Famous Movie Dog Names
Name Your Pal After A Canine Movie Star!

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Our Famous Movie Dog Names list is the place to start if you've noticed your pal has the cravings for fortune and success.

You know he’s got the talent, now he needs the famous title to match, and by giving him one of the famous movie dog names listed below, multi-million dollar contracts are sure to follow!

The world can always use another Toto, Benji or Hooch, so if giving your buddy one of these famous movie dogs gets him additional love and adoration from his fans, then I’m sure he won’t complain!

Our Famous Movie Dogs List

Ace: German Shepherd in Danny Boy

Asta: Pup in The Thin Man films

Balto: Made famous from the movie Balto

Beatrice: One of the canine stars in Best in Show

Beethoven: Great name for a St. Bernard

Benji: Star of many kids movies

Bingo: Great name choice for a high energy breed

Bo: Famous dog name in The Billion Dollar Hobo

Bolt: From Disney movie Bolt, perfect for a high energy pup

Braveheart: German Shepherd in The Deserter

Bruno: Famous German Shepherd in The Enchanted Forest

Buck: One of the Malamutes in Eight Below

Buddy: Pooch from the Air Bud movies

Camile: Pup from Turner and Hooch, great for a female

Cap: The Great Dane in A Dog of Flanders

Captain: German Shepherd in Fighting Fury

Chance: The bulldog in Homeward Bound

Charlie: Con artist canine in All Dogs Go to Heaven

Chinook: German Shepherd in Fangs of the Arctic

Clifford: The big red pup, star of many animated movies

Colonel: Sheepdog in 101 Dalmatians

Cora: The pooch in To Dance with the White Dog

Cujo: The evil quadruped in the Stephen King novel and movie

Demon: Famous Pup from Snow Dogs

Dewey: Name of one of the Huskies in Eight Below

Diesel: Pooch from Snow Dogs

Digby: Great name choice for a large breed

Dixie: Winn-Dixie, the canine star in the film of the same name

Dutchess: Famous movie dog name from Snow Dogs

Dynamite: German Shepherd in Four Footed Ranger

Einstein: Pooch in Back to the Future

Fearless: German Shepherd in Detective K-9

Flame: Pup in Dog of the Wild

Fly: Border Collie in Babe

Friday: German Shepherd in Eyes in the Night

Genevieve: The furry star in Bringing up Baby

George: Another pup in Bringing up Baby

Goofy: Star of many Disney movies

Gromit: Sidekick to Wallace in the Wallace & Gromit movies

Hachi: A loyal Akita in the film Hachi

Hooch: Slobberin pup from Turner and Hooch

Hubert: One of the canines in Best in Show

Jenna: Famous movie dog from Balto

Jerry Lee: The German Shepherd in K-9 movie

Jessie: The farm pooch in Animal Farm

Kazan: German Shepherd in Ferocious Pal

Klondike: German Shepherd in Fangs of Fate

Lady: High-class canine in Lady and the Tramp

Lady: German Shepherd in Fighting Fury

Lassie: The classic, famous movie dog

Lenny: From Lenny the Wonder Dog

Lobo: German Shepherd in Guard that Girl

Lucky: Dalmatian from 101 Dalmatians

Kerouac: Starred in Down and Out in Beverly Hills

Mac: Making his debut in Snow Dogs

Marley: From Marley and Me

Max: One of the Huskies in Eight Below

Maya: Another Husky in Eight Below

Nana: Name of pup from Snow Dogs

Nanook: Pooch in The Lost Boys

Old Jack: Another one of the many Huskies in Eight Below

Otis: The pooch in Milo and Otis

Perdita: A Dalmatian from 101 Dalmatians

Pongo: Dalmatian from 101 Dalmatians

Precious: Canine in Silence of the Lambs

Prince: Great Dane from 20th Century, star in many movies

Ranger: Pooch in Dog Justice

Rhapsody: One of the stars in Best in Show

Rhett: Starred in Steel Magnolias

Rin Tin Tin: Famous Hollywood star

Rinty: Character in The Adventures of Rex and Rinty

Rowf: Canine star from The Plague Dogs

Rusty: The German Shepherd in the Adventures of Rusty series

Sampson: German Shepherd in Monster on the Campus

Scooper: Made it's splash on the big screen in Snow Dogs

Scraps: Starred in Corpse Bride

Scraps: The pooch in Airplane

Shadow: The golden retriever in Homeward Bound

Shaggy: The pup from Shaggy the Dog

Shep: The pooch in A Dog's Love

Shorty: One of the many Huskies in Eight Below

Silver Streak: German Shepherd in Code of the Air

Skip: Famous movie dog name from My Dog Skip

Smokey: German Shepherd in Hittin' the Trail

Sniff: Found stardom in Snow Dogs

Snitter: From The Plague Dogs, better stay away!

Spot: From See Spot Run, good for an active pooch

Strongheart: German Shepherd in The Love Master

Tarzan: German Shepherd in Inside Information

Thorn: Made it's four legged debut in The Lost Boys

Thunder: Starred in Black Lightening

Toto: Most famous movie dog name from The Wizard of Oz

Tripod: Three legged pooch in The Kid

Truman: One of the too many Huskies in Eight Below

Winky: One of the stars in Best in Show

Winn: Winn-Dixie, the lead in the film of the same name

Wylie: Wylie Burp, the character from Feivel Goes West

Yeller: From the movie classic Old Yeller

Yodel: Starred in Snow Dogs

Zero: The famous pup in Nightmare Before Christmas