Names For Large Dogs
Why Not Celebrate Your Dogs Size?

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If you're looking for creative names for large dogs then you've come to the right place.

Large Chocolate Lab staredown

If you've come to this page expecting to find small ideas like Pee Wee or Bambi for your big pal then you won't find it here. No large pooch with an ounce of pride would accept a title like that, they want one that makes them loom larger than they already are.

It's a matter of pride.

So on this Names For Large Dogs page we've assembled a rather lengthy list of suggestions as well as a long list of choices after things that are or that sound big.

Our Large Dog Names
-Suggestions then List-

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Apollo: One can't have a much bigger title than that of a Greek deity. Apollo has been recognized variously as a god of light and the sun as well as truth and prophecy. And don't forget the Apollo moon missions, talk about ginormous!

Beijing: This large dog name idea has an exotic sound to it that we liked. Good for either boy or girl dog, it's the name of the capitol of China which is a city of over 19 million people.

Great Dane brothers

Bigfoot: After the large, hairy beast said to roam the Pacific Northwest, and around those small cities wanting to attract tourist dollars.

Blaze: If you've ever seen a wildfire, you know how large and powerful they can be. Watch your own Blaze fire thru the house when called for dinner.

Brando: After the larger than life actor Marlon Brando, he played in many movie classics but is especially remembered for his role in The Godfather. For the pooch big enough to make you a deal you can't refuse.

Chaos: A word which means “a state of confusion or disorder,” you may think that your life has been turned upside down when adjusting to having a large canine companion. This cool choice suits either gender of canine.

Cherokee: This Native American Indian name means "people of a different speech" and is a good choice for an Indian owner's dog. This large pooch is most comfortable high in the mountains.

Conan: After Conan The Barbarian played by Arnold Schwarzeneger, good for a large pup that's ready to fight anything that crosses it's path.

A term used to indicate a royal Russian ruler in past times, you’ll likely find that your large furry pal deserves your loyalty like the leader of a country.

Denali: After the huge park in Alaska, this is the perfect choice for a large dog name for the pup that loves the outdoors or nature.

Diesel: This large name brings to mind large, powerful trucks

Dogzilla: An interesting twist on the name Godzilla, the huge monster that always seemed to have Japan in his crosshairs.

Majestic German Shepherd

Goliath: The giant slain by David in the Bible, this is perfect for a puppy that has a rascal streak about him. This boy will come from excellent bloodline, but be sure to keep him from any pups called Delilah!

Harley: After the powerful Harley Davidson motorcycle, a good choice when looking for names for large dogs. Like the motorcycle, you'll feel the ground vibrate when this dog approaches.

Jericho: Meaning "city of the moon" this names for large dogs is a good choice for your pal that enjoys the moonlight, or the big city.

Khan: The enemy of Captain Kirk in the Star Trek movies, quoted as fearlessly saying "Revenge is a dish best served cold" how cool is that?

Mafia: For the dog that's always happy to take any cat for a long walk off a short pier.

Magnum: One of the most powerful firearm cartridges. Clint Eastwood in Dirty Harry used a .44 Magnum, good at blowing away the bad guys not to mention ones eardrums.

Sky: Good as a large dog name for the pup that much prefers the outdoors to the indoors. Can't get much bigger than Sky.

Texas: Unless you're talking about the state of Texas

Whitney: The tallest mountain in the lower 48 states of the U.S. this peak towers 14,505 ft. and is located in the Sierra Mountains of California. Hmmm, Sierra might not be a bad choice for a large dog either.

Zeus: He was the Greek god of the sky and ruler of the Olympian gods, also his weapon of choice is a thunderbolt. How cool is that?

Zulu: This word has a cool sound and is unusual enough that other pups in the neighborhood will not be called by this title. It works for boy or girl.

More Names For Large Dogs

 Alaska  Dakota  King  Sasha
 Ali  Dante  Koda  Samson 
 Andre  Diablo  Kodiak  Sergeant
 Angus  Dozer  Kojak  Shilo
 Arielle  Doozie  Kong  Sophie
 Attila  Draco  Krusher  Spartacus
 Apollo  Drake  Kujo  Spartan
 Aspen  Durango  Larado  Spike
 Avalanche  Eagle  Laramie  Stallion
 Axel  Edge  Lariet  Sultan
 Barbarian  Epic  Liberty  Sumo
 Baron  Falcon  Lincoln  Sundance
 Baroness  Fang  Macho  T-Bone
 Basil  Freedom  Maverick  Tango
 Bear  Gandalf  Maxim  Tank
 Beowolf  Godiva  Maximus  Taz
 Biggie  Grizzly  Maxine  Tequila
 Big Tuna  Halo  Medusa  Terror
 Bolt  Hannibal  Moose  Thor
 Boomer  Havoc  Morgan  Thunder
 Boom Boom  Hawk  Nevada  Tiberius
 Bruiser  Hercules  Outlaw  Titan
 Brutus  Hoss  Pandora  Triton
 Bubba  Hulk  Pegasus  Tsunami
 Bullet  Hunter  Perseus  Tyson
 Cabo  Huntress  Polaris  Vega
 Caesar  Jabba  Primo  War Cloud
 Capone  Jake  Puma  Warrior
 Cash  Java  Queen  Whiskey
 Chance  Jumbo  Rambo  Willow
 Chewbacca  Jupiter  Rio  Windsor
 Cheyenne  Justice  Rocky  Wookie
 Chief  Kahuna  Roman  Wyatt
 Cujo  Killer  Sable  Yukon

Names For Large Dogs
That Are Breed Specific

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Golden Retrievers: Blondes have more fun!
Labrador Retrievers: THE most popular breed
Rottweilers: Definitely a BIG dog!
Great Danes: This page is for them
Huskies: Beautiful, intelligent and doggone big