Cartoon Dog Names
Why Not Name Your Pup
After A Favorite Cartoon Character?

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If you love cartoons or animated movies, cartoon dog names might be a great option when choosing a title for your new pooch. We have compiled a list of cartoon dog names from characters that are interesting and fun, and can be great naming option for your pal.

Our List Of Famous Cartoon Dogs

Ace: The bat hound that helped fight crime with Batman, perfect for a watch dog.

Andy: One of Snoopy's cartoon brothers in the Peanuts comic strip.

Argo: Super dog in PS238, great for a teacher’s pet (dog, that is).

Astro: The Jetson family canine, fun name for a high energy pup.

Auggie: The son from the Auggie Doggie cartoon show.

Balto: Namesake of the movie, great cartoon dog name for a strong pup.

Bandit: The canine from Jonny Quest, perfect for your pal that gets into trouble.

Barfy: From Family Circus comic strip, for the canine with an unsettled tummy.

Barkley: Icon on Sesame Street show, a generic shaggy canine

Beethoven: Unmistakable Saint Bernard from Beethoven movies

Barkey: Shortened version of Barky Marky from Tiny Toon Adventures, for a little yapper dog.

Belle: Snoopy's sister in the Peanuts cartoon, perfect choice for a beautiful female.

Bill: From Boule & Bill comic strip, average cartoon dog name.

Bingo: Pup from the Cracker Jack ads, for a high energy canine.

Bitsy: From the Marvin comic strip, perfect for a little pooch.

Blu: Pup in Monica's Gang.

Blue: From Blue's Clues, perfect for a pup that likes to hunt things down.

Bob: Shortened version of Black Bob, from The Dandy comic.

Bolt: Namesake of the movie, cartoon dog name for fast pup.

Brain: Side kick to Penny from Inspector Gadget cartoon, for an inquisitive canine.

Brian: From Family Guy, thinks his is best cartoon dog name.

Brutus: From The Secret of the Union, the right name for a tough dog, or a little pup wannabe.

Bullet: The sidekick from longtime cartoon Barney Google and Snuffy Smith

Bumper: Pooch from the Middletons comic strip, a sweet choice for a bumbling pup.

Butch: Nemesis of Tom from Tom & Jerry show, perfect for a solid guard canine.

Buttons: Pooch from the Animaniacs, fun choice for a happy family pup.

Cagney: A cartoon dog name from the Zack Hill comic

Chief: From Fox & The Hound, good for an alpha canine.

Cleo: From Clifford the Big Red Dog cartoons, good title for a male.

Clifford: Famed storybook canine; perfect if your pal is big and red.

Copper: The pup from Fox & The Hound.

Cosmo: The space dog from Marvel Comics, good for a high energy canine.

Daisy: From the Blondie comic strip, ideal for your sweetie pie.

Deputy: From the Deputy Dawg show, great for a guard dog.

Dinky: From Dinky Dog, fun cartoon choice for a large breed.

Dino: Flintstone's furry pal, perfect for your best sidekick.

Dinobite: From the Heathcliff comics, ideal for a pup that likes to chew.

Dodger: Dawg from Oliver & Company cartoons, perfect for a canine that likes to chase cars.

Dogbert: Dilbert's pal, great cartoon dog name for an office pup.

Dogmatix: From the Asterix comic books, good for the high energy pooch.

Dollar: Richie Rich's pal, for the posh and spoiled pooch.

Dribble: Character from Droopy Dog, good cartoon name if you have a messy eater.

Droolia: From Pooch Café, great for those big jowled and drooly.

Droopy: Of Droopy Dog fame, does your pal have saggy skin?

Duke: From the cartoon The Gamemaster, perfect choice for the alpha pup.

Dukey: The pup from Johnny Test, for pup that's a natural leader.

Earl: From Mutts comic strip.

Einstein: From Oliver & Company, for the pooch you turn to for help with calculus.

Fergus: From Citizen Dog

Fifi: From The Rugrats, the perfect poodle name.

Francis: Pup from Oliver & Company, great for a terrier or other high energy pooch.

