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Russian dog names that suit your pup of a Russian breed are worthy of consideration before you decide on a final choice. You might even consider one of these choices for any breed of dog, no matter its origins if you simply like the sound of the word or the meaning of the word.

Husky taking a break

Many of the breeds which hail from Russia are large and very furry. This helped the animal maintain warmth during the harsh, long winters where they evolved. Some of the breeds originating in Russia include: Samoyeds, bred as herd and guard companions; Northeasterly Hauling Laikas, a strong sled pulling breed; Siberian Huskies also known as a small fast sled powerhouse, Taxis, a hound developed in the Russian steppes; Taigans, rare Greyhound specie; South Russian Steppe Hounds, white or cream coated animals from the Caucasus Mountain region, just to name a few. Clearly, this huge land bred their dogs to be workers!

We hope to help you choose the perfect Russian term by which to call your pup. There are so many great Russian dog name choices, it is really difficult to narrow the original list down to a more realistic set from which to pick, along with what each Russian dog name means. But we had to start someplace, so here goes…

Our Russian Names For Dogs...

Female member of the royal family during the Romanoff reign. This choice can easily be shortened to “Stasia” or “Stasi”.

Boris: This term means “warrior” and is a strong choice for any boy dog whether of a Russian breed or not. Your male will be proud to be called by this.

Samoyed puppy ready to chase squirrels

Czar: Meaning ruler, this term has a very unusual sound and you’ll likely find no other neighborhood canine shares this identifier.

Ilya: This Russian masculine term is a short form of Elijah, the Biblical prophet. The title could actually be used for a girl as well since it reminds one of some American female monikers.

Ivan: Another masculine choice, this means “God is good” and it is a very common title or nickname in the huge land Russia.

Kiev: The capital city of the Ukraine, this interesting sounding word is also used as the tag for a type of stuffed chicken entrée. The uniqueness and pleasing sound of the word makes it appealing as your pooches identifier. It can work equally well for either gender.

Olga: This girl’s identifier refers to “holiness”. The traditional Russian sound combined with the simplicity of the name would make this choice perfect for your four-legged best friend.

Cute Husky puppy watching you

Svetlana: Choose this Russian term to identify your pooch because she fits the definition perfectly: “star”. Your little lady, no matter what breed, will be the star of the household with cute antics, a shining personality and so much love to offer you and your family.

Volga: This word identifies one of Russia’s rivers. The word is easy to say and sounds interesting which can help your dog learn to respond quickly when called.

Yeva: This feminine term is means “giver of life” and would make a great word to identify your pooch. Pronounced “YEE-va”, it has a pleasing sound when spoken and is quite uncommon as the dog’s moniker.

Other Russian Dog Names Include

   Alexa    Lasha    Sergei
   Anna    Leontti    Tatiana
   Baltic    Misha    Uriah
   Bolik    Michelovich    Vasilii
   Danya    Moscow    Vera
   Dimitry    Nadia    Vladimir
   Dolph    Nakita     Vadim
   Dov    Marco     Vania
   Dynasty    Oriel     Vanya
   Egan    Oleg     Vassily
   Fatima    Nevel     Vladilen
   Fedor    Lev     Volga
   Iasha     Luka     Yakov
   Ivich    Pasha     Yerik
   Janus    Pieter     Yeva
   Jano    Renata     Zasha
   Kremlin    Rena     Zilya

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