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Aren’t cool boy dog names the same thing as cool “male” dog names? Yep!…but we ran out of room on the other page so we wrote this brand spanking new one with even more ideas!

On this page you’ll find additional naming suggestions that we’ve compiled that we felt were cool as well. Ideas that we felt any pooch would be proud to be called when at the park, or being called in to dinner.

So if you feel that your pal has the personality and charm to qualify for a title that's cool, then have we got even more ideas on this page for you!

So without further ado, here’s even more cool boy dog names...

Our Cool Puppy Names For Boys
-Suggestions then Lists-

For the pup that likes to run and jump

Adonis: For an extremely handsome boy

Alfonso: Just an idea we liked

Andre: We once knew a groovy dog named Andre

Aries: A sign of the Zodiac, after Aries the Ram

Armani: For the pooch that prefers suits over jeans

Attaboy: Encourage your boy every time you call him

Bandanna: This pup is the free spirit of the local park.

Cool Bulldog taking a break from being cool

Banjo: Paddle faster, I hear Banjo!

Bentley: An expensive British Motorcar

Bogart: Cool name after Humphrey Bogart

Bolero: A Spanish dance

Boone: We can see this more on a large dog

Brody: Another groovy title we liked

Bronco: A wild horse used in rodeos

Bubba: Who wouldn’t love meeting your Bubba?

Cadabra: Canine brother of Abra

Caruso: After Robinson Caruso, for the adventuresome boy

Casablanca: Cool Humphrey Bogart starred in this classic movie

Casanova: A ladies man, Dog Juan might be a good choice too

Cassidy: We’ve always liked this name

Chi Chi: Can see this more on a small dog, maybe a Chihuahua?

Compadre: It means “friend” in Spanish

Crouton: Croutons the perfect topping to the salad of life.

DiMaggio: Joe DiMaggio wed Marilyn Monroe, how cool is that?

Dijon: It’s not just a good name for mustard

Doodah: A casual boy choice that’s memorable

Dudley: Another cool boy dog name

Fandango: A colorful idea

Gigolo: Good thing he’s been spayed

Cool Boxer ready for a bike ride

Groovy: The hippy word for “cool”

Happy: For the pooch that’s always upbeat and friendly

Havana: A cool boy dog name if you love the Caribbean

Hollywood: Such canine flamboyance!

Houdini: He’s magically cast a spell on your heart

Jake: A tough sounding name, Spike is cool too

Java: A good boy choice for a dog with boundless energy

J.B.: Sometimes initials work well for a name

Keno: For the boy whose owner loves to gamble

Kodiak: For a large or brown pup, after the Kodiak Grisly

Lyric: Do you love music or poetry?

Lefty: Cross him and he’ll take you for a long walk off a short pier

Luigi: Lefty’s right hand man

Mahala: Means “hello” in Hawaiian

Maverick: Training or not, he’ll do things his way

Maxwell: A good name we’ve always appreciated

McKinley: The tallest mountain (20,342 ft) in the U.S.

Mistrial: Not good if this pups owner is a lawyer

Moose: Good for a big pooch, a fun title for a small one?

Nigel: A cute idea for a boy title

Ninja: Good for a black pup, or one that’s stealthy

Chihuahua ready to do the Rumba

Ollie: Another cute idea

Paisan: It means “friend” in Italian

Patton: No cat tells him what to do

Quest: Means an adventuresome expedition

Ranger: Also for the dog that loves adventure

Ringo: Endearing name after Ringo Starr from The Beatles

Scooby Doo: A unique idea after the star from the cartoon

Shalom: The Hebrew word for “peace”

Shiloh: We’ve heard this on other dogs and really liked it

Sienna: Good for a brown dog

Sinatra: After ol blue eyes himself, Frank Sinatra was cool

Spirit: Nothing gets this pup down

Starbuck: After the character in the Star Wars movie

Spitfire: Boy does this pooch have a feisty personality

Sultan: A powerful sounding moniker

Trevor: We liked this title too

Triton: Strong choice and largest moon of the planet Neptune

Van Gogh: An interesting title after the famous painter

Victory: Means conquest and success

Windsor: A good choice for a stately breed

Woody: A lovable title for any dog

Zeus: In Greek mythology, Zeus was the ruler of all gods

Ziggy: After the lovable cartoon character

Zoom Zoom: For a fast, small canine

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