Great Dog Names
After Dogs That Are Famous

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Great dog names can come in all shapes and sizes whether that be naming ideas after things that are large for big breeds, small for small pups even naming ideas after a dogs coloration. But they can also come from famous pups throughout history.

Beautifully colored Collie

What dog wouldn't hold his or her head back as it struts around the house once given a great dog name from history, or even named after some canine record holder or even after the name of a pup owned by a past President?

Heck, we'll even venture to bet that your pal will find new found respect from the neighbors cat, and will even have the postman calling your dog "sir".

So without further delay here's our...

The Great Names For Dogs
Thru out History

Adjutant The oldest pooch ever, died at 27. That's 189 in dog years
Adonis The American Kennel Club's #1 stud, and one happy dog
Albina One of the great Soviet space pups
Anastasia Holds the time record for popping 100 balloons
Augie Holds the record for fitting five tennis balls in his mouth
Balto Delivered needed serum to stop epidemic in Nome, Alaska
Bars Launched in one of the Soviet Sputnik missions
Beagle Lyndon B. Johnson's pooch
Belka Another great Soviet space astropup
Bessie One of President Coolidge's 12 pups
Big Ben One of Herbert Hoover's nine canine pals
Blackie One of JFK's great pals
Bo Obama's Portuguese water dog
Bobbie Returned 2800 miles back home after separated from owners
Bolik Soviet space pup, surprised they never named one Vodka
Boo Boo The world's smallest living pooch; she's about 4 inches tall
Beans One of President Coolidge's 12 dogs
Brandy A St. Bernard that was the heaviest pooch ever...259 pounds
Captain One of George Washington's hounds
Chips The great hero canine from World War II
Cinderella  Greyhound holding the record for highest jump by a canine
Drunkard One of George Washington's hounds
Faithful Ulysses S. Grant's Newfoundland 
Fido The great Abraham Lincoln's pal
Fremont The ASPCA mascot
Gander A canine World War II hero
Gunner Air-raid warning dog from World War II
J. Edgar Lyndon B. Johnson's pup, LBJ never liked Hoover
Judy Served with the Royal Navy, the only lady on the ship
Laika First living creature in orbit...whadda great pup!
Lassie Famous Collie with IQ of 5000 whadda smart pup!
Lena Had largest litter ever...23 puppies!
Millie George HW Bush's poochie pals
Mopsey One of George Washington's hounds
Mushka One of the too many Soviet space dogs
Owney Postal service pooch that rode trains with the mail
Peter Pan One of President Coolidge's 12 dogs, pitty the Coolidge's cat.
President One of the great FDR's seven pups
Rags World War I Signal Corps mascot
Rip A World War I search and rescue dog...R.I.P. Rip
Satan Name of John Adams' pal
Searcher One of George Washington's hounds
Sinbad The Coast Guard’s great and famous mascot
Smoky Yorkie terrier that was a World War II hero.
Stubby World War I decorated pooch that was promoted to sergeant
Sweetlips One of George Washington's hounds
Taster George Washington's pup, GW was a famous moonshiner
Tigger Bloodhound holding record for the longest ears on a pup
Togo Delivered needed serum to stop epidemic in Nome, Alaska
Veto President Garfield's great hound
Vulcan George Washington's hound, may it live long and prosper
Yukon One of the great Herbert Hoover's nine pals
Zib Soviet space pup, how many dogs does Russian have??

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