has entered our atmosphere

Monsoon: A seasonal wind change

Nano: A prefix in the metric system, fun name for a small dog

Nasa: From NASA, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration

Neon: Chemical element with the symbol Ne

Neptune: Planet furthest from the sun

Newton: Isaac Newton, English physicist

Nitro: Great name for a dog that is always on the go

Nova: A star flare

Orbit: Great name for a high energy dog

Orion: A constellation named after the hunter

Photon: An elementary particle, we can see this on a small dog

Phobos: One of the moons of Mars

Pluto: Formerly characterized as a planet, also a famous Disney dog

Pulsar: A spinning neutron star

Radar: Good name for a dog with big ears

Rocket: Great name for fast puppies

Saturn: Sixth planet from the sun, this dog runs rings around all others

Sirocco: A strong Mediterranean wind

Sonic: Relating to acoustics

Star: A celestial body visible at night, especially good for white dog

Sunny: Good names for puppies for a high spirited dog

Tangent: A trigonometric function

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