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Lovable Chihuahua looking for puppy names

There’s no bones about it, searching for puppy names for your newly acquired pal is an important first step not only in your dogs life but your life as well.

No doubt you’ve checked out some of our rather interesting categories on this site already, yet this page offers lovable names for puppies from a different angle. Here you’ll find puppy name ideas after words we frequently use as terms of endearment.

Ideas that express your affection thru the sweet nothings one might whisper into the ear of someone you love, ideas that will remind your pup just lovable it really is.

What you’ll find below are a few lovable puppy name suggestions to help get things rolling, then our list of terms of endearment which we think will also work well for ideas to call your puppy.

Loveable Male & Female Puppy Names
Suggestions Then Lists...

Bella: This means beautiful in Spanish and can be followed by additional words to make it an even more beautiful puppy name like…Bella Rosa, or Bella Mia

Jujube: A popular chewy candy that comes in multiple flavors. Sometimes your Jujube is in a tart mood, sometimes sweet as sugar.

Welcome home dog

Gummy Bear: Another popular and chewy candy. This pup is so sweet that even your cat loves Gummy Bear. A tasty choice for a puppy name.

Prince: For the puppy that carries itself in a royal manor, and to whom you’ll happily turn over the keys to your household kingdom.

Pumpkin: Definitely a popular term of affection, we can see this on a small breed. A title many of us were called by our mom or grandma when we were small.

Romeo: This lovable canine lothario is always popular with the ladies on your block, even if they’re not dogs! Who wouldn’t want to come home to Romeo?

Sunshine: A perfect puppy name choice for the pup whose radiant personality deserves a title that’s never gloomy.

Our Lovable Names For Puppies

Adorable This dog ranks a 10 on the cute puppy scale
Amore Italian for love
Angel She was sent to you from Heaven
Babe The sweet piggy in the movie of same name
Babycakes Who can resist Babycakes?
Babykins We can see this on a cute small pooch
Bella Means beautiful in Spanish
Beloved An endearing title, means adored
Biscuit Good with gravy, fun name for a little white puppy
Bonbon Marshmallow in Spanish, for a sweet brown/black dog
Bonita Means pretty in Spanish
Boo What a ghost says
Bouncy Likely to bounce, good for an energetic puppy
Bubbles Blow these with gum or soap
Buttercup A canine fragrant flower
Buttons The perfect lovable favorite pooch name
Carino(a) Means cute in Italian
Casablanca A great love story, everyones seen the movie
Casanova An 18th century Italian womanizer
Centerfold The first dog on your block whose a Centerfold
Charm Means to have the power to delight and attract
Chewie After Chewbacca, lovable Star Wars character
Cherub A canine angel
Chica Means girl in Spanish
Chico Boy in Spanish
Loveable Yorkie
Chipper Upbeat or happy, this puppy has a happy bounce
Chuchura Sweety in Spanish
Chuckles For the pooch that brings laughter
Crumpet The perfect puppy to have along with your tea
Cuddles Another name for hugs and snuggles
Cutie Patootie A term of affection that Rosie O'Donnell uses
Cupcake A sweet treat and perfect for a sweet puppy
Cutie The doggie variant of cute
Cutie Pie An alternative of cute, and who doesn’t love pie?
Darling A very dear and precious canine
Dearest For the puppy that’s near and dear to your heart
Dog Juan Quite similar in behavior to Casanova
Dollface A gangster term of affection
Doodle Bug A pill bug, also the perfect choice for your sweetie
Dreamboat Kind of like the Love Boat, but dreamier
Frolic To play joyously, especially at the park
Giggles Means little laughs, this dog always brings a smile
Goofy Silly and playful, also a famous Disney dog
Happy This dogs always in high spirits
Honey Endearment alluding to sweet, like honey
Honey Bun A sweet, warm affectionate term
Hot Stuff Your puppy knows it’s hot, so do all the other dogs
Hottie One who is good looking in a doggie sense
Huggy Bear The DJ character from Starsky and Hutch
Hunny Bunny Another endearing puppy name
Juliet Of Romeo and Juliet; famous love couple
Lollipop Sweet on the outside, chewy on the inside
Love Bug Another term used affectionately
Loverboy You're not the only girl on the block that loves him!
Lovergirl Boy dogs wish they could jump over your fence
Lovey Dovey Mushy, gushy, over-the-top talk
Man Killer She's so charming, she is a man killer
Mausi Term of affectionate endearment in German
Merry Another word for happy, as in Merry Christmas
Mi Cielo Means my sky in Spanish
Mon Amour French for puppy love…qui qui!
Mon Ange French term of endearment, means my angel
Mon Bebe A French term of affinity, means my baby
Mon Biche Another French term, means my doe
Mon Cher French term of endearment, means my dear
Mon Mignon Another French term of endearment, means my cutie
Muffin Good for breakfast, and a cute puppy name
Nena Means baby girl in Spanish
Nibbles So dainty, so refined!
Nibblet For the pup that's a little bit corny at times
Peaches A sweet and juicy fruit
Perky Alert and upbeat
Poochie An affectionate term for a puppy
Pookie Another endearing and popular name
Poppy A beautiful kind of flower
Precious For your highly valued, one of a kind dog
Prince Endearing title for your Prince Charming
Princess For the girl that expects to be spoiled
Pumpkin An orange fall squash, great for jack-o-lanterns
Romeo From Romeo and Juliet; a famous love story
Schnookums German version of the affectionate Snookums
Sirenita Little mermaid in Spanish, a term of endearment
Smoochie From smooch, to kiss, with a few hugs too
Snickers A sweet type of candy bar
Snoodle Sweet + noodle = snoodle
Snookums Not to be confused with Snookie, the Jersey girl
Snuggles Great choice if your puppy likes to cuddle
Sonneblume German term of endearment, means sunflower
Squeak Perfect for a cute puppy with a little voice
Sugar Perfect for a white dog with a sweet demeanor
Sunny This pup will brighten everyones day
Sunshine Term for the puppy who is happy and radiant
Sweet Pea Endearing name
Sweetheart Affectionate name for the one you love
Sweetie Shorter version of Sweetheart
Sweetie Pie What you affectionately call someone you love
Toots A shorter variant of Tootsie
Tootsie From Tootsie Roll, a chewy sweet candy
Yum Yum For the puppy that’s huggable, kissable and lovable

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