Cool Names For Dogs
Here's Our Personal Favorites

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When coming up with this cool names for dogs page we asked ourselves what is it that makes a name "cool" in the first place.

Would it be ideas after something that's cool in temperature? Like Snowball? or Blizzard? or even Avalanche? Naw!

Boxer with an attitude

How about cool naming choices after those that are most frequently chosen by other owners, surely popularity indicates that many others liked it, thus proving it's one of the cool names for dogs right? Nope...we didn't like this criteria either. Besides, since all dogs have individual personalities, why not give them a title that's all their own?

So what we did on this page is to come up with a list of naming ideas that we've rarely heard on other dogs. Ideas that not only will fit a pups individual personality, but might also complement their size or color. Heck, there were certain suggestions on this list that we just plain old liked or even thought a bit humorous.

If you think about, wouldn't giving your dog a name that's different also cause your pup to get more attention in the form of hugs and attention? Sure it would, that's why we think most canines would give their tail wag of approval to the cool names for dogs on this page.

Our Favorite Names For Cool Dogs

     Abby      Elvira      Patience
     Ace      Elvis      Perseus
     Adele      Espresso      Persia
     Aja      Fable      Pookie
     Al      Fandango      Pretty Girl
     Alex      Fiesta      Primo
     Amanda      Fiji      Rainer
     Amadeus      Floozie      Rascal
     Amigo      Frankie      Reilly
     April      Freckles      Reggae
     Aquila      Freedom      Reno
     Arielle      Ganja      Renoir
     Asia      Geisha      Rio
     Attaboy      Genghis      Rocket
     Babyface      Gidget      Romeo
     Babykins      Giselle      Ryder
     Bailey      Gizmo      Saber
     Baja      Gracie      Sable
     Bandit      Gravy      Sage
     Barney      Guido      Salem
     Basha      Gypsy      Sasha
     Basil      Havana      Saucy
     Beans      Hoagie      Savannah
     Beau      Houdini      Sedona
     Beethoven      Howdy      Shane

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Cool Names For Your Boy
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Groovy Ideas For Your Girl
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     Beijing      Jackie Oh!      Shanghai
     Bentley      Jade      Sheik
     Blade      Java      Shiloh
     Bodean      Jelly Bean      Sienna
     Bodie      Juliet      Sinatra
     Bogey      Kahlua      Sky
     Bolero      Karma      Soupy
     Bonkers      Keira      Spanky
     Bravo      Koda      Spartacus
     Bubbles      Kodiak      Spartan
     Bugsy      Kujo      Spirit
     Bungee      Lefty      Squirt
     Buttercup      Legacy      Stella
     Cabo      Legend      Sultan
     Cadence      Liberty      Sushi
     Cairo      Lovesong      Susie Q
     Calypso      Lumpy      Taj
     Carisma      Lyra      Takara
     Cashmere      Lyric      Tamale
     Cassidy      Ma Barker      Tango
     Caviar      Magee      Tequila
     Celeste      Magic      Tiara
     Chalet      Magnum      Tidbit
     Chanel      Magoo      Tito
     Cheyenne      Mai Tai      Toodleoo

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Dachshund ready for summer

Cool Names For Your Male
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Hip Names For Your Female
For additional, cool naming ideas for your gal

     Chi Chi      Marley      Toots
     Chiquita      Marlowe      Tootsie
     Coco      Maui      Traveler
     Cody      Meadow      Travis
     Cooper      Midnight      Triton
     Courage      Mignon      Tucson
     Crash      Minuet      Twilight
     Cuervo      Mirage      Tyson
     Cujo      Moondoggie      Unity
     Dahlia      Moonshine      Valiant
     Dakar      Mr. Butters      Vegas
     Dakota      Mugsy      Versailles
     Dallas      Mystique      Wasabi
     Danger      Natasha      Whiskey
     Denali      Neon      Wiggles
     Deuce      Nibbles      Wild Thing
     Diesel      Nikita      Woodstock
     Dimples      Ninja      Yasmin
     Disco      Nirvana      Yoda
     Diva      Noela      Yogi
     Dog Vader      Noodles      Yukon
     Doodle      Omelet      Zeke
     Dooley      Orion      Zeus
     Dudley      Ouija      Ziggy
     Edge      Paris

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chihuahua with an attitude

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