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Celebrity Dog Names!

This celebrity dog names list is dedicated to owners who already treat their pups like stars, and want to call them after the ones owned by their favorite celebrity.

Celebrity dog

Though odds are your pal will never see it's name in lights, or have the incredibly large bank accounts that celebrities do, there’s still no reason it can’t walk the red carpet in it's mind and dream of affording solid gold fire hydrants! You can help propel your pup on it's way to doggie stardom by finding a good choice from this celebrity dog names list.

And although the canines noted here belong to famous people, there are many canines that are celebrities in their own right. The titles of these famous furry quadrupeds can be found on our Famous Dog Names page. There you'll find famous dogs from the Movies, TV and Comics.

Also, because 1 in 5 owners want to rename their pals within a year, be sure you check out our dog “naming tips" section for ideas that will help you pick the perfect celebrity dog name that will last longer than a Hollywood marriage!

Celebrity Dogs
And Their Owners

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Baylor Celebrity Husky owned by Selena Gomez
Bessie Name of Sienna Miller's pal
Biscuit Travis Barker's French bulldog
Bit Bit Celebrity Poodle mix owned by Britney Spears
Blackie The name of one of JFK's many pups
Blu Tokyo Blu, Paris Hilton's Chihuahua
Blue Vida Blue, Demi Moore's celebrity Chihuahua
Bo Obama's Portuguese water dog
Bob & Chicken Naomi Watts, is Chicken male or female?
Bob & Stan Male dogs of late night star David Letterman
Boo Radley The name of Jake Gyllenhaal's puggle
Boris & Piglet Kelly Osborne whose parents are celebrities
Bubba Minnie Driver's black lab
Bumper & Petey Actress Halle Berry proud owner
Buttermilk Ashley Judd's celebrity cockapoo
Chewy Papillion that belongs to Christian Aguilera
Chiquita & Lola Hillary Duff actress, singer and owner
Chiquita Madonna's canine pride and joy
Chloe Chihuahua of notorious partier Lindsay Lohan
Clown & Joker Comedian Don Rickles
Daddie Geri Haliwell's Pomeranian
Daisy Cute name of Jessica Simpson's toy poodle
Essa & Sidi Owned by none other than Orlando Bloom
Fido Abraham Lincoln's dog
Flossie Drew Barrymore's lab/chow mix
Frank Sinatra Celebrity Reese Witherspoon's canine crooner
George Great Dane owned by celebrity Jim Carrey
George A gem of a dog owned by singer Jewel
Her Lyndon B. Johnson's female dog
Him Lyndon B. Johnson's male dog...duh
Honeychild Name of Shih Tzu owned by Nicole Richie
Hopper & Hardy Courtney Cox of the Friends sitcom
Indo Celebrity Will Smith's Rottweiler
Isaboo Rachel Ray's pooch
Jackson Jackson T Mutley, Mariah Carey's terrier
Jazzy The name of Cindi Adams' yorkie
Jinxy Name of Eva Longoria's Maltese
Joseph Owner Tom Cruise, not sure what breed he is
Juicy Celebrity dog name of Cindi Adams' Yorkie
Krypto Owned by man of steel Superman
Loki Lookie who owns Loki...Mickey Rourke
Louie Songstress celebrity Adele's dachshund
Lupo Cocker spaniel owned by Kate Middleton
Martha Stewart Owned by Ben Afleck
Mate Miley Cyrus' dog
Matzoball Adam Sandler's English bulldog
Milo Actress Diane Lane is proud owner
Munchie Beyonce's Shih Tzu
Mutley Jackson T Mutley, Mariah Carey's terrier
Nancy & Sid Owned by the beautiful Jessica Alba
Noodles Natalie Portman's pooch
Norman Cute Chi owned by cute Jennifer Aniston
Oliver DJ Oliver, canine owned Rhianna
Penny Lane Adam Brody owns this Boxer
Phearless Comedian Phyllis Diller's dog of dubious lineage
Pinky Star Jones T.V. celebrity owns this Maltese
Poppy Celebrity Sandra Bullock owns this Maltese mix
Purty & Saudi Brad Pit, actor, heartthrob, dog owner
Raleigh Spaniel owned by Clay Aiken
Roadie The name of Miley Cyrus' canine pal
Rosalita A yellow lab owned by Kevin Coster
Sadie Oprah's cocker spaniel
Scammy Justin Bieber's pal
Schlubber The Godfather himself...Marlon Brando
Shug Ashley Judd's cockapoo
Stinky Papillion that belongs to Christian Aguilera
Sunny Oprah's celebrity Springer Spaniel
Sweetlips One of George Washington's 10 hounds
Tallulah Judd Nelson's Staffordshire Terrier
Teeney & Weenie Ex-con and celebrity Martha Stewart proud owner
Whoopee None other than Lucille Ball as owner
Wink Selma Blair's mutt
Ziggy & Charlie Mischa Barton's pups

Of course no celebrity puppy name page would be complete without showing the dog names of the ultimate celebrity owner herself...Doris Day

Autie Murphy, Autumn, Barney Miller, Biggest, Bobo, Bubbles, Bucky, Charlie, Chipper, Daisy, Daisy-June, Dillon, El Tigre, Heineken, Honey, Muffy, Rudy, Schatzie, Snowy, Tiger, Tiny, Trixie, and last but never to be forgotten...Varmit

Webmasters Note: Although we commend Ms. Day and her love of dogs, we can't help but wonder what her place must be like during shedding season!

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