Dog Names And Meanings
Ever Wonder Why
Dogs Are Given Certain Names?

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Dog names and meanings of those titles can be difficult to figure out sometimes. So many different types of pups are titled so differently that there almost seems to be no rhyme or reason behind it, but there are reasons why people call their canine pets the monikers they do. Here are some of the reasons why different types are named in certain ways.

Beautiful Chihuahua playing with it's toys

Purebred and Show Dogs: A purebred pedigreed show dog may well be called at home by a common choice which is likely to be part of the pup’s longer show title. There are a few guidelines used to call these canines in order to make their heritage documented and traceable.

Frequently, the dog names and meanings of puppies intended to be show dogs includes the breeder’s kennel name as part of the registered name. The buyer’s kennel may also be reflected. An example would be a pup bred at Samson Kennel and sold to Patriot Kennel. Part of the title might be Samson Pup of Patriot.

The titles of the parents are also included in the long show dog name. For example, if a pup’s father’s is called Flying Dove and the mother is Blue Star, the pup might have either Flying Star or Dove Blue or even Dove Star or Flying Star as a portion of their moniker.

Some breeders call litters of pups using meanings beginning with the same alphabetic letter or with a theme, when it comes to meanings of dog names. For example, an alphabet theme litter might be Joy, Jason, Jasmine, etc. while a theme litter might be Diamond, Ruby, Opal, Emerald for gemstones or any other meaning theme the breeder desires. This, however, is not a hard and fast rule and only some breeders do this.

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What the pooch is called in casual home settings may be totally unrelated to the fancy, long pedigree show title of the pure bred canine. Perhaps the title is something like “Mars Beamer Benton of Maxwell” and have the nickname at home of something as simple as Larry.

Color: Many, many pups are called according to their coat color. This is an easy association to make with the pooch and very easy to remember. For example, Chihuahuas are often called Tiny or Bitty, Atom or Speck while Great Danes may be called Giant, Goliath, Monolith or another meaning of dog names which bring to mind something large.

Personality: When it comes to dog names and meanings, many owners choose monikers based on the personality of their pets. If the pooch is energetic and peppy, then Sparky, Jumper, Bongo, or similar may be chosen. If the pooch is more laid back, Snoozie, Sleepy, Serenity, or even Lazy may be chosen to describe the pet’s personality.

Sound of the Name: Some people choose the pup’s identifying call simply because they like the sound of the word selected. If you are fond of the seashore, then Ocean, Wave, Tide, and similar meaningful titles will bring to mind happy thoughts. If you love forest hikes, then Aspen, Bigfoot, Sierra, or similar meaningful titles would be perfect for the pooch.

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Locations: Some people title their pets based on the country in which the breed originated. For example, a Chihuahua might be called Mexi (short for Mexico), a Russian hound might be called Russia, etc. Or a place the owner has always wanted to visit but has never yet had the opportunity may be the source of a moniker, for example, China for any pooch owned by someone who has a dream vacation to China in their wish box. Or Sydney might be chosen if Australia is the dream vacation location. And a simple series of meaningful titles which sound interesting or even have special sentimental meaning may well be a source from which a choice is made, such as London, Chile, Peru, Denver, Alaska, etc.

A Favorite Old Friend: When it comes to dog names and meanings, some pups are given the meaningful titles of an old friend or relative who is no longer around, either through relocation or death. If your best friend, Buddy, moved away to another country to work for many years, then you might want to consider Buddy, Bud, or another variation to commemorate the fact that your pal plays a meaningful role in filling the hole left in your heart from the loss of your friend.