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Police dog names should reflect the working nature of these valuable pups. While your pal may not be a working dog, if it is one of the breeds associated with criminal justice work, you may want to reflect that in your choice.

Often, breeds such as German Shepherds, Rottweilers, and Pit Bulls, are well-trained in the techniques needed by Police and law enforcement workers. These pups are used to protect Police officers in threatening situations, sniff out illegal drugs, locate explosives, and even find survivors after a catastrophe.

The traits sought in these canines are strength, stamina, and loyalty. They work side by side with their human partners to complete dangerous tasks quickly and safely. They are even utilized in war zones to help soldiers.

Our Law Enforcement & Attack Dog Names
-Suggestions and List-

This refers to the fact that a well-trained Police canine can attack as quickly as a bomb can blow up a city. This choice works for either a girl or boy.

Copper: This is a common slang word for law enforcement and would be perfect for either a male or female with a reddish coat.

Diablo: This means "devil" and refers to the threat of a trained attack dog. It is a masculine police dog name and comes from Spanish origins.

Rottie sisters standing guard

Fang: Referring to the long eye-teeth of a canine, this choice calls forth a sense of dread for any intruder and can be used for females or males but is more often used for boys.

Kojak: This is taken from the television police detective who always had a lollipop in his mouth. It's a great choice for a male canine.

Kujo: The title of the vicious pooch in a Stephen King novel, this title will give the impression of a really mean Police canine.

Hades: This means "hell" and brings to mind the fires and fury of the place of damnation awaiting any crook or criminal. The choice works for male or female.

Lockjaw: This refers to a disease where the victim can not release their jaws after clamping down their teeth, bringing to mind that the pooch may bite and not release the victim. It's a great selection for girls or boys.

Marksman: Police officers are trained marksmen and this title lets everyone know the canine is trained to hit the mark as well.

Nemesis: A nemesis is bane or downfall which takes a person or object out of the picture, making it a great choice for female or male canines.

    Achilles     Cain     Igor
    Aja     Dallas     Killer
    Apollo     Dante     Khan
    Aries     Demon     Magnum
    Attilla     Diablo     OJ
    Axel     Eagle     Sabre
    Bain     Evil     Samson
    Bandit     Fury     Spartan
    Banshee     Ghengis     Talon
    Blade     Hannibal     Terror
    Bullet     Harley     Zodiak

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