Southern Dog Names
Cute Ideas If You're From Down South

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Southern dog names have a flavor all their own. The deep south American drawl and the colloquiums make the southern language almost a language of its own rather than a dialect of American English.

You may select a southern puppy name for your pooch for any of many reasons. Perhaps you hail from a southern state and want a reminder of the beautiful lands in the south. It might be because your pup was given to you by a southerner or because the term sounds smooth and pleasant. You may want to select a southern title which reflects the breed of dog being named based on its body size, coloring or other physical attributes. Regardless of why, you’ll find these ideas listed to be interesting.

                          Our Southern Dog Name Lists...

Barbie: This is a title heard more in the south than probably anywhere else these dolls are available. But the moniker has been popular for many years.

Billy Bob: Only in the Deep South are two first names commonly used for a person’s identification words and this can reflect on the family pets too.

Cornbread: While cornbread is eaten all around the world, it is a daily staple of a down south diet. Almost all meals are served with cornbread and this would be a great southern choice for a tan or tawny pooch.

Pucker Up!

Delta: Where the river meets the ocean, a deposit of rich earth settles. This area is known as a delta. It is a beautiful southern choice for your lady pooch’s identity.

Hayseed: Baled hay is a large commodity in the south and often those who farm are called by this term. It's a cute redneck dog name for your pal.

Jambalaya: A Creole dish favored in New Orleans, it contains seafood, rice, tomatoes and is quite spicy. The southern sound of the word makes it a great moniker for a pooch. Of course, don’t be surprised if you get hungry every time you call your pup!

Hambone: The shank of a whole ham is often removed for cooking later with beans or other food. It is also a term used to refer to people that are entertaining. Your pet is likely one of the most entertaining parts of your life so why not choose “Hambone” to call your dog?

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Huckleberry: A berry indigenous to the down south states, this berry was used when Mark Twain chose a word to nickname the main character of a book. There is no reason your furry friend cannot share this term of recognition too.

Magnolia: The state tree of Mississippi, the beautiful, huge blooms during spring and summer make this a popular choice for landscaping as well as naming a pet.

Muscadine: A type of thick-skinned tasty grape which can be eaten straight from the vine or washed and munched later. It is also used to make home-made southern wine. The word comes from the local Indian dialects and would make a pooch proud to be called this.

More Southern Names For Dogs...

    Abbie     Flame     KiloJo
    Arnie     Gangley     Jaybird
    Bambi     Gator     Kritter
    Bondo     Gulley     Lazy
    Bass     Harmony     Lovie
    Catawaller     Honeysuckle     Lake
    Dalmar     Horace     Misty
    Dempsey     Ittawamba     Mister
    Dewey     Isaih     Mimi
    Dipper     Inverness     Moonshine
    Earline     Itldo (It’ll Do)     Yonder
    Early     Jimbo     Yeller
    Fairy     Jacey     Yodel
    Forrest     Jackel     Yazoo

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