Unusual Names For Dogs
Interesting Ideas After Alcoholic Beverages

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The unusual names for dogs on this page are perfect for owners who enjoy an occasional glass of wine, beer, or even something with a bit more kick.

Party dog looking for unusual names for dogs

Surprisingly enough, there are some pretty interesting and unusual dog naming ideas after alcoholic beverages that you might not have considered.

Here's a few examples...

Brandy: This would be an interesting alcohol dog name for a brown pup that warms your soul.

Hooch: Why not Hooch for your pooch?

Tequila: We can see this unusual names for dogs as a good match for an energetic Chihuahua, or any other small breed.

Vodka: We once knew a white German Shepherd by this unusual name. Of all the pups we've met over the years whose names we've forgotten, we've always remembered Vodka.

Margarita: A favorite party drink, good for the pup who is the life of the party.

Moonshine: The fun you have with this pup should be illegal

Tipsy: For the pup that can't walk in a straight line from tree to tree.

Partying bulldogs

Whiskey: Another unusual choice for a brown pooch that has the kick of white lightning, yet with the smoothness of Crown Royal.

Rest assured that we at this website are strongly against giving dogs alcohol of any kind, but we felt we would be remiss on this unusual names for dogs page if we didn't present these interesting alcohol related names for your consumption.

P.S. Yes, we'll be the first to admit we're stretching things a bit with some of the unusual names for dogs shown below.

Additional Alcohol Dog Names...

Amaretto: An Italian liqueur, tastes nutty, sounds distinguished

Bacardi: A popular brand of rum

Bailey: After the delicious Bailey's Irish Cream

Bombay: A popular brand of gin

Bordeaux: A beautiful wine growing region of France

Bourbon: A variation of whiskey

Brewsky: A popular drink among sports fans

Brut: Good for a large pooch or a little one with a BIG personality

Budweiser: American beer brand, call him Bud for short

Buzz: Another term for tipsy, an unusual pick for a energetic pup

Cabernet: Like a fine wine, you and your pal get better with age

Cervesa: Spanish word for beer

Chardonnay: After the popular wine, call her Char for short

Beer drinking dog

Chianti: A complex red wine, good for the pooch that's hard to figure out

Cider: Alcohol made from fermented fruit

Cognac: A fine brandy and an unusual pick for a brown pup

Corona: A Mexican beer brand

Cosmo: Short for a pupular cocktail the Cosmopolitan

Cuervo: From Jose Cuervo tequila

Daiquiri: A rum-based cocktail

Flirtini: Turns a flirter into a floozy

Gimlet: A type of vodka or gin drink

Gin: Alcohol with flavoring derived from juniper berries

Highball: A type of glass

Hooch: Another unusual name for moonshine

J.B.: After the ever popular Jim Beam

J.D.: After Jack Daniels whiskey

Julep: Associated with Mint Juleps

Kamikaze: A vodka-based cocktail

Kegger: A barrel of beer, an unusual choice for a round dog

Khalua: Coffee-based liquor, great for a brown-coated pup

One tipsy Mastiff

Mai Tai: A rum-based cocktail, fun name for a little breed

Martini: A vodka-based cocktail

Merlot: A good choice, after a not so good wine

Midori: A sweet green cordial, for a sweet, unusual dog

Mojito: A mint-based cocktail

Moonshine: Also known as Tennessee white whiskey

Ouzo: A Greek anise-flavored alcohol

Patron: A brand of tequila

Sake: A Japanese rice wine, good for a white pup

Sambuca: Italian anise-flavored alcohol

Samuel: First pup on the block named after Samuel Adams beer

Sangria: A punch made from red wine and fruits

Schnapps: We can see this unusual choice on a Pug or small breed

Shooter: A shot of your alcohol of choice

Sonoma: Premiere wine area in California

Spirit: An unusual choice no matter what the proof

Stella: After Stella Artois, a clean, crisp imported beer

Tequila: Distilled beverage made from the agave

Tia Maria: A tasty coffee liqueur

Tipsy: Feeling a wee bit drunk, unusual choice for a goofy dog

Tonic: Good for what ales you

Velvet: After Black Velvet, the spirit not the horse

Vino: Spanish and Italian word for wine

Yukon: After Yukon Jack a Canadian whiskey

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