Fun Dog Names
Naming Ideas After Gambling
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The fun dog names on this page are dedicated to the owner who realized they were lucky, and hit the jackpot when they found their dog.

Do you love the fun of Las Vegas or the casinos on the east coast? Do you find slot machines, playing Bingo, or even a game of poker irresistible? Then you'll discover some pretty interesting fun dog name ideas on this page, where you'll find gambling dog names after places, people and terms associated with this location and fun form of recreation.

We start off with naming suggestions and terms of things associated with gambling, especially pertaining to the hub of the gambling world...Las Vegas. Then further down the page we get into a list of gambling dog names that cover the gamut of just about everything, you'll see what we mean when you get there.

Spin the wheel, roll the dice...let's go!

Fun Dog Names After Gambling
Suggestions Then List

After Bugsy Siegel the flamboyant mobster who funded the Flamingo Hotel located in Las Vegas. We can see this fun name on a small pooch with a larger than life attitude. Cross Bugsy and he'll take you for a long walk off a short pier.

Celine: After Celine Dion, this woman's incredible voice is so impressive she has her own stadium and boutique (of course) at Caesars Palace.

Cher: Frequently playing to sold out crowds and perpetually on farewell tours, this is a fun dog name idea for a girl pup that has a distinct style.

Dino: Famous for not only his singing performances, Dean Martin was also a member of The Rat Pack that performed in Vegas during the 1960s.

Elvis: The King of Las Vegas and famous for his singing and larger than life sequenced jumpsuits. A fun dog name if you have a hunka-hunka burnin love for your pup.

Sinatra: A perfect choice if you're a fan of old blue eyes, not only did Frank play many times in Vegas (on and off the stage) he also made the place more popular and fun with his Rat Pack antics.

Ace Considered the top card for your top dog
Aladdin Former casino and canine genie that brings you good luck
Ante Call your pup on your lap, with "Ante-up!"
Bally Las Vegas casino and hotel, formerly the MGM Grand
Bingo A fun card game most popular with the ladies
Blackjack Most widely-played casino game in the world
Blaze Non-standard poker hand
Bluff It was the cat that broke the lamp!
Bookie Person who takes your bets and money
Boxcar Slang term for rolling 12
Buck A wager of $100
Bug A limited wild card, fun name for a small dog
Bugsy Funded the Flamingo Hotel in Las Vegas
Cada Joe Cada, top poker player
Caesar A Las Vegas casino and Emperor of your home
Cage Actor who played in Leaving Las Vegas
Cash What you hope to have more of after gambling
Casino A place for gambling and great buffets
Chip Small disc used instead of money for betting
Croupier The roulette dealer
Diamond A card suit, great name for a pampered pooch
Dice Roll dem bones!
Dollar Worth 100x what your cat Penny is worth
Deuce After the lowest card in a deck
Edge To have an advantage over another player
Elvis Fun name for a hound dog
Excalibur A casino and hotel named after King Arthur's sword
Flamingo Great for a puppy with a long neck and who likes pink
Fortune What you hope to win when you gamble
Frankie Who doesn't love Frank Sinatra?
Jackpot The winnings at the casino
Joker Great name for a dog that generates laughs
Keno A fun lottery-type game
King Perfect name for the top dog
Lansky Meyer Lansky, funded the Flamingo Hotel in Las Vegas
Limo Good name for a long dog that's pampered
Lotto Game of looooong odds, good for a Dachshund
Lucky Good for a rescued pooch
Macau Top gambling city in China
Mirage A casino on the Strip, for pup that vanishes at bath time
Monte  After Monte Carlo luxury city in Monaco with famous casino
Nevada Where Las Vegas, Lake Tahoe and Reno are located
Nugget From the Golden Nugget casino, good for blonde pooch
Paris The Paris Las Vegas casino and hotel
Parlay Doubling your bet after a win in roulette
Queen 3rd highest card in deck, this pup thinks she's royality
Reno AKA The World's Biggest Little City
Rio Great choice for a water-loving dog
River Final card dealt in a hand of poker
Rouge From Moulin Rouge, a casino in Las Vegas
Roulette Fun name for a dog that likes to run in circles
Royal From royal flush, the best hand in poker
Sahara Popular casino, good for a sandy colored dog
Seven The number most associated with luck
Shadow Nickname for Jerry Yang, top poker player
Shark Someone who uses skill and deception to win at cards
Shooter The person rolling the dice in craps
Shuffle To mix up a deck of cards, good for a slow moving pup
Siegel Mobster who funded the Flamingo Hotel in Las Vegas
Stardust A popular casino and hotel
Stud Fun choice for the dog with a swagger
Taj From Trump Taj Mahal casino and hotel in Atlantic City
Vegas The city that never sleeps, good for an energetic pup
Wager To place a bet

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