Male Siberian Husky Names
Find The Perfect Husky Name For Your Boy

These male Siberian Husky names are a great way to start your pal off on the right paw by giving it a title that’s better suited to this beautiful breed than a name you’d typically hear on other dogs.

Not only will your pooch be enjoying its new name, but you’ll also come to love and appreciate the many qualities your boy posses.

Siberian Husky standing tall and proud

Qualities like...

-His friendly friendly that before long you’ll come to think of your male Siberian Husky more as a little brother than a canine companion.

-His outdoor companionship...He’ll want to be taken everywhere you go whether it’s biking, hiking, snow play or just long as it’s outside.

Beware though...

-They do love to dig! Without positive reinforcement and training your backyard will look like a minefield since this breed considers digging to be fun.

-They’re escape artists that will rival Houdini. They tend to get bored easily and will go over or under fences anyway possible.
Also be careful not to unleash him while on walks as you may never see him again.

-Also, he can be destructive if left unattended in a house.

With these things in mind we feel confident you’ll love this dog with its virtues that far outweigh its shortcomings. And so without further adieu we offer our...

Male Siberian Husky Names...
-Suggestions then Lists-

Aspen: After the tree that flourishes in mountainous regions that can turn many different beautiful shades in the fall.

Blizzard: Your male Siberian Husky will love the snow so much that he’ll blow you over just to get to it.

Black and white Siberian Husky

Juneau: A cool male Siberian Husky name after a cool city in Alaska. Speaking of which...

Alaska: A totally outdoorsy, bigger than life name choice, your male Siberian Husky will be the envy of the block.

Koda: We heard this name on another large breed and just thought it would fit well on this pooch.

Sable: A species of marten which inhabits Siberia and is prized for its soft, luxurious fur.

Shasta: Another large sounding outdoorsy Husky name after the beautiful Mt. Shasta in northern California.

Sky: Your male Siberian Husky personality and charm is as big and wide as the sky is long.

  Apollo   Eagle   Jupiter
  Aries   Ember   Kenai
  Atlas   Fable   Keanu
  Avalanche   Fargo   Keno
  Bandit   Falcon   King
  Baron   Fandango   Kobi
  Basil   Fang   Kujo
  Bear   Fearless   Levi
  Beau   Frankie   Lobo
  Bigfoot   Freedom   Logan
  Blaze   Gypsy   Lucky
  Brando   Havoc   Magnum
  Brewsky   Hailey   Major
  Bullet   Halo   Mako
  Caesar   Happy   Marley
  Capone   Harley   Maverick
  Cassidy   Hunter   Max
  Charley   Icarus   Mayhem
  Cuervo   Indy   Merlin
  Dallas   Ishtar   Midas
  Dante   Jagger   Midnight
  Denali   Jake   Mignon
  Durango   Jet   Moochie
  Edge   Joker   Moonshine
  Elvis   Jupiter   Nevada

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  Nitro   Rocket   Uri
  Noble   Rocky   Vagabond
  Nike   Rowdy   Valentino
  Ninja   Rufus   Valiant
  Oberon   Saber   Vegas
  Odyssey   Shalom   Versailles
  Odin   Scout   Victory
  Olympus   Shane   Viper
  Omega   Shooter   Virgo
  Orion   Sinatra   Virtue
  Outlaw   Sinbad   Walker
  Primo   Skywalker   Wanderer
  Quest   Slick   Warlock
  Quasar   Sly   Wasabe
  Raleigh   Smokey   Willow
  Rambo   Taj   Wizard
  Ranger   Taurus   Wrangler 
  Rebel   Taz   Wyatt
  Remi   Thor   Yoda
  Renegade   Thunder   Yuma
  Reno   Titus   Zeke
  Ringo   Tramp   Zeus
  Ripley   Trojan   Ziggy
  Rio   Tsar   Zion
  River   Ulysses   Zodiac

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