Georgette: From Oliver & Company, for a refined female.

Gnasher: Pal of Dennis the Menace, great for a big solid breed, or a little one that thinks he is.

Gnipper: Dog from Dennis the Menace, perfect for the pooch that likes to gnip.

Goofy: From Disney cartoons, the ultimate cartoon dog name.

Grimm: Dog from Mother Goose and Grimm, interesting choice for the pooch that is pensive.

Gromit: Wallace's pet from the claymation movies, for a dog that is always up for adventure.

Gus: From Pooch Café, a simple name for a simple pup.

Hector: The bulldog that often pwotected Tweety bird.

Hotdog: Jughead's pal in the Archie comic strip, good for doxy.

Howard: Namesake pup from the Howard Huge comic strip, would be a fun choice for a little breed.

Huckleberry: Southern-drawled canine from the cartoons, great for a sweet old lab.

Hudson: Another one from Pooch Café, upscale choice for preppy pooch.

Idefix: From the Asterix comic books, perfect choice for a high energy canine.

Itchiford: All Dogs go to Heaven, for dawgs that scratch a lot.

Killer: Nemesis of Tom from Tom & Jerry, cute name for a little breed.

Krypto: Superman's furry pal, can your pal leap tall buildings in a single bound?

Lady: Great for a high class spaniel or pup that carries itself well.

Ladybird : A Bloodhound from the television show King of the Hill.

Manfred: From the Tom Terrific cartoon, we can see this on a German Shepherd.

Marmaduke: From comic strip fame, of course this is perfect for a great dane.

Martha: A generic pooch from the children’s PBS cartoon Martha

Max: From How the Grinch Stole Christmas, great classic choice for a lab.

McGruff: The crime dog, perfect for a K9 working dog.

Muttley: Pup with a funny laugh from the Dastardly and Muttley show.

Odie: Garfield's side kick, perfect for pup that gets along with cats.

Olaf: Another pup in the Garfield comic strip, another great choice for a German Shepard?

Otto: From Beetle Bailey fame, a cute name for a terrier.

Paddlefoot: Clutch Cargo's four legged pal from his cartoon from the 60's

Peabody: Smarty pants pup from Rocky & Bullwinkle Show, good for a pooch that is too smart for his own good.

Pluto: Mickey Mouse's pal, good for a high energy breed.

Poncho: Pooch from Pooch Café.

Puff: From The Proud Family, perfect for a smally breed with a poofy coat.

Ren: Mouthy and silly Chihuahua from Ren and Stimpy show

Rex: The wonder dawg from CD Comics.

Rita: From Oliver & Company, great for a demure female.

Rover: From Red and Rover, a classic choice for a well-loved lab.

Runt: From Animaniacs cartoon, fun name for a very big breed.

Sandy: Starred in Little Orphan Annie, great for a canine with golden-fur.

Santa's Little Helper: From The Simpsons, not sure what you would call him for short.

Scooby Doo: Mystery solving pooch, great for a pooch that likes lots of snacks.

Scrappy: Nephew of Scooby Doo, dogs have nephews?

Sherman: From Mr. Peabody cartoon, a rather serious choice for a serious pup.

Snoopy: Made famous from Peanuts, cute for a beagle.

Snowy: From Adventures of Tintin, for a pup with a white coat.

Snuffles: From Quick Draw McGraw, fun name for a pug.

Sparky: South Park cartoon pooch, great for a real live wire of a canine.

Spike: Nemesis of Tom from Tom & Jerry show, cute for a small pup with big personality.

Sprocket: Pooch from the Fraggle Rock show, great name for a high energy dawg.

Stimpy: Canine sidekick from Ren & Stimpy show.

Tito: Pooch from Oliver & Company.

Tramp: Stray that falls for Lady, perfect title for a rescued pup.

Tyke: The little Spike from the Tom & Jerry Show, sweet for a little breed.

Underdog: The Clumsy canine superhero, perfect for the canine that always comes out on top.

Yowp Yowp: The pup from Yogi Bear, cute for a small yapper.

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