Famous TV Dog Names
Naming Ideas From Television

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Our Famous TV Dog Names list will not only get you thinking in a different puppy naming direction than the rest of our lists, it could also stir up a few memories from TV programs you used to watch years ago!

When coming up with our pups on TV list, we were reminded of the famous Mr. Peabody from our favorite TV cartoon…The Rocky and Bullwinkle Show which we loved when we were kids. Astro, the family pup from the TV cartoon The Jetsons was a favorite too!

When coming up with our pups on TV list, we were reminded of Mr. Peabody from our favorite TV cartoon…The Rocky and Bullwinkle Show which we loved when we were kids. Astro, the family pup from the TV cartoon The Jetsons was a favorite too!

No doubt you’ll see some of your own favorite TV puppy names listed below which you might want give to your own pal.

Giving a title that you find endearing to a pup you find endearing is a great way to start your puppies life!

Our List Of Famous Dogs On TV

Allen: Made famous from the show King of Queens

Apollo: Doberman Pinschers from Magnum, PI

Arnold: The name of the Rottweiler in Entourage

Blacktoe: Starred in Star Trek Next Generation

Blue: From Blue's Clues, great for the canine that likes to dig up things

Bob: Canine from the hood of Mr. Rogers Neighborhood

Boomer: From the TV show Here's Boomer

Bouncer: A lab in the show Neighbors, for a high energy quadruped

Bpo Bpo: Sun's furry pal on Lost

Brandon: The famous pup in Punky Brewster

Buck: Made it's acting debut in Married With Children

Buddy: From Veronica's Closet, the perfect name for man’s best friend

Buster: Name of Hurley's canine pal on Lost

Cam: A beagle from the show Turbo Dogs

Chester: Famous pup from The Nanny

Celine: The Chihuahua in Summer Heights High

Claude: The name of the pooch from Beverly Hillbillies

Cleo: Staring in the show The People's Choice

Colin: Starred in the series Spaced

Comet: Golden retriever on Full House, for a pup that runs fast

Cynthia: The Famous basset hound in Green Acres

Dash: From Turbo Dogs, perfect name for an energetic pooch

Dief: The canine star in Due South

Digby: Name of the golden retriever in Pushing Daisies

Digger: Starred in Big Barn Farm, does your pooch likes to bury things?

Doc: Famous TV dog name, stars on Grey's Anatomy

Dog: Columbo's Basset Hound

Dreyfus: From Empty Nest

Duke: Name of the pooch from Beverly Hillbillies

Duke: In Back at the Barnyard, perfect for a sheepdog

Dukey: Famous canine star from Johnny Quest

Earl: The retriever on The Flash

Eddie: The terrier on Frasier

Five: Another canine star from Turbo Dogs

Flash: Dukes of Hazards basset hound, perfect for a fast canine

Foo-Foo: Miss Piggy's pup on the Muppet Show. Pigs have dogs?

Fred: The pooch in I Love Lucy

Freeway: The canine star of Hart to Hart

Gromit: The sidekick to Wallace in the Wallace and Gromit movies

GT: From Turbo Dogs, had bad agent so never heard from again

Guffer: Also from Turbo Dogs, had same agent as GT

Hobo: Pup in The Littlest Hobo TV show, good for a pound rescue

Holden: Name of Tracy's pup on Lost

Ivanna: Starred in the show The Suite Life of Zack and Cody

Jake: Lab in the soap Neighbours

Jimi: A famous terrier in The Chris Isaak Show

Jimmy: Name of the pooch in South Park

Joe: German Shepherd from Run, Joe, Run

Kiwi: From Code Lyoko, cute for a little breed

Krypto: Starred in Smallville, great for a strong dog

Ladadog: From the show Please Don't Eat the Daisies

Lassie: Long running TV show, the ultimate famous TV dog name

Liquidator: The canine from Darkwing Duck

Lojack: Made famous from the TV show Eureka

Lucky: The pooch in Married with Children

Mags: Famous TV dog name from Turbo Dogs

Marlene: Starred in Turbo Dogs, this show has too many dogs

Maximillian: The bionic canine from The Bionic Woman, ideal for a strong pooch

McGruff: The crime canine, great choice for a police K-9 dog

Mignong: Name of Yorkie from Green Acres

Mr. Mittens: From Grounded for Life

Mr. Muggles: Name of the pup on Heroes

Murray: The pooch on Mad About You

Old Pap: Starred in Big Bam Farm

Oscar: The puppy from Curb Your Enthusiasm

Pal: Famous canine in the kid's TV program Arthur

Paul Anka: Name of the family pup in Gilmore Girls

Peanut Butter: Starred in Mr. Show...loved jelly

Ratchet: From Turbo Dogs, does this show go thru dogs or what?

Reckless: From the Waltons, perfect for the high strung pup

Rin Tin Tin: Loooong running TV show

Rodney: From the Chris Isaak Hour

Roly: Starred in BBC's EastEnders

Roosevelt: From Pee Wee's Playhouse, not sure we'd wish that place on any pooch

Rowlf: From the Muppet Show

Schotzie: Famous star in That 70's Show

Scruffy: The famous terrier from The Ghost and Mrs. Muir

Sedge: From Stargate Atlantis

Serena: Starred in the Australian soap Number 96

Seymore: Famous TV dog name from Futurama

Skits: From Marta Speaks, high energy famous TV dog name

Smiley: From the old show Hazel, perfect for a happy pooch

Spike: Made his illustrious debut on the show Rug Rats

Squeakers: Pooch on The Cosby Show, cute for talkative dawg

Stinkbert: From Turbo Dogs, long on love, short on hygiene

Tax: The border collie on Skins

Tet: Name of the canine star from Airwolf

Tiger: The Brady family pup on The Brady Bunch

Tramp: Sheepdog from My Three Sons

Ump: A German Shepherd from the show Turbo Dogs

Vincenet: Pooch found on the TV show Lost

Wellard: Four legged talent on BBC's EastEnders

Willy: His Mom said he was as talented as Wellard on BBC's EastEnders

Wishbone: From the Wishbone TV show

Zeus: Doberman Pinschers from Magnum, PI – good for a large breed