Cute Female Dog Names
After Popular Fragrances

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Cute female dog names can come in all types of categories, even some you might have never considered...such as this one.

This pampered Poodle loves the diva life

Yes, we know you and your cute puppy are probably scratching your noggins at the thought of having a family member named after a perfume, yet if you think about it, many perfume names were researched before coming to market to be feminine, and appealing and to attract attention. Which we think will garner any pooch additional attention when called by one of the cute female dog names below.

We’re confident that after giving your cute female one of these fragrant titles, that there will be one group that she’ll get a lot more attention from and that’s from all the male dogs on the block! Check out our list below to see what we mean...

Our Cute Female Dog Names List

Amaya: Fragrance by Pupa

Angel: A Thierry Mugler fragrance

Angelica: By Jacques Philippe

April: From the fragrance April Fields

Aria: 1987 release, fruity exotic floral fragrance by Missoni

Azzura: Sharp flowery fragrance

Bahiana: Scent by Maitre Parfumeur et Gantier

Beauty: Beauty appears in many perfume names

Bebe: Fragrance by Bebe

Betsey: A fruity-scented fragrance by Betsey Johnson

Blu: Common term in many fragrances

Bobbi: Floral-noted scent by Bobbi Brown

Brit: Brit Red by Burberry

Cabaret: By Parfums Gres, good for a cute party girl

Cachet: By Prince Matchabelli ~ 1970 release; evening scent

Camellia: White Camellia, a fragrance by Marie Gray

Candy: Great for a female with a sweet personality

Capri: By Adrienne Vittadini; notes of flowers, musk and moss

Ceylon: Perfumes Isabelle; floral scent from island of same name

Chance: From Geoffrey Beene; for the dog who’s a risk taker

Chantilly: Scent from House of Dana

Charlie: This cute name appears in many perfume names

Chic: By Carolina Herrera; hints of vanilla bourbon & orange 

Chloe: From Karl Lagerfeld; for the dog with expensive tastes

Ciara: By Revlon; vanilla, musk scent for a dog that’s a lady

Daisy: Great for the dog that loves, or loves you not

Dana: Signature scent from House of Dana

Danielle: For vampire author Danielle Steele

Darling: From Kylie Minogue; perfect for your cute Darling

Destiny: By Marilyn Miglin; it was your destiny to find her

Diva: For your cute female dog that is treated like a queen

Encore: From Alfred Sung, a sweet and cute female dog name

Euphoria: Cute moniker for the high-strung hound

Fantasia: From the house of Creed, perfect for a day dreaming girl

Fantasy: Sweet-scented fragrance by Brittany Spears

Flair: By Revlon, this dog has a style all her own

Flirt: Another scent from Revlon, spicy with hints of cinnamon

Gala: Cute female dog name for a pup that’s always happy

Ghost: Perfect moniker for a shy white or gray hound

Ginger: Musk & ginger scent good for spicy pup

Giselle: Scent by Carla Fracci, a feminine sounding choice

Gossip: The house of Cody, don’t share secrets with this female!

Halle: Signature scent by Halle Berry

Hannah: Signature Hannah Montana scent by Disney

Happy: A flowery and upbeat scent by Clinique

Heiress: By Paris Hilton, this pup wants you to will her everything

Iris: Woodsy scented fragrance by Molinard

Jade: A fragrance by Banana Republic, we like this choice

Jasmin: Scent by Maitre Parfumeur et Gantier...of course!

Joy: By Jean Paroou, this female dog brings lot’s of it!

Kate: Signature fragrance by Kate Spade

Kelly: By Caleche-Hermes; floral scent and leather hint

Liz: Signature scent from Liz Claiborne

Lolita: From Lolita Lempicka, make sure this dogs neutered!

Love:  From Love at First Sight, a fragrance by Jennifer Lopez

Mambo: Great tag for the high energy female

Parah: Signature scent by Parah Parfums

Pink: Fragrance by Victoria's Secret

Queen: A sexy signature scent by Queen Latifah

Raffinee: Fragrance by Dune, boys will go ruff-ruff for Raffinee!

Rain: From Demetes, a feminine sounding cute female dog name

Roma: Fragrance by Laura Biagiotti; fruity scent

Savanna: Fragrance by Perfumes Isabelle, we like this cute choice

Scarlett: Cute female name for a red-coated female dog

Shakira: Signature scent from singer Shakira

Snow: Perfect moniker for a white-coated dog

Tabu: By Dana; the essence of romance for the canine seductress

Tatiana:  A luxurious flowery fragrance

Tiffany: Signature scent from Tiffany, a delicate sounding choice

Tigress: By Fragrances of France, we can see this on a small female

Topaz: A fragrance by Avon

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