Names For Small Dogs
Little Names For Little Dogs

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We built this Names For Small Dogs page as a way to further enhance the cuteness factor that owners of small breeds have already come to recognize.

Yorkie wants to play or eat or both

What do we mean by this? and how could anything so adorable as a little pooch be enhanced to even greater cuteness levels? By giving your pup a petite sounding name of course.

What you'll find below are a rather lengthy selection of suggestions and lists of little dog names for both male and female and ones that will work well for either gender. When scanning the list below keep in mind too whether a certain pick might not also complement your pals color or personality.

So pull your cutie pie up on your lap (they always want to see what you're doing anyways) as you go thru our names for small dogs suggestions below and ask them what they think of some of your choices. You'd be surprised how they react well to some, not so well to others.

Our Little Dog Names
-Suggestions & List-

Perfect for the small pup that's itsy bitsy as well as teenie weenie.

Boo Boo: The cute and small bear who was the sidekick of the cartoon character Yogi The Bear. They were always raiding picnic baskets in Jellystone park.

Smiling Pomeranian

Bugsy: After the notorious gangster Bugsy Seigal, excellent for the bug sized pooch with a take no prisoners attitude.

Casey: The Irish for "Full of courage" this cute small dog choice is suitable for a girl that will defend you at all cost. A great names for small dogs choice for any tiny breed with a little aggressive attitude.

Comet: The name of one of Santa’s reindeer as well as referring to the celestial objects which sometimes appear in the night skies. If your small pal is a fast mover, you might consider him or her as moving as “fast as a comet”. Good too for the pooch that’s a little spacey at times.

Cookie: Sweet and chewy, they come in all flavors so this is a tasty choice for any breed. And after all, is there anyone who doesn't love a Cookie?

Daisy: A good names for small dogs for a petite and colorful pup, your love for her will blossom and bloom year round.

Fable: A fable is a long tale, totally fictional, and sometimes thought to have origins in the truth. Based on the “long tail”, this cool word is perfect for any little girl or boy that has a long, furry tail. Or for a canine that’s been rescued and has it’s own story to tell.

Pug taking a break from being lazy

Ma Cherie: Means "my dear" or "my darling" in french, this term of endearment is a good choice as a small dog title for the pup that you and your family hold close to your hearts.

Minnie: The girlfriend of Mickey Mouse who was a little flirt and who had Mickey wrapped around her finger. Hmmm, do mice have fingers? She also had a flair for fashion wearing a big bow in her hair also a great names for small dogs for the fashionable pup.

Moxie: This cute little dog name means "courage combined with inventiveness" and is a good choice for either gender. Perfect for the pooch that always finds a way to get what it wants while looking cute doing so.

Nemo: This is the title of the captain of the submarine "Nautilus" in the novels "Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea" and "Mysterious Island" by Jules Verne. Also after the adorable fish from the movie "Finding Nemo".

Peaches: This cute name is ideal for a peachy little girl. This little pooch will have many charms. A great title choice for any toy breed.

Pearl: The names for small dogs is well suited for a little canine that is a real jewel. This girl is "of great price," since she was purchased with all you had. She is your only treasure.

Shih Tzu cowpoke

Piper: This cute Old English pick is perfect for either a boy or girl. Your cute little pal will be a really good "pipe player". Hearing Piper coming will be like music to your ears.

Pixie: Known as mythical creatures of folklore, Pixie is a really good choice for a cutie that knows how to flaunt her charms to get what she wants. This little girl will have a spirit similar to that of a fairy; your kids will really love her.

Princess: You rule the roost, but Princess knows how to rule the rooster. Her feminine charms will sway any Prince Charming to share his kingdom

Squirt: An always popular choice for small dogs. Especially popular for pups with a feisty attitude.

Weeble: A popular toy, the television commercial states, “Weebles wobble but they don’t fall down”, a very cool buzz line. Either a boy or girl little pooch would love this cool choice for small dogs.

Our Names For Little Dogs List...

    Abbey     Cobie     Kiki
    Ace     Coco     Kisses
    Amigo     Cody     Kylie
    April     Cricket     Lacy
    Babaloo     Cubby     Ladybug
    Babbs     Cuddles     Laptop
    Baby     Cutie     Lollipop
    Babycakes     Cutie Pie     Missy
    Babykins     Daisy May     Mr Jingles
    Bailey     Dimples     Mugsy
    Bam Bam     Dinky     Nacho
    Bambi     Diva     Nibbles
    Bean     Doodle     Nipper
    Bella     Dumpling     Nugget
    Belle     Faith     Peanut
    Bingo     Fifi     Peewee
    Bitzy     Floozie     Pickles
    Bonbon     Gidget     Pixie
    Bonsai     Giggles     Puddles
    Bootsy     Gizmo     Puff Doggie
    Bubbles     Goober     Pugsley
    Bugsy     Gumball     Roxie
    Buttercup     Gumdrop     Skittles
    Buttons     Gumdrop     Sophie
    Buzz     Hammy     Squirt
    Candy     Hobbit     Sugar
    Chere'     Honey     Suzie Q
    Chichi     Jazzy     Tinkerbell
    Chico     Junior     Tiny
    CieCie     Keno     Tootsie

More Choices For Small...

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Breed Specific Small Dog Names For...

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