Cool Girl Dog Names
Naming Ideas That Go Beyond Groovy

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Cool Chihuahua cutie

This Cool Girl Dog Names page is dedicated to the dog that is so unique that it falls under the category of being “cool”.

Taking the time to come up with a suitable name rather than just calling her anything, shows you appreciate her coolness as well. Considering that her title will be used over 30,000 times over the course of her life, doesn’t she deserve one that reflects this?Here’s some ideas that we’ve assembled that we felt were “cool” and we hope you and your pal do too…

 Our Cool Names For Girl Dogs
-Suggestions then Lists-

Abigail when she’s good, or Abby!! when she’s not.

Agnes: Popular name from 50’s along with Madge and Mabel

Amaretto: An Italian liqueur, sounds stately, tastes kinda nutty

Amore: Also an Italian word which means “love”

Arielle: Just a cool girl dog name we liked

Asia: Sounds exotic

Autumn: The most colorful time of year, good for a golden girl?

Babe: An endearing cool girl dog name

Babyface: Just look at that face!

Dozing Dachshund

Babykins: Small, incredibly cute and cool

Bali: A beautiful south pacific island

Bonkers: For the girl that has a wild side

Brandy: For the dog that warms your soul

Cabernet: Like a fine wine, your pal gets better with age

Casey: A short name, simple and cool

Cashmere: Soft and luxurious, like your buds coat

Celeste: Short for celestial, meaning heavenly

Cherish: You do, and you always will

Cookie: Always a favorite with the kids

Crash: Better let your other dog drive

Daisy: Always makes a gloomy day sunny

Electra: For a canine power plant

Espirit: A beautiful, airy girl name

Essence: A subtle, sweet fragrance

Faberge: Pricey, and always the lady

Floozy: Not quite the lady Faberge is

Fudge: Who doesn’t love Fudge?

Gidget: A cool girl name for a sassy pooch

Gizmo: The female cousin of Thingamajig

Boxer puppy ready to pounce

Go-Go: Always ready to go where you do

Gorgeous: Similar to Faberge (see above)

Gumdrop: Made of pure sugar, like your pal

Gummy Bear: A popular chewy candy

Harley: Always the rebel, looks good in leather

Harlow: After 30’s blond bombshell Jean Harlow

Harmony: The sounds she make are music to your ears

Honeybee: She spreads her sweetness to all she meets

Jade: A semi-precious stone for your more than precious buddy

Jamaica: A cool vacation spot

Jewel: This girl’s the gem of your family

Jezebel: Always up to some sort of canine mischief

Joy: Happiness on four legs

Juliet: For the pup that’s the hopeless romantic

June: She’ll remind you the summer months are the most fun

Legend: A doggie icon, what other pups aspire to be

Lovesong: A cool girl name for your special pup

Lovey Dovey: An interesting twist for a name

Madame: She’s more lady than dog

Maui: A beautiful vacation spot in Hawaii

Meatball: This girl's a nut! Good too if your family is Italian

German Shepherd pals enjoying the springtime

Mignon: This pick has a classy sound to it

Moon Goddess: A hippy name from the 60’s

Moxie: For the pup that has a lot of courage

Mystic: Magical, spiritual, mystical

Nacho: A popular companion when watching television

Nibbles: A cute pick for a small breed

Opal: A beautiful multi colored gem

Parable: Good for a rescued dog that has a story to tell

Paris: The French city of love

Patches: Good for a multicolored or multi-breed pup

Peaches: An term of endearment

Pickles: Our first dogs name was Pickles…we love you!

Precious: An object of great value

Pumpkin: Most popular at Thanksgiving or Halloween

Rascal: A canine prankster, Rascal is always into something

Ruby: A precious emerald, good for a red colored girl

Sassy: Lively, high-spirited, full of fun, sound like your pal?

Scarlett: A cool girl name after Scarlett O’Hara

Serenade: An unusual choice for a pooch that loves music

Skedaddle: To run away from something broken

Smiling Golden Retriever

Skittles: A popular candy the size of M&M’s

Soupy: A cool girl dog name that’s cute

Spicy: Pepper might also make a good title

Stretch: Good for Dachshunds

Sushi: After the popular oriental food

Tango: A Latin dance, at dinner time she’s also ready to Rumba!

Tequila: Cuervo might also make for a cool choice

Tootsie: She’s as cute as a dog can get

Traveler: She knows when your leaving, and wants to go too

Turbo: For the puppy that’s a blast to be around

Twilight: For the pup whose owner is a fan of this television series

Velvet: Smooth in charm, for the doog with lots of class

Virtue: It means high in integrity and honesty

Vixen: It means the opposite

Wasabe: A popular addition to sushi

Willow: For a willowy pup, either large or small

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