Male German Shepherd Names
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Male German Shepherd names are plentiful but it can be difficult to locate the one which suits your unique, beloved pooch. He will be an integral part of your life for many years and you will share hours and hours of play, exercise, relaxing and cuddling. Known as one of the most loyal breeds in the world, your masculine pal will be by your side through everything, good and bad, which happens. He’ll share your pain as well as your joy.

Running German Shepherd

This breed has long, thick coats, usually of grey and black. Some have their ears cut at birth, causing the ears to stand up straight, but more and more breeders are turning away from this practice, allowing the ears to fold naturally at the top. The long muzzle and large canine teeth make it clear that an angry German Shepherd can mean business is something threatens his person, home or property. If raised around children, they are just as vigilant in guarding the smaller family members but tolerate the energy and antics of youngsters better than more nervous pets.

Our Male German Shepherd Names...

Aldo: This word means “wise” and your male will be very intelligent and the years will make him quite wise in the ways of life and his family. Clearly, those dark eyes have much thought going on behind them.

Bach: Johannes Sebastian Bach was a music composer from German background. He composed hundreds of famous pieces of classic music we enjoy today.

German Shepherd enjoying the flowers

Baron: A member of the royal family of any nation ruled by a monarchy which was Germany’s government system at one time. The moniker remains one which sounds very royal and powerful.

Berlin: Capital of this beautiful country, once split into Communist and Free zones, it is today a unified city. This is a pleasant male German Shepherd name your pup will love.

Blitz: This term means “lightning”. When you canine companion wants to move quickly, he can really be as fast as lightning and just as agile.

Bonn: Once the capital of West Germany during the post-World War II days, this remains one of the largest cities in the country and a major trade city.

Boris: A common male German name, it is shared by the top championship tennis player, Boris Becker.

Two German Shepherd puppies loving the fall time

Chancellor: A high ranking member of government during the days when it was ruled by Adolph Hitler. The word means “ruler” and is still commonly used as a rank in governments.

Deutschmark: Currency used in the country of Germany before the advent of the European Union when Euros became the most common type of currency.

Einstein: Considered to be one of the smartest men who ever lived, this physicist hailed from this country before coming to the United States and working on many projects intend on developing a unified theory of physics. Any male German Shepherd would be proud to be known by this title.

Other Boy German Shepherd Names

  Alfred    Gaston   Klinger
  Ava   Goethe   Kringle
  Beethoven   Grendel   Kristall
  Benz   Hesse   Mozart
  Biene   Henri   Munich
  Bismarck   Hexen   Panzer
  Blume   Hummel   Prinz
  Bruno   Jacques   Red Baron
  Bremen   Jagger   Reich
  Danube   Jet   Saxon
  Dietrich   Johannes   Schnapps
  Edelweiss   Kafka   Snoopy
  Elbe   Kaiser   Tesla
  Falcon   Kant   Unger
  Falk   Kiel   Von Braun
  Floh   Kirsche   Werner
  Fritz   Krypto   Zigfried

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German Shepherd beauty taking a rest

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