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Unique Naming Ideas Of German Origin

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When it comes to choosing German dog names, many, perhaps even most pup owners choose titles which are somehow associated with the breed of dog or its appearance, but of course, there is no hard and fast rule about how you should select your pet’s name.

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Breeds which are of German origin, as recognized by the AKC, include the Affenpinscherrs, Boxers, Dachshunds, Doberman Pinschers, German Pinschers, German Shepherds, Shorthaired Pointers, Wirehaired Pointers, Great Danes, Giant and Miniature Schnauzers, Miniature Pinschers, all breeds of Poodles, Plott Hounds, Rottweilers, Lowchens, and Weimaraners. Considering the size of the country of origin, this is a very large list of German breeds which have been developed over the centuries. Many were bred to be working dogs.

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Our German Names For Dogs...

Ideas By Gender…

For Your Male: We spanned the globe in search of some of the best doggone male naming ideas out there. If your dogs breed originates from Germany, or your proud to be from this country, here’s a good place to start your name search.

For Your Female: Just for the ladies, the names on this list will leave any pups tail wagging. If you’re proud that she’s of German lineage, or maybe you even loved this country while visiting it on vacation, then give this list a gander.

German Names For Dogs
-Suggestions Then Lists-

Arlo: A name shared with the famous musician son of Woody Guthrie, this title is of Germanic origin and means “hill” or “high place of earth”.

Avis: Today, commonly this term brings to mind a specific company which rents cars. As a choice for a lady dog, it is thought to be a nickname which means “refuge in war”. Coming home to stroke and enjoy the company of your little lady will feel like having a refuge from the stressful outside world.

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Baldwin: A great German dog name for your loyal male companion, it means “brave friend”. Dogs are known to be loyal, brave, and the fact that they truly love their human pack members makes this a great choice for a moniker.

Berlin: This idea, which suits either gender, is the name for the capital city of Germany but also translates to “swamp”. While there is likely nothing swamp-like about your pal, this German word has an interesting sound as well as being closely associated with the country in which the city is located.

Bruno: Translated, this potential choice means “brown” and would be suitable for any brown coated male. In other countries, this idea tends to be associated with strength and physical power.

Clothilda: This female name means “famous battle maid”, referring to any famous female warrior. Your girl canine will defend you with the strength and perseverance of a battle maid.

Claus: A shortened form of Nicholas, perhaps the basis by which St. Nicholas became Santa Claus, the name means “victor of the people” and is a great name for a strong male that would go any lengths to protect his people.

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Franz: This masculine choice translates to “French”. Since many poodles and some of the other breeds listed above are commonly and wrongly thought to be French in origin, this could be the perfect choice for your male pet.

Hans: This German word is the shortened form of a Latin word meaning “God is gracious”. Suitable for any breed or color of male dog.

Mitzi: This lady dog title means “rebellious”. While your pet may be very obedient, sometimes she could find it difficult to avoid wanting her own way. Even if this does not describe your girl, it makes a great German dog name due to the interesting, unique sound.

Other Choices To Consider

    Ada     Emily     Katrina
    Adler     Frederic     Lanzo
    Adolf     Frieda     Lili
    Agna     Fritz     Lora
    Barthold     Garret     Lorenz
    Belinda     Gerdie     Luther
    Brickel     Gunda     Manfred
    Brigitte     Harald     Magda
    Carl     Harman     Marlis
    Charlene     Hedy     Nadja
    Conrad     Ima     Nicholas
    Cloe     Imke     Oda
    Dasch     Ivan     Otto
    Dietter     Janke     Porsche
    Didi     Jan     Ranier
    Ebert     Konrad     Rolf
    Elsie     Kaiser     Roz

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