Chihuahua Dog Names
For The Little Dog
With The Big Dog Attitude

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Chihuahua wrestler of course

When coming up with this Chihuahua dog names page, we decided to offer name ideas that we felt best reflected the temperament of this breed, which is often referred to as “the little dog with the big dog attitude”.

Any Chihuahua owner will know what we mean.

And what better way to do this than to offer a listing of unique and funny names that sound smallish as well as biggish. Smallish ideas like Crouton or Pee Wee, or biggish name ideas like Barbarian, or even Moose.

This arrangement, a departure from the general listing of canine names, breaks potential “handles” into the physical size and the dog’s image of itself: its mental size and attitude. These groups of less common Chihuahua dog names can help you locate the one which will fit your pup.

Our Unique Chihuahua Dog Names
For Male and Female

Smallish Sounding Ideas...

Ant: This small-sounding suggestion is the term used for a small type of insect which is, in fact, one of the busiest little creatures on earth. Choose this funny name for the energy of your little lady or boy Chihuahua to show his or her big energy combined with small size.

Elf: This mythical creature is tiny in size and creates magic in many ways. From stories of our younger years, it is easy to identify this funny Chihuahua dog name with your pixie-sized masculine pooch.

Dash: This cute name has three different meanings, all of which suit a small pal. It is a small symbol used between words, also a tiny amount to be added to a food, as in a “dash of salt”, and a rapid movement, as in “dashed out the door”. As you can easily see, this term reflects the speed with which your small Chihuahua can move along with its combined small body.

Chihuahua cuties

Dinky: Carefree and lively this Chihuahua is the sporty type. Always dressing up fancy, this pooch isn't afraid to tell you no, and when this Chihuahua says no, it means it!
*Somewhat similar funny ideas: Tiny, Shorty, Short Cake

Electron: A small part of an atom, this amazingly small object has vast energy which can be released in various scientific ways. This can be a wonderful name for either boy or girl Chihuahua.
*Somewhat similar funny ideas: Proton, Neutron

Minnie: Cute and cuddly this adorable pooch loves to be carried everywhere. This Chihuahua has a reputation for being noisy and bossy, especially when she is left alone.

Pixie: Another tiny mythical creature, this is the feminine term for an elfin female. Pixies sprinkle stardust and other important fairy-tale tasks just as your little lady will sprinkle joy throughout your life.

   Angel    Imp    Raindrop
   Baby    Jiminy    Snippet
   Bitzy      Jot    Snowflake
   Bonsai    Lil One    Spark
   Cupid    Laptop    Speck
   Chip    Midget    Skittles
   Crouton    Mini    Stitch
   Dab    Mitzy    Tad
   Dot    Peanut    Teardrop
   Feather    Pee Wee    Tiny
   Gadget    Putt Putt    Tinker
   Gidget    Pygmy    Wee
   Itzy    Pip    Widget

Biggish Sounding Ideas...

Avalanche: This term for a large snow slide can be huge and hold such power and fury that it readily reflects your Chihuahua’s huge attitude. The snowflakes which comprise the avalanche are tiny which helps reflect the small body your pooch’s big spirit is held within.

Bouncer: A word meaning a large person, usually a well-trained man, capable of controlling crowds in nightclubs and stopping fights easily, this funny Chihuahua moniker will clearly sow your mini-pooch thinks he is a really huge element in the neighborhood.
*Somewhat similar ideas: Toughie, Manly, Macho

Man eating Chihuahua

Champ: The top player in any game is called the champion. This shorter form of the word makes a great pick for your large four-legged buddy who took your heart for the ten count when you first saw him.

Conan: Taken from a movie where Arnold Schwarzenegger played a barbarian of this name, this funny term brings to mind a powerful male presence.

Denali: After the largest park in Alaska, this larger than life Chihuahua reflects both of your love of the outdoors and the beauty it holds.

Dozer: Very good looking and a bit shy, this female has her way with the kids. Once she considers you to be her friend, she will always look out for you with much care and generosity. A funny Chihuahua dog name for the pooch that will protect you at all cost.

Espresso: A unique choice for a Chi that’s BIG on energy. There’s nothing decaffeinated about this dog!

Grizzly: This type of bear, found in North American and other parts of the world, is huge and strong. It can be quite calm until provoked, at which time it becomes very aggressive, just like your little Chihuahua.

Maxim: This manly Chihuahua dog name means, quite simply, “really big” and this could be the absolute perfect fit for your large male breed. It is suited to any large pooch or even for a smaller one with a huge personality.

   Abyss    Gargantuan    Muscles
   Banshee    Gigabyte    Nexus
   Big Boy    Hercules    Norse
   Billabong    Hulk    Ox
   Buffalo    Hurricane    Polar Bear
   Bully    Jupiter    Realm
   Diablo    Leviathan    Sol
   Dozer    Lightyear    Terror
   Dragon    Manly    Texas
   Eon    Mega    Titan
   Elephant    Monolith    Ulysses
   Epic    Montana    Wyoming
   Gargoyle    Moose    Yukon

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