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If you're looking for a few unique German male dog names for your pet German Shepherd or any breed, then our list of ideas could be just what you’re looking for. There are several different breeds of that originated out of this beautiful country all of which are quite popular around the world. These include different breeds like the Great Dane, German Spitz, Rottweiler, various Pinschers, Pointers, Dachshunds, Boxers, German Shepherds and Poodles. All of which are unique in their own special way, and as such they each deserve special German male dog names.

There are many non-German naming ideas that owners choose for their pups, but if you want to give your pal a title that reflects his heritage, or even yours, then choosing a German one would be ideal. Some of the most popular German dog names that are recognized worldwide include names like Mozart or Beethoven. When choosing your male German dog name, we believe that your choice should be able to match your pal’s temperament or the purpose that he was bred for.

Our Male German Dog Name Lists…

Barrett: Choose this pick for the pooch that is as brave as a bear. This word means "bear-strength" which makes it perfect for a big strong male pooch. A cool choice for your powerful friend.

Blitz or Blitzer: Meaning lightening, this German male dog name is ideal for a very quick pup. A unique choice for a defensive and protective male.

Boxer ready to pounce

Bruno: The German for brown, this is ideal for a pooch with brown hair. An ideal choice for your hard working pooch like a Boxer. Your big friend would love this choice.

Falko: This Germanic title means falcon, and it is a good choice for an effective hunter. This boy will share the title with the pop singer on “Der Kommissar”. A wonderful choice for a free spirited male canine.

Gerhard: Pronounced GARE-Hart this cool name means brave spear, which make it ideal for a brave pup. This pooch is completely fearless when it comes to protecting his loved ones.

Gunter: This cool title is fitting for a canine that is a known "warrior". Assertive, energetic and energized, this boy is clear-minded, strategic, and alert. A good choice for a male guard dog.

Heinrich: This is perfect for the pooch that has taken over your home. This smart puppy uses logic and reason to control his domain, which are all good traits of a guardian. A good choice for a working dog.

German Shepherd taking a break

Karl: Give this to the free spirited German pup. This pup is fierce but friendly, and has a really calm confidence. A good pick for the extremely adventurous canine.

Klaus: Pronounced Klow-ss, this means "victory of the people". This male is a natural leader and is known all over for his courage. Good for a very devoted dog.

Kolton: This would be perfect for your black buddy. This pooch is very devoted, obedient, and eager to work. This male reacts to his surroundings with great alertness and caution. A good fellow to have around.

    Adler     Hindel     Otto
    Arolas     Johan     Panzer
    Arolf     Klein     Ruger
    Aronos     Kleiner     Rayner
    Axel     Klinger     Rolf
    Beeren     Kringle     Rudy
    Bier     Kolby     Rudolf
    Bismarck     Lieb     Rupert
    Bronson     Liebchen     Sigmund
    Dominik     Luger     Saxon
    Dominus     Ludwig     Schnapps
    Dommel     Max     Schatzi
    Donak     Manfred     Siegfried
    Frieden     Meister     Sigbert
    Friederick     Milo     Strudel
    Gunnar     Morgen     Waldo
    Hans     Nickel     Wolfgang
    Hilger     Nicko     Zucker
    Hilmar     Nicodemus

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