Female Siberian Husky Names
Beautiful Names Perfect For Your Gal Pal

The female Siberian Husky names on this page were hand chosen to match the beauty of this breed and because we could just see certain names as a better fit on this wonderful pup.

Cute Siberian Husky puppy

No, you won’t find any suggestions that might fit a Poodle or a Pomeranian, or a Shih Tzu, we think this dog deserves ideas chosen just for them.

Everyone loves this pups many obvious virtues such as looks and intelligence, but there are some things new owners should be watchful for...

-They’re escape artists that use their intelligence to every advantage. They make Houdini look like a beginner.

-They can be very difficult to train and need an owner that has a firm hand, consistency and patience as well.

-They cannot be left off leash when out for a walk as they’ll run away and chase other animals.

-They can be destructive. If left uncrated inside, they can destroy a house in no time.

And so without any long windedness on our behalf allow us to offer the female Siberian Husky names below...

Our Female Siberian Husky Names
Suggestions then Lists

Akira: In Japanese this means “brightness” which will be a great choice to match the perkiness of your female Siberian Husky.

Arielle: We offer this choice because we liked it’s beautiful sound. No, it has no deep meaning but does a beautiful name have to have meaning?

Aurora: Short for Aurora Borealis or the northern lights. If you’ve seen them you know how memorable they were...just like your pooch is.

Three beautiful Siberian Huskies

China: Strong and powerful as the country, yet delicate when touched as the china in your cupboard, so is the Husky in your lap.

Empress: For the girl that rules your household, this stately choice is perfect for the pup that carries herself well as she rules over her domain.

Summer: Though originating from colder regions, your female Siberian Husky brings warmth and sunshine into the lives of all who encounter her.

Ice: This choice perfectly reflects your females demeanor as well as eye color. This is a cool sounding pick also shows pride in the northern regions from where this pup originates.

Legend: Large and statuesque, your beautiful female Siberian Husky attracts every eye as she enters the room. She’s so memorable as to be legendary.

Luna: After the Greek goddess of the moon. Your pups looks rival the beauty of a moon lit night in the forest.

River: A soothing choice from nature, your gal pal refreshes all who meet her as her intelligence and charm make all other dogs appear as mutts. Lol

  Aisha   Caper   Freedom
  Alaska   Carina   Ganja
  Alex   Carisma   Genesis
  Alpha   Cashmere   Grace
  Amara   Cassidy   Grandeur
  America   Celeste   Gypsy
  Andromeda   Cha-Cha   Harley
  Aquarius   Chaos   Heidi
  Ari   Cheyenne   Indigo
  Ariel   Chianti   Ishtar
  Aries   Cody   Jade
  Asia   Cujo   Java
  Aspen   Dahlia   Jazz
  Atlantis   Dakota   Juneau
  Azure   Doggy Lama   Joy
  Bailey   Danube   Juliet
  Banzai   Deja Vu   Karma
  Brandy   Delaney   Kelly
  Bree   Denali   Klondike
  Bungee   Duchess   Koda
  Cabo   Elke   Kyra
  Cadence   Espirit   Lady
  Cali   Fable   Lexus
  Calista   Fandango   Lolita
   Calypso   Frankie   Lacey

We Think You'll Like These Too...

These big names are perfect for this large breed
Your gal will love these ideas from Russia
Here's some unique choices for your female

  Lady   Persia   Shiloh
  Liberty   Phantom   Sierra
  Lovesong   Pisces   Sophie
  Lyra   Polaris   Star
  Mackenzie   Porsche   Stella
  Mai Tai   Primo   Storm
  Majestic   Princess   Savanna
  Maui   Queen   Taboo
  Mercedes   Rachel   Taj
  Mookie   Rain   Tango
  Mystic   Renegade   Tara
  Nemesis   Reno   Tasha
  Nicky   Rio   Tequila
  Nike   Rocket   Traveler
  Nikita   Rowdy   Trinity
  Ninja   Rumor   Twilight
  Noble   Saber   Unity
  Odin   Sable   Valiant
  Odyssey   Sabrina   Vegas
  Orion   Sage   Vesper
  Ouija   Salem   Viper
  Pantera   Sasha   Wasabe
  Pearl   Sedona   Whiskey
  Pegasus   Shasta   Willow
  Perseus   Sheba   Woodstock

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Siberian Husky beauty

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