Weird Dog Names
After Monsters In Movies,
TV, Or Your Closet

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These weird dog names after monsters are perfect if you're a fan of monster movies, TV programs or even legendary creatures thought to exist.

Who doesn't have a favorite movie monster, or even one from TV? We know we still enjoy watching reruns of cheesy Japanese movies where Godzilla is battling some weird new monster mutant that was created from offshore nuclear testing.

Or how about monster dog names after legendary creatures? Have you ever seen Bigfoot? or the abominable snowman aka Yeti? We didn't think so.

Here's a few weird dog names after monsters that we think might make a good choice if you're a fan...

Big Foot: Made a legend from all the undocumented sightings as well as small towns that needed tourist dollars, this is a great weird dog name choice for large breeds or small spunky Chihuahuas.

Cujo: Love Stephen King? then name your own pup after the weird psychotic dog character who he wrote his book Cujo after.

Dogzilla: Yes, we know this is a canine knockoff  from the legendary Godzilla, but we still think it's a great idea for a large breed, or even a small breed that has an attitude.

Yoda: After the Star Wars character, we can see this name on a small pup, or better yet a Pug.

Here's More Monster Dog Names...

Alien: Perfect for the pooch that's a bit spacey

Argus: Watchman with one hundred eyes

Balrog: Weird mine monsters in Lord of the Rings

Basilisk: Kind of monster that appeared in Harry Potter

Beast: Another name for a monster, good for a large dog

Big Foot: Good for big dog, or one that thinks it is

Boogie Man: Monster dog name for the pup that hides under your bed

Chewbacca: From Star Wars, for a lovable dog with big attitude

Chimera: Fire-breathing monster

Chucky: Weird and freaky killer talking doll

Chupacabra: Weird dog name after the goat sucker monster

Cujo: Stephen King's evil dog character

Cyclops: Man-eating one-eyed monster

Dalek: Fictional extraterrestrial race from Doctor Who

Darth Vader: Good for a black dog

Demon: A malevolent supernatural being

Dexter: Serial killer character from the show Dexter

Diablo: This means devil in Spanish

Diavolo: Means devil in Italian

Dogzilla: The dog version of Godzilla

Dracula: From Bran Stoker's Dracula

Fester: Uncle Fester from the Addams Family

Fiona: Ogress from the Shrek franchise

Frankie: Character from Mary Shelley's novel Frankenstein

Freddy: Freddy Krueger from A Nightmare on Elm Street series

Gamera: Killer turtle from Japanese movies, good for slow dog?

Ghost: For a white pup that appears only at dinnertime

Goblin: An evil or mischievous creature

Gremlin: A weird and mischievous imaginary creature

Grendel: Man-eating monster the Beowulf must slay

Griffin: Lion-eagle creature, we can see this name on a Pomeranian

Gruffalo: Hybrid monster in Julia Donaldson's book

Gryphon: Lion-eagle creature

Hannibal: Hannibal Lecter, serial killer from The Silence of the Lambs

Harpie: Name of a winged monster in Greek mythology

Hebi: Snake shape shifter in Japanese folklore

Hedorah: Japanese smog monster...of course

Hyde: From the Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

It: Stephen King's weird monster

Itt: Cousin Itt from the Addams Family

Jabba: Jabba the Hutt, crime boss from Star Wars

Jack: Protagonist in The Shining

Jaws: You'll never swim in the ocean again

Jekyll: From the Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

Jigsaw: Name of the main character from the Saw franchise

Joker: Psychopathic gangster from the Batman movie

Kaiju: Japanese word that means strong beast

Kappa: Water sprite in Japanese folklore

Karloff: Actor in Frankenstein

King: From Stephen King, famed horror author

King Kong: Gorilla-like movie monster, good for big dog

Kraken: Giant sea monster

Krueger: Freddy Krueger from A Nightmare on Elm Street series

Lecter: Hannibal Lecter, serial killer from The Silence of the Lambs

Lugosi: Famous actor Bella Lugosi in Dracula

Lurch: Butler from Addams Family...youuu rang?

Manson: Charles Manson

Medusa: Turned men to stone with her stare

Minotaur: Body of man and head of bull, for undecided dog

Moorwren: Monster from the Outlander movie

Morticia: Matriarch of the Addams Family

Mothra: Giant moth in Japanese movies

Mujin: Badger shape shifter in Japanese folklore

Nessie: After the Loch Ness monster, for water loving dogs

Ogre: Weird humanoid monsters (male)

Ogress: Weird humanoid monsters (female)

Okami: Wolf shape shifter in Japanese folklore

Oni: Demon creatures in Japanese folklore

Phantom: Ghost or apparition

Piranha: Carnivorous fish, for the always hungry pooch

Pugsley: Son in the Addams Family, perfect for a Pug

Python: Giant serpent that guarded the Oracle of Delphi

Rodan: Giant sky monster from the Japanese movie

Romulan: Name of alien humanoid race in Star Trek

Sasquatch: Another weird dog name for Big Foot

Shrek: Cartoon ogre, for a large friendly breed

Spectre: Another name for a ghost

Spirit: Another name for a ghost

Spooky: Eerie or ghost-like

Tengu: Supernatural creatures in Japanese folklore

Troll: Supernatural begin in Norse mythology

Typhon: Giant winged monster

Wednesday: Name of weird daughter in the Addams Family

Werewolf: Folklore shape shifter from wolf to man

Yeti: The Abominable Snowman

Yoda: The wise Jedi Master from Star Wars

Zodiac: Serial killer police never caught

Zombie: Animated corpse

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