Disney Dog Names
These Disney Character Names For Dogs
Might Make A Good Choice For Your Own Pup

Goofy cartoon

If you're a fan of Disney movies and cartoons, you'll love this Disney dog names page for unique male and female Disney character names for dogs.

Although Disney came out with several movies where dogs played a role, instead of just listing the names of those pups, we've also included other names of characters from Disney films and cartoons that might be suitable as a naming idea.

Also, no list would be complete without listing the names of all of the 101 Dalmatians that appeared in one of their more popular movies. These Disney dog names can be viewed in the rather lengthy list at the bottom of this page.

Female Disney Dog Names
Ideas After Various Characters

Bambi: A good girl name for a pup with long legs.

Beauty: A favorite of all male dogs in the neighborhood.

Bo Peep: A character name and name of the Obamas dog.

Bianca: After a female mouse in Disney's The Rescuers.

Cinderella: Or, Cinderfella for male in touch with his feminine side

Cruela: Diabolical female character in 101 Dalmatians.

Daisy: Donald Duck's girlfriend.

Fantasia: For some reason I can see this on a poodle.

Fauna: Flora's four legged sister

Flit: The hummingbird from the movie Pocahontas.

Flora: A good fairy from Sleeping Beauty.

Flower: Played skunk in Bambi, everyone ran for exits.

Jasmine: The good looking princess from Aladdin.

Kiara: A lioness in The Lion King, good name for a pooch that pounces on cats

Lady: Lead in "Lady and the Tramp" had litter soon after filming

Medusa: Mean lady in The Rescuers.

Merryweather: A good fairy in Sleeping Beauty.

Minnie: Mickey Mouse's favorite girl

Nakoma: Starred as the indian girl from Pocahontas.

Perla: Lady mouse from Cinderella.

Pocahontas: Starred lead in the movie by same name.

Queen: Snow White's evil stepmother, evil because her dad chose poorly.

Snow White: A perfect Disney dog name for a small white dog.

Tinkerbell: A good fit for a small breed that flies around the room.

Male Disney Dog Names
Ideas After Various Characters

Banzai: Played the hyena from The Lion King.

Bashful: For the small boy dog that likes to hide.

Beast: For the mean looking boy dog with a heart of gold.

Bernard: Played the mouse from the movie The Rescuers.

Bruno: Disney Dog Names from Cinderella.

Buzz Lightyear: For the pup that dashes everywhere.

Chip: Played the cup character from The Beauty and the Beast.

Christopher Robin: The little boy from Winnie the Pooh.

Cody: Another little boy, but this time from The Rescuers.

Cogsworth: From the Beauty and the Beast, played the clock.

Colonel: Played the sheepdog hero from 101 Dalmatians.

Creeper: A Disney dog name after the strange character from The Black Cauldron.

Dewey: For the male pooch that likes water like Dewey Duck.

Doc: For the small pup that can't get enough of the veterinarian.

Donald: After Donald Duck, the iconic character.

Dopey: For puppy that's one taco shy of a combination plate.

Doug: Lead character of a popular Disney TV show.

Dumbo: For the dog with big ears, like Dumbo the Elephant.

Eeyore: Don't try to pin tails on this dogs tail.

Figaro: Played the male cat character in Pinocchio.

Gaston: A bad guy from Beauty and the Beast.

Geppetto: A good Disney name choice after Pinocchios creator.

Goofy: For the boy with long ears...who doesn't love Goofy?

Grumpy: For the small pup has an attitude.

Gus: Played the plump mouse in Cinderella.

Hamm: Played the part of the pig toy in Disney's Toy Story.

Happy: For the small pup that's always happy.

Hook: The bad guy from Disney's Peter Pan.

Huey: For the dog that likes to be babied like Baby Huey.

Iago: Starred the part of the parrot in Disney's Aladdin.

Jafar: The bad guy from Aladdin.

Jake: Played the adventurous mouse in The Rescuers.

Jaq: Another mouse in Cinderella. Guess Disney couldn't afford mouse traps when filming.

Jiminy: The cricket from Pinocchio. Guess fumigators weren't in the budget either.

Jock: Scottish terrier from Lady and the Tramp.

Jumbo: Name of the big elephant from Disney's Dumbo.

Kaa: Starred as the snake in Jungle Book.

Kocoum: The indian warrior in Disney's Pocahontas.

Louie: For the dog that loves water like Louie the Duck

Lumiere: Played the candelabra in Beauty and the Beast.

Max: The Sheep dog character in The Little Mermaid.

Meeko: The raccoon in Disney's Pocahontas.

Nemo: For the pup that can't keep out of trouble.

Peter Pan: You wish he'd stay young forever.

Phillip: Played the handsome prince in Sleeping Beauty.

Piglet: For the pooch that's a little piggy at dinner time.

Pinocchio: Did you make this mess?...Not me! It was the cat!!

Pluto: Mickey Mouse's canine pal.

Pooh: Good for chubby dogs that never wear pants.

Rex: Name of the dinosaur that played in Disney's Toy Story.

Scuttle: The sea bird from The Little Mermaid, not a pup you'd want to take boating

Sebastian: Played the lobster in The Little Mermaid.

Sleepy: Good name for small pups that need a lot of sleep.

Sneezy: Not for hypoallergenic breeds.

Thumper: Starred as the rabbit in Bambi.

Tramp: For the pup that gets around.

Names Of Alllllll The 101 Dalmations...

1. Bubba
2. Seargent
3. Chew
4. Bones

6. Freckles
7. Eight ball
8. Orion
9. Full stop
10. Snip

13. Sunspot
14. Nickels
15. Hotdog
16. Fetch

18. Lollipop
19. Scout

21. Gobstopper
22. Squeaky
Cotton ball

26. Tac
27. Toe
28. Junior
29. Jake
30. Speckles
31. Ears
32. Bob
33. Alameda
34. Nipper
35. Oddball
36. Tippy
37. Jersey
38. Twister
39. Badger
40. Skipper
41. Snowball
42. Ellipses
43. Pepper
44. Pinwheel
45. Jimmies
46. Buddy
47. Stripes
48. Ralph
49. Nugget
50. Fang

52. Chester
53. Smoky
54. Chief
55. Soho
56. Drifter
57. Rufus
58. Peeve
59. Moose
60. Cosmo
61. Grinder

63. Snicker
64. Chance
65. Squirrel
66. Tug
67. Badges
68. Blunder
69. Little Dipper
70. Zephyr
71. Chase
72. Bongo

75. Wags
76. Smudge
77. Bootsie
78. Bogey
79. Otto
80. Hydrant
81. Ashes
82. Typhoon
83. Snake Eyes
84. Whirlwind
85. Bluster
86. Diggity
87. Scamper
88. Toffee
89. Gumball
90. Big Dipper
91. Polka
92. Chocolate Chip
93. Patches
94. Dab
95. Inky
96. Rorschach
97. Splatter

99. Spindle
100. Flip
101. Cue ball
102. Checkers

102 actually appear in the movie