Sweet Dog Names
Cute Ideas After Candy Or Sweets

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Dog with a sweet tooth

These sweet dog names are just that...sweet!

Do you have a favorite candy or even dessert that you've loved for years? Maybe one that brings back childhood memories or maybe even treats your Mom used to give you for good behavior?

Well, considering how naturally sweet (with no sugar or additives) your dog is, here's some interesting ideas after sugary things like candy or pastries.

Of course you never want to give your pup chocolate (it's toxic to dogs) but that doesn't mean you can't name him or her after something that contains it.

Our Candy Dog Names List

Baby Ruth: A chewy, sweet title for a girl pup

Bazooka: Classic bubble gum brand, good for high powered dogs

Beeman: Brand of retro gum

BlackJack: Another retro gum, good for a black colored pup

Blondie: A popular light colored brownie

Bonbon: Chocolate you can't get enough of

Bonkers: For the dog that goes bonkers when it sees you

Brownie: Perfect choice for a dog with a brown coat

Butterscotch: Made from butter and brown sugar

Buttons: Sugary buttons, came on strip of paper

Cadbury: For the pup that loves melting in your lap

Candy: Cute title for a pooch that is sweet

Caramel: Great name for a brown pup

Charlie: Boy from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory

Chicklet: A brand of chewing gum

sweet dog cupcake

Clark: A candy bar brand

Clove: A once popular brand of retro gum

Cocoa: Great title for a brown pooch

Cookie: Great title for a high energy pooch

Cupcake: For a dog with a sweet personality

Dove: A rich chocolate, for the pup with a gentle personality

Fireball: A red hot imperial, for the dog with a fiery personality

Fudge: Comes in all flavors and colors, not just for brown dogs

Godiva: Chocolate brand, on a girl she'll be your Lady Godiva

Goober(s): After the chocolate covered raisins

Gumball: A small sweet ball of gum

Gumdrop: Chewy little treats

Gummi Bear: After Gummi Bears, a popular chewy treat

Heath: A toffee chocolate bar

Henry: Oh Henry! He can't seem to stay out of trouble

HoHo: Hostess snack, not related in any way to Santa

Hubba: From Hubba Bubba gum, Hubba Hubba if on a cute girl

Ike: Mike and Ike, chewy fruit jellybeans

Jellybean: Everyone loves them, even your cat loves Jellybean

Jelly Belly: For the happy pooch that could lose a few lbs.

Joy: After Almond Joy, for the puppy that brings happiness

Sweet puppies wrestling

Jujube: A fun little chewy candy

Jujyfruit: Another pupular chewy treat

Keebler: Little elves that make cookies, best on a small breed

Kisses: Wrapped Hershey chocolates, for an affectionate dog

KitKat: For the pup that sometimes seems more Kat than dog

KoolAid: Sugar + color = kids drink

Licorice: Fun name for a sweet black pooch

Lollipup: Sweetness on a leash

Moon Pie: A snack cake popular when we were kids

Nerd(s): Sweet but not very popular with your cat

Nougat: Made from egg whites and honey, for a sweet white pup

Nutrageous: Some pups are natural nuts

Orbit: Gum brand for the pup that runs circles around all others

Oreo: Cute sweet dog name for a black and white dog

Peep(s): Easter marshmallow favorites

Pez: Fun candy that comes in themed dispensers

Pixie: Pixie Stix candy, basically sugar in a straw

Puddin: Sweet and creamy treat

Razzle(s): Candy that transforms into gum, for the pup that behaves only when you're around

Reese(s): Famous for their peanut butter cups

Rolo: A whole roll of smiles

Skittle: Rainbow-colored little chews, for multicolored dogs

Smartie: Great name for the intelligent hound

Snickers: Peanut and chocolate bar

Sugar: Endearing sweet dog name for a white puppy

Sugar Baby: Known to remove fillings in a single bite

Sugar Daddy: For a pup that's generous with it's affection

Sweet Tart: Sweet and tart, for the split personality pooch

Taffy: Chewy treat, often purchased seaside

Toffee: Butter and caramelized sugar candy treat

Tootsie: Tootsie roll, small chewy candy

Truffle: Rich chocolate sweet

Twinkie: Hostess snack cake, has shelf life of a million years

Twix: Sweet dog name after a type of chocolatey bar

Uno: U-No, retro favorite and popular card game

Whopper: Malt ball treat, popular name amongst big dogs

Wonka: From Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory

York: Makers of the peppermint patty candy

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