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Funny dog names can be a cute naming alternative and quite fitting if your pal has a way of making you laugh. You don’t want to use a name to poke fun at your pal, but you might find a favorite comedian, funny joke, cartoon character, or something else you find amusing and funny to help you create the title for your male or female canine.

Chihuahua being funny while waiting for funny dog names

Sources for funny names for dogs can come from the physical attributes of the pooch, the body size or shape, or even the coat attributes, or markings. It might not even have a direct relationship to the dog’s body or personality but might involve something you personally love, or even something related to a humorous memory.

On the lists and suggestions we offer below you'll find not only a few funny dog names that sound humorous, but also naming ideas after people or characters in cartoons or comics who were/are funny as well.

Our Funny Dog Names
Suggestions And List

Amos: Amos and Andy are well known radio comedians of days long gone by. They still, however, appear as comic strip characters in some newspapers on a daily basis.

Blondie: This famous comic strip female funny lady has been loved for many decades and this love continues today and will for decades to come. This choice is great for a light coated lady of any breed.

Curly: One of the Three Stooges, this funny dog name can be a cute pick for any boy dog with a curly coat such as a poodle, schnauzer, or any other curly coated breed.

Dezi: If you loved the old “I Love Lucy” television show, you’ll recognize this funny pick as referring to Dezi Lu Productions, the company owned by Lucille Ball and her handsome Latin husband, Dezi Arnez.

Elaine: One of Jerry Seinfeld’s sidekicks from his TV show “about nothing”, Elaine is recognized as one of the funniest characters created from this great comedy entertainment.

A beautiful Pug smile

Elmer Fudd: This small, funny speaking man with the funky hat is well recognized as being unable to say “r” as you hear his famous words, “Now, where is that pesky wabbit?” This would be a great funny name for a bull dog or any short legged breed of boy dog.

Groucho: Groucho Marx has to be among the longest enjoyed comedians ever. In fact, those funny eyebrows, big nose, and moustache are often used as funny glasses sets which, when added to baggy pants, big shoes, and a cigar make a well recognized costume.

Ma Barker: Known to associate with the Bonnie and Clyde gang of outlaws from the 30's, we wonder if she ever dreamed her name might be used on a female dog that likes to bark.

Retriever enjoying the cool floor

Rambo: For the dog that takes no prisoners. Humorous on a small dog.

Roseanne: Roseanne Barr, another of the female greats, appeared on the television series titled for her.

Seinfeld: Another well known comedian, Jerry Seinfeld, popped on the scene by making the TV series, Seinfeld, a show about nothing. He also created the well-recognized words “yada yada yada” which means so on and so forth.

Spam: Perfect for the pup that's of a mystery lineage

Whoopi: When this word is mentioned, little else has to be said. Among the top ever female funny ladies, her name simply says “funny” when spoken or heard. Great for any girl pooch.

 Achoo  Chew Chew  Kramer
 Anderson Pooper  Chuckles  Laptop
 Archie  Couch  Lava Lips
 Augie Doggie  Crackers  Meatball
 Babaloo  Crash  Moondoggie
 Baba Wawa  Dimples  Noodles
 Barney Fife  Disco  Pickles
 Beans  Dumpling  Pogo
 Belushi  Edith  Porkchop
 Betty Boop  Elvira  Pluto
 Bob Barker  Fang  Psycho
 Bonkers  Garbanzo  Puddles
 Booboo  Giggles  Putt Putt
 Bozo  Gizmo  Radar
 Brewsky  Goober  Romeo
 Bubbles  Goofy  Soupy
 Bugsy  Happy  Sushi
 Bungee  Hardy Har Har  Wild Thing
 Chevy  Hot Dog  Yoda
 Chewbacca  Kitten  Yogi

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