Mean Dog Names
Perfect For Mean Dogs Or Wannabes

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This mean dog names page offers naming ideas for two types of pups.

Dogs that are flat out ornery: Let’s face it, not all pups have a warm and fluffy personality. Some are raised to be guard dogs whose owner wants to make them more intimidating by giving them a mean name that will have others thinking twice before proceeding further. Or maybe the owner just can’t seem to find a title that best suit’s the pooch with a dark side.

Very mean bulldog wanting a mean dog name

Pups that are wannabes: Some owners want a humorous naming twist for their meek or small pal. Take for instance the Chihuahua, where you have a big dog in a small dogs body. We think most Chi’s would love a mean dog name like Bugsy after Bugsy Siegal notorious gangster who seemed nice but had a definite nasty streak. Or even Danger because they have no fear of it.

So as you scroll down our names for mean dogs below, you’ll find not only mean terms that are used when describing something ornery, but also mean dog name ideas after people throughout history that had a nasty side to them.

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Names For Mean Dogs

Ares: After the Greek god of war

Arsenic: A steel-gray toxic chemical element

Atilla: Aka, the Hun

Badger: A relentless animal that knows no fear

Barbarian: Uncivilized, showing the neighbors cat no mercy

Beast: General all purpose name for a monster

Biff: Biff Tannen, bully in the Back to the Future movie

Black: The color of evil

Black Beard: A feared pirate, good for a black dog…obviously

Blade: Cutting tool used in battle when a gun's not handy

Mean Bullmastiff

Blaze: To burn fervently, for fast aggressive dog

Bluto: The bully in Popeye

Bowie: A large one sided sheath knife

Bruiser: He’s the canine bull in a china shop

Brutal: To be cruel, rough and takes no prisoners

Brute: Any animal or creature that is not human

Brutus: Caesars friend and assassin, good for bipolar dogs

Bully: One who bullies, uses aggressive behavior on others

Capone: Al Capone, mean gangster ruled Chicago during the 30's

Cruella: Creulla, the man woman from 101 Dalmatians

Crusher: Good name for a large and strong dog

Cujo: The evil dog in Stephen King's novel

Dagger: A combat knife, also something that wounds

Damian: Name of the devil boy in a movie

Danger: Bad situation, harmful or something that causes harm

Diablo: Devil in Spanish

Dillinger: John Dillinger, notoriously criminal from the 30’s

Evil: Morally wrong or corrupt

Fang: Tooth or teeth used for biting; snake or vampire

Fiend: A dog that is wicked, cruel, and dislikes mailmen

Fury: Extreme, violent anger

Genghis: Genghis Khan Mongolian warlord, had quite the libido

Gnarly: Disfigured, twisted out of shape and dangerous

Godfather: The Godfather movie played by Marlon Brando

Godzilla: Big mean monster that wouldn’t leave Japan alone

Grizzly: A potentially aggressive bear

Grover: Grover Dill, bully in A Christmas Story

Hera: Wife of Zeus and Greek queen of the gods

Angry dog

Hercules: A muscular Roman hero on steroids

Howitzer: An artillery gun, call him Howie and you’ll get blasted

Hulk: Green monster of TV, his temper was as big as his size

Hurricane: Destructive storm with violent winds

Igor: The mean sidekick to Count Dracula

Jaws: Famous shark from the movie, had swimmers for lunch

Killer: Taker of life and the ultimate mean dog name

Khan: Capt. Kirks enemy, “Revenge is a dish best served cold”

Kong: Huge ape that made a huge mess of New York

Klingon: A rough character from Star Trek

Knievel: The last name of Evil Knievel, motorcycle bad boy

Kodiak: A breed variation of the feared grizzly

Machete: A heavy knife used to cut down vegetation

Mafia: This dog will take you for a long walk off a short pier

Magnum: Powerful and destructive as in .357 Magnum

Malice: Means wishing to do harm to someone

Mars: God of war and maker of a darn good candy bar

Menace: A threat or danger, and a menace

Merciless: To have no mercy

Monster: Ugly, mean, misunderstood

Muntz: Nelson Muntz, bully in The Simpsons

Napoleon: Napoleon Bonaparte, mean and merciless in battle

Nasty: Cruel, offensive, spiteful and all around mean

Naughty: Not nice, to be unkind or mean

Nefarious: Wicked or villain-like

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mean mastiff

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