Redneck Dog Names
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Hillbilly dog looking for redneck dog names

If you have a city dog, these redneck dog names might not be your first choice, although you may just be looking for something ironic or interesting to catch the attention of friends and neighbors. If so, you have come to the right place. A unique and charming ideas will help set your country dawg apart from the rest, whether he truly lives in the country or just has a little country in his personality, or in yours!

Redneck dog names can be a fun and silly way to show tribute to your own heritage, or that of your pooch. Possibly your new pet hails from a southern state or is a breed of suspicious lineage that just seems to have a little redneck or hillbilly charm. This type of naming idea would also be well suited for a pet that lives out in the country, tags along while his owner hunts and fishes, or likes to ride in the back of his owner’s pick-up truck.

Male & Female Redneck Dog Names

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Banjo: A tribute to the key instrument in Bluegrass and Country music, this choice fits well on a floppy eared redneck hound or friendly mutt.

Belle: In reference to being a “southern belle,” this would be perfect for a little, sweet female pup that loves to tag along with her owner.

Blue: A great hillbilly dog name idea for a male hunting companion or sporting pooch that is loyal and obedient.

Cletus: After the famous hillbilly (aka as the “Local Yokel”) cartoon character from the TV series The Simpsons, he’ll come a running every time he hears grits are bein served.

Redneck Bulldogs

Dodge: A strong word that is easy to pronounce and is reminiscent of the American made car, this is a good choice for a masculine redneck male.

Earlene: A confident and strong willed female dog will fit this title well, meaning “noble.”

Nugget: A cute and loving choice that would be well suited for a redneck male or female pooch small in size but big in heart.

Rebel: A male choice suited for a redneck dog with a wild spirit but a loving heart.

Tackle: The perfect moniker for a fisherman that loves to bring his four legged best friend along on his fishing trips.

Trigger: This is a good choice for an owner that loves to hunt or for a dog that has a habit of running off or running fast.

Sue Ann: A happy-go-lucky girl dog that likely has boundless energy and a playful redneck spirit.

More Redneck Names For Dogs






   Bud Light


   Betty Lou

   Emmy Lou


   Billy Bob



   Bobbi Jo

   Ellie May





   Peggy Sue














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