Creative Dog Names
   After Terms Of Endearment

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These creative dog names and puppy names are dedicated to the pup that stole your heart when you first met. To the canine cupid that had you at the first wag of its tail and the first time you cuddled. If this sounds like your pooch then you'll love the suggestions below as they have to do with the subject of love, romance, and terms of endearment.

What?? Yep! you heard us, romance, and terms of endearment.

Surprisingly enough there's lots of interesting naming choices after these popular topics, here's a few examples...

Puppy Love

Cherish: Will you love and care for your girl the rest of her life? Then this might be a good pick for your four legged treasure.

Amore: Meaning love in Italian, this romantic sounding choice originates from the land of love itself! Perfect for the dog whose family hails from this beautiful country or the family that loves everything about Italy.

Romeo: We can see this choice on a small cute breed like a Yorkie or Maltese. Good also for the dog that has a certain canine swagger and that seems a natural chick magnet.

Luna: Good for a male or female, who doesn't love sitting under the moon with the one they love? Give your pal this name and not only can you sit under it, you can sit beside it as well!

Some additional creative dog names we think you'!

Adore: To admire in a loving way

Agape: Love in Greek

Ahavah: Love in Hebrew

Akia: Japanese for little love

Amante: Sweetheart in Spanish

Amor: Love in Portuguese

Amore: Italian for Love

Angel: A heavenly term of endearment

Aphrodite: Goddess of love and passion

Baby: Also Babe, Babykins, Baby Doll, Baby Cakes

Beau: A boyfriend or male admirer

Beautiful: What love and romance is, Beauty for short

Bella: Beautiful in Spanish

Beloved: A heartfelt endearing name

Besos: Sweet name for a dog that likes to give kisses

Biene: German word of endearment

Big Boy: A good pet name for a large breed

Blossom: She's a sweet bouquet of love  

Bonita: Perfect name for a beautiful pup

Boyfriend: And he doesn't talk back!

Buttercup: She's your little...

Button: Your pups as cute as a button

Calliope: Epic poetry God/Goddess Greek

Cara: A cherished friend in Irish

Cariad: Means love in Welsh

Casablanca: One of the best love stories

Casanova: All the girls on the block love him

Champagne: Perfect for the bubbly, energetic pooch

Charm: Good for a small dainty pup

Charmer: This dog has a way with the opposite gender

Chase: Perfect for the aggressive canine suitor  

Choco: Short for chocolate, the candy of love

Coco: Great by a romantic fireside, good for a brown pup

Cleo: Cleopatra will have all wrapped around her paw

Cooper: Bradley Copper, one of People's sexiest men alive

Crush: Good for a big dog that breaks hearts

Cupcake: A creative dog name for a sweet small dog

Cupid: Doesn't need to shoot arrows to capture your heart

Cutie: Or Cutie Pie, Cutie Patootie, or even Cutesy Pie

Dearest: A name we call someone close to our hearts

Dog Juan: Four legged version of Don Juan

Doll Face: Looks, charm, and a heart of gold

Dumpling: Who doesn't love a Dumpling?

Elope: Married quickly with little pomp

Ember: For the dog whose warmth never dies

Eros: Greek god of love

Fabio: Stud from many romance novels

Flame: For the canine that makes you feel warm all over

Frenchie: Owning him will be like springtime in Paris

Guinevere: Lancelot and Guinevere, tragic lovers

Harlot: Better have her spayed!

Honey: Endearment alluding to sweet, like honey

Hot Lips: This dog licks everyone, even the cat

Hottie: One who is good looking

Hunny Bunny: A term of endearment

Juliet: Of  Romeo and Juliet, star-crossed lovers

June: The month of most weddings

Kama: From Kama Sutra, the Sanskrit text on sex

Kitten: Now this would make an interesting choice!

Lace: Present on a beautiful Wedding gown

Lancelot: Lancelot and Guinevere, tragic lovers

Linda: Beautiful in Spanish

Love Bug: An endearing creative dog name

Loverboy: Better have him neutered!

Lovey: Affectionate name for a female dog

Mercury: Roman god of love, pal of Lover Boy

Mistress: The other woman

Munchkin: An endearing choice for a small pup

Passion: Strong desire, often related to love or romance

Precious: Endearing name good for a small dog

Prince: He is your Prince Charming isn't he?

Princess: A charming name for a female

Rhett: Rhett Butler, romantic male lead in Gone with the Wind

Risque: Risque for the dog who's frisque

Romeo: Of  Romeo and Juliet; close pal of Cupid

Rosa: Spanish word for beautiful rose

Rose: The flower of love

Scarlett: Scarlett O’Hara, romantic lead in Gone with the Wind

Smoochie: Why not Smoochie for your poochie?

Snookie: An endearing creative dog name

Snuggles: A warm hug or embrace

Sonnet: A beautiful love poem

Studly Do Right: An obvious favorite of the ladies

Sweet Pea: An endearing name for a small dog

Sweetheart: Affection name for one you love

Sweetie: Shorter version of Sweetheart

Sweetie Pie: A creative dog name of endearment

Tango: An alluring dance for two

Temptress: Male dogs can't say no to her charms

Valentine: The day for lovers

Venus: Goddess of love and a darn hot planet

Vow: Promises made, your dog will go Vow-wow!

